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Mrs. Jumbo is the mother of Dumbo. A circus elephant, she was put in isolation, believed to be a "mad elephant" after attacking Judge Claude Frollo when he threatened her son. Dumbo joins the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice in order to free her and Frollo's other captives in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


However, when Frollo fired the Ringmaster and began taking control of the show, he saw Dumbo's large ears as a deformity which would make Dumbo a poor performer. Frollo intended to have Dumbo put down, but Mrs. Jumbo came to her son's defense, attacking the judge. The Coachman and his men restrained Mrs. Jumbo, putting her in isolation as a "mad elephant". The entire time, Timothy saw Ratigan lurking behind the scenes, laughing to himself. Timothy suspected that Ratigan was in league with Frollo and was responsible for the attack on Dumbo and his mother. To ensure Dumbo would not be killed by Frollo, the League unanimously voted to take the elephant with them, also vowing to find a way to release Mrs. Jumbo from her imprisonment.