Mrazomor is the primary antagonist of the Croatian animated film, The Magician's Hat, sequel to the better known film, The Elm-Chanted Forest. A powerful ice lord who attempts to rule over the Elm-Chanted forest with the help of the witches of the ice, the living ice mountains, a fox, a wolf, and a treacherous penguin. With the second film not being dubbed due to being released only in Croatia, Mrazomor is marked as one of the very few villains in the movie franchise who is not dubbed in their respective movies. Mrazomor is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

The Battle of the Naval Fleet

Mrazomor joins the Ice Nation, led by Nekron, in the upcoming conflict against the Fire Nation. During that time, Mrazomor constructs a developed blockade system to prevent the enemies from reaching the Ice Nation. When Admiral Zhao attempts to breach the blockade, Mrazomor transforms into a massive frozen dragon to deal with the intruders. In quick succession, Mrazomor takes out several Fire Nation naval troops and ships. Though he is severly injured by Zhao's firebending, Mrazomor does not quit and reverts back into his normal form. There, he summons a massive water spirit, that drowns the Fire Nation's admiral into the waters below the Ice Emperor. Thinking that he has won the day, Mrazomor is caught off guard when Prince Zuko, in the guise of the Blue Spirit, infinitrates the navy. With all of his left power, Mrazomor uses his devise to control his living frozen mountains, which they throw ice bolts to his rival but Zuko quickly dodges them. At his final breath, Zuko stabs with his sword into the emperor's chest, causing Mrazomor to fade into nothingness.

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