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Mr. Winkie is the primary antagonist of the story, The Wind in the Willows, and its subsequent Disney adaptation in The Adventures of Ichabod. He is a minor player in the first Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War

A First Defeat

Appearing in the homemade round, Winkie employs Edgar. He comes into the possession of the Toad Hall deed, only to end up drugged by his servant. Later, Winkie awakens and sends his weasels to seizes Edgar, but the butler escapes. While hunting under a rug for the deed, which Edgar dropped,  Winkie ends up smashing his head on a piano.

Disney Villains War 3

Joining Forces With Pete And Abis Mal

Winkie however survives his fight with Edgar, but stayed most of the events of the first and second war into hiding, not to be involved in the business of villains operations or offering his services to another powerfull villain, only that he discovered that the new master of the Forbiddens Mountains, called Pete, has proposed him an alliance between him and his goons with Winkie and his weasels. At first he wasn't impressed about the bully cat's offers, but when he learned that he would give him power and many money to him, he agreed to the contract. Later Pete introduced to him Abis Mal, the new sultan of Agrabah, and Jafar to their alliance.

Against a bunch of ghosts

As the party continued at the Forbidden Mountains and more party goers came to enjoy the place, the army of ghosts arrived and proceeded to attempt to evict the occupants through a musical number. Pete's and Winkie's weasels attacked the ghosts but the ghosts lured them out a window and into the castle moat. Gideon and Foulfellow tried to smash them with a mallet but it had no effect as the ghosts dragged them away. Mr Smee got into a boat and rowed away, terrified by the whole scene. Brer Bear then ran off, chased by bees. After some scares, Pete ran screaming out of the castle.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

A Contract Signed

Winkie plays a larger role than in previous villains wars, signing a permit that supposedly gives Percival C. McLeach and his team of poachers legal permission to hunt the animal heroes at any time, anywhere. However, it is later revealed that Winkie conned the hunters, since the fine print on the permit says that they can only hunt in the great forest, which was burned down by the Firebird.

Ally with Stromboli

Later, Winkie meets with Stromboli, one of the survived perfomers, after the battle at the circus. Stromboli gives the gold of the Coachman, to Winkie, in exchange for an alliance, Winkie agrees to his terms.

Pete's New Alliance

Later, Winkie allies with Pete in a new alliance when it becomes clear that the heroes are winning the war. Winkie faces Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy along with Pete and his allies when the three are seeking Hercules, but Mickey uses Yen Sid's hat to fight the villains off.

Vs Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck and Goofy

On their way to the Underworld to find Hercules, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were passing through a cemetery when Pete and his gang arrived in a stolen car. Removing his hood, Pete revealed himself as his allies attacked the heroes. With the element of surprise on their side, the criminals quickly got the upper hand, with Stromboli slapping Goofy in the face and Madame Medusa beating Donald with a cane. Though Mickey dodged Winky's sword, Pete himself knocked Mickey to the turf. Having no time to waste with Pete's band of miscreants, Mickey donned Yen Sid's hat to deal with them. Though Pete recognized the danger, Madame Medusa charged in and got knocked back with a blast of magic for her trouble. Finding a second wind, Donald charged Winkie and beat him over the head with a broom before Winkie could bring his sword to bear. Goofy joined the fray, avenging himself against Stromboli by hitting him in the face with a club. Pete ordered his gang to concentrate on Mickey, but the mouse scorched his archenemy with another blast of magic. Seeing that they were outmatched, Pete and his allies retreated, allowing Mickey and his friends to continue on their journey.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Teaming with Lawrence

At Mr. Winkie's pub, Gideon introduced Lawrence to his allies - Pete's old gang, now including Dr. Doofenschmirtz. The gang was led by none other than Queen Grimhilde, still a hag, who was plotting to seize control of the world's criminal underworld.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Member of the Animal Cruelty Squad

In this war, Winkie is introduced, along with Mr. Wesley, as one of the financial operators of the Animal Cruelty Squad.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Baroness Von Bon Bon

A Mysterious stranger sends Mr. Winkie to wonderland to take out the new ruler (Baroness Bon Bon). When he gets there he sends out his Weasels to get rid of one of Bon Bon's minions, but one minion is too fast for the weasel, who accidentally hits Winkie on the head. Finally, the Baroness uses her living castle to get rid of the weasels.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Teaming with Pete

After Sagat's death, the Dazzlings are rewarded by Pete and Yosemite Sam for not only succeeding in their mission, but also for recruiting new allies. However, Don Karnage reveals to have also recruited an old acquittance of Pete: Mr. Winkie. The latter is accompanied by his weasels, who want to join the duo. They accept as Pete recommends them to be never caught off guard by the enemies.

Vs Cassidy and Butch

From orders of Pete and Yosemite Sam, Mr. Winkie, the Beagle Boys, the Weasels, Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith attack Cassidy and Butch thinking that now that Bison is dead, nothing can stop Pete and Yosemite Sam. Little they do know is that the mysterious hooded man reveals his identity...

Disney Vs DC Villains War

In Pete's faction

The famous criminal Pete has heard of the war as he prepares a faction to take out the threats that he's gonna deal with.

Vs The Penguin

Pete, frustrated of the threat that Joker poses, tasks Mr. Winkie to capture the Penguin to weaken Joker's faction. However will he and the Weasels be able to defeat Joker's right hand man or will they have unexpected help from someone?