Mr Sinister (Wolverine)
Mr. Sinister is a follower of Apocalypse and a genius among villains. While Apocalypse is the leader of their campaign, Mr. Sinister is very much the front man, (a la Darth Vader). He played a minor role in Part One of Disney Vs Marvel villains, but, he is expected to be a far more major player in Part Two.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Lady Tremaine

The Queen, fearing that Lady Tremaine's loyalty is thinning, sends Tremaine to take on an enemy of Magneto's that is claimed to be nearly unstoppable, Mr. Sinister, hoping Tremaine will fall in battle. Tremaine engages Sinister, who dispatches Multiple Man. However, Tremaine makes quick work of Multiple Man with her magic. Sinister attempts to take on Tremaine himself, and, while he manages to protect himself against her first attack, he soon finds that his own power isn't enough to fend off Tremaine. Tremaine uses one more blast of magic to annihilate Sinister.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Spreading the Word on Apocalypse

Following Tremaine's demise at the hands of Doctor Doom, anything that her magic effected was reversed, reviving Mr. Sinister. Upon his rebirth, Mr. Sinister continued his ultimate goal; the revival of his master, Apocalypse. He decided to gather allies. Hoping to gain a larger army, Sinister called upon Judge Claude Frollo of France, Count Nikolas Rokoff of Russia, and King Duncan of Scotland. He informed them all of his plans and offered an alliance, however, he instead gained three new enemies, as the ideals of Apocalypse discomforted Duncan, challenged Rokoff, and enraged Frollo. Mr. Sinister left, and decided to carry out his plans without them.

Enlisting Help

Mr. Sinister began his conquest by hiring mutants to his cause. Mr. Sinister manages to recruit Sauron, but, Sauron was eliminated by McLeach soon after. Mr. Sinister also enlisted the aid of Omega Red to assasinate Frollo, however, Omega Red was defeated by Jafar.

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