Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, commonly known as Farmer Jones, is the secondary antagonist of George Orwell's short novel, Animal Farm. An analogue to the real life Czar Nicholas II of Russia, Mr. Jones appears as an alchoholic farmer who constantly abuses the animals of his own farm. He is a secondary player in Heroes vs. Villains and in Non-Disney Heroes vs. Villains. 

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Rebellion at Patch of Heavens

Mr. Jones enters the war when Alameda Slim and Amos Slade come to Patch Heaven to purchase the farm for themselves. As soon as Alameda Slim would sign the contract, the animals in the farm turn against the humans and start to attack them. Jones encounters the cow Maggie. Using his whip, he starts to hit her, only, to his shock, that instead of hurting the cow Maggie becomes more aggressive, allowing to charge at him with full force, temporary knocking him off. Outmached by the power and the number of the animals, Jones flees from the farm along with the other villains.

A Contract with a Goddess

When the battle was over, Slim and Slade introduce Jones to the Animal Cruelty Squad, a faction determined to kill all of the animals they would find. Later on, Ratcliffe, the Colonel and Eris appear with intentions of having the Cruelty Squad to accomplish a mission for them. The deal: cut a significant tree from the forest of Ferngully. Though Jones didn't take part in the deal, the rest of the hunters succeed to cut off the tree, although Eris didn't mention that the demon Hexxus was residing inside the tree.

Combining Forces With Grimhilde

Later, the Animal Cruelty Squad receives a message from Queen Grimhilde. They travel to her castle only to reveal that, except Grimhilde and her allies, Scar and his allies are presented in the meeting. This action enrage the faction, whom has a terrible past with the animals. Not only that, but Shere Khan, one of Scar's allies, mentions to them one friend who was slain prior to the events of the war known by the name Dr. Pretorius, furthermore enraging them. Even though they aren't on good terms with the animals, Grimhilde discusses to them that they must join forces if they want the heroes eliminated.

Go for the Kill

The meeting ends, with the Cruelty Squad leaving immediately from the castle, and searching other areas for heroes to kill. Soon enough, they spot many animal friends and heroes near the Queen's Castle and start to attack them. Jones spots Thomas O'Malley, Duchess and her kittens running away from the hunters. Jones then throws bottles, wrenches and cans of milk to finish off the cats, only for the animals to escape. While the rest members of the Cruelty Squad corner the animal heroes in the Queen's Castle, along with many other heroes, they are caught off guard when Tyler burst in and capture Fagin as a trophy. When Tyler, accidentaly shoots one of the pillars in the ruined palace, Grimhilde's forces and the Animal Cruelty Squad retreat from the battlefield.

The Final Humilation

In the later events, Jones stays in Greed's mansion, along with several buddies he had found along the way. When the mansion gets attacked by the animal heroes, Jones is amongst the villains who attempt to fend off the animals. Particurlary, he takes on the Alley Cats, fighting them with his gun. During the fray, he spots Maggie once again, and attempts to shoot her. However, in his anger, he fails to notice Buck's presence, who charges right into him, knocking him off. Terrified, Jones, along with his remain buddies, flees from Greed's mansion, not wanting to risk any other injury upon himself.

Death at Patch of Heaven

Jones falls to depression after his previous humiliations to the point his buddies dodn't even count on him for the next attack on the animal heroes. Though, he is seen joining the rest of the Animal Cruelty's Squad's members on purpose to reclaim the Patch of Heavens, equipping himself with some dynamites, he isolates himself from the others as he makes his way to a windmill tower near the farm, while the A.C.S. invade the Patch of Heaven. In a final attempt to redeem himself, Jones enlights the dynamites inside the windmill tower, hoping that the Patch of Heaven would suffer heavy casualties. He inadvertently commits suicide as the tower explodes, taking Jones to his demise.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


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