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Cartoon Villains War

Vs Cyril Sneer

Back in the world of mortals, two businessmen found themselves at odds. The aardvark industrialist Cyril Sneer was growing annoyed by the company of Mr. Burns stealing away his business. Sneer met with Burns and threatened him, giving him a week to leave town or die. As Sneer departed, Burns decided to act before Sneer could follow through on his threats.

Making his faction

In the wake of Doofenshmirtz’s death, Mr. Burns and Plankton decided to go into business together in hopes of profiting from the growing war. To this end, the two bought the remains of Doofenshmirtz’s corporation and integrated it into their own companies, creating a business empire that would provide weapons for the various factions and repair the collateral damages caused by the war.

Unable to stop her, Plankton turned to Rancid for help. Fortunately for him, Rancid had a solution, and brought in a contact of his, another "glitch" named Rob, and hired him to take down Giffany.

Making a plan

Plankton, having survived his battle with Glomgold, returns to Mr. Burns, informing him of the attempt on his life. Burns decides it is time to take more direct measures against their rivals.

Growing his faction

Mr. Burns and Plankton hire the services of the Gangreen Gang and Fuzzy Lumpkins (none the wiser to Burns's attempt on his life) in preparation for future conflicts with Glomgold.

Mr. Burns and Rancid Rabbit finally track down Rob, who went missing after his battle with Giffany. Burns promises to find a cure for his glitch-like form in exchange for his aid against Glomgold.

Making a final plan

With the war coming to an end, Burns and Plankton gather their allies to take down their rivals, with Plankton introducing a few of his relatives and a newly rebuilt Darrell as extra backup.

Vs Glomgold Forces

With the Beagle Boys dealt with, the rest of Burn’s forces charge in, catching Glomgold and his allies off guard. Glomgold, Fat Cat, Karnage, and his pirates face off against Burns, Rob, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Rancid, Darrell, and the Gangreen Gang, with Plankton aiding them remotely and waiting with backup...

With his forces defeated, Glomgold mounts one of his robots with the intent to wipe out his rival for good. Plankton and the others are overwhelmed by the arsenal of Glomgold’s robot, but Burns still has one last trick up his sleeve. Who will triumph in the battle of the businessmen?

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Carface

After reading some papers about his new allies, but was interrupted by his rival, Carface.Mr.Burns had no choice but to rid of the dog.

His faction

After finding out of Carface's death, Doofenshmirtz decide to build a machine to destroy Mr. Burns' company for good. Mr. Burns find out about this, so he hired Plankton to destroy Doofershmirtz.Mr. Burns sends Yosemite Sam to kill the hunter, Amos Slade, for being a threat for him.Mr. Burns and Plankton decide to hire SMG3 in their faction and asking him if he wants. SMG3 accepts.

TV Villains Tournament