A Spin Off Tournament by sasoricrocoediel which is all about Live-Action Villains

Round 1:

  1. Loki vs. Quirrel
  2. Imhotep vs. Jigsaw
  3. Captain Hook vs. Judge Doom
  4. Deacon Frost vs. James
  5. Jason vs. Leatherface
  6. Oli vs. The Joker

Round 2:

  1. Prologue
  2. Clarence Boddicker vs. Norman Stansfield
  3. Sammael vs. Xenomorph
  4. Emperor Palpatine vs. Rasputin and Lord Blackwood
  5. Saruman vs. Durza
  6. Candyman vs. Freddy
  7. Green Goblin vs. The Baroness and Storm Shadow
  8. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Simon Phoenix vs. Charles Lee Ray
  2. T-X vs. Serline
  3. Bill the Butcher vs. Vernita Green
  4. Dorian Gray vs. Creedy
  5. Beetlejuice vs. Dorian Tyrell
  6. Megatron vs. Iron Monger
  7. Red Skull vs. Agent Smith
  8. Epilogue

Round 4:

  1. Prologue: Time at the Bar
  2. Bullseye vs. Storm Shadow
  3. Imhotep vs. Toth
  4. Prince Nuada vs. The Kurgan
  5. Kingpin vs. Bane
  6. Ozymandias vs. Andrew Scoot
  7. Captain Spaulding vs. Joker's Men
  8. Epilogue

Round 5:

  1. Mister X vs. Agent Zero
  2. Pyramid Head vs. Predator
  3. Profion vs. Galbatorix
  4. Intermission
  5. Loki vs. Memnon
  6. Dr Doom vs. Gozer
  7. The Luftwaffe vs. Buckingham's Flying Ship
  8. Pennywise vs. Reagan
  9. Epilogue

Round 6:

  1. Prologue: Evil Meeting
  2. Lurtz vs. Cato
  3. Alex Delarge vs. Deacon Frost
  4. Blackwood vs. Blackbeard
  5. Intermission
  6. Gogo Yubari vs. Bill the Butcher
  7. Natifs & Pirates vs. the Crazy 88
  8. Captain Hook vs. Oren Ishii
  9. Interlude 1
  10. Buffalo Bill vs. Bane
  11. Miles Quartich vs. the Arachnids
  12. The Joker vs. Hans Gruber and Agent Smith
  14. Interlude 2
  15. Annie Wilkes vs. Count Olaf
  16. Patrick Batemane & Jack Torrance vs. Michael Myers
  17. Stuntman Mike vs. John Ryder
  18. Epilogue

Events of the War

Part One

The Asgardian god of mischief, Loki, approached the wizard Quirrel in hopes of forming an alliance with his master. Quirrell then revealed his master, Lord Voldemort, who only saw Loki as a potential minion rather than an equal, much to Loki's displeasure. The trickster refused to bow to the Dark Lord, enraging Voldemort, who ordered Quirrell to attack. Quirrell tried to subdue Loki by grabbing him by the arm, only for Loki's frost giant magic to begin disintegrating Quirrell's hand. As Quirrell backed off, Loki found himself trapped on the edge of a cliff. In a final attempt to kill his foe, Quirrell flew at Loki. However, the 'Loki' he was attacking turned out to be a mere illusion created by the real Loki. Quirrell passed through the illusion and fell over the edge, meeting his end at the bottom of the cliff, as Loki destroyed the illusion and departed.

In Egypt, the corrupt priest Imhotep plotted with his lover, Anck Su Namun, to assassinate the pharaoh and take over as rulers of Egypt. However, before their plans could come to fruition, the two found themselves attacked by a pair of men wearing pig masks. Despite Imhotep's attempts to defend himself, the two subdued him and killed Anck Su Namun, much to Imhotep's horror. The pair then revealed themselves as John Kramer, the famed Jigsaw killer, and his assistant, Gordon.

Back at Jigsaw's lair, the serial killer sought to 'play a game' and punish Imhotep for his conspiracy. Kramer had his men torture Imhotep by cutting out his tongue, before mummifying him and placing him in a trap: a sarcophagus filled with flesh-eating beetles. Jigsaw then buried Imhotep alive. Failing to escape the trap, Imhotep died an agonizing death.

On his ship, the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook was informed by his first mate Mister Smee that his old enemy, Judge Doom, was building up a new criminal empire, and had even claimed to be more powerful than Hook. Angered, Hook set out to put an end to his rival for good. As Hook confronted the Judge at his headquarters, Doom offered the pirate the opportunity to join him, but Hook had no interest in Doom's offer. The two drew their swords and fought, with Hook eventually tricking Doom into the path of a steamroller, which promptly flattened the Judge. However, Doom managed to survive, revealing his true nature as a 'toon', terrifying the Captain. Doom first transformed his hand into an anvil and knocked Hook to the ground, before transforming his hand into a Buzzsaw. Hook only barely managed to dodge this attack. The Captain then got the idea to use Doom's own weapons against him. He had his pirates fire a cannon into Doom's machinery, causing the Judge to be sprayed with a lethal toxin that could kill toons. As Judge Doom melted away into nothingness, Hook looked on in satisfaction.

The infamous vampire Count Dracula met with the vampiric Nomads, offering an alliance with them, on the condition that they first eliminate a rival vampire known as Deacon Frost, to which they agreed. Thanks to the acute sense of smell of one of their number, James, the Nomads were able to track down Frost. However, the vampire held them at bay by taking a little girl hostage, while mocking them for allying with Dracula rather than joining with him and becoming 'gods'. Frost then threw his hostage at them, distracting them long enough for him to escape. However, James alone pursued him, managing to track him back to his hideout. There, the two vampires struggled, but James proved to be in over his head, as the far more powerful Frost overpowered him. Deacon and his minions then began to feast on James' blood.

The undead slasher Jason Voorhees rose from the grave once more, and, after donning his signature hockey mask, he set out into the forest to hunt. After wandering for some time, Jason came across the cannibalistic serial killer, Leatherface. The two began to fight, Jason wielding his machete and Leatherface armed with a chainsaw. The battle was vicious, but Jason eventually won out, butchering Leatherface.

While partaking in his gory hobby, Oli was informed by his men that they had found a rather unusual body in the morgue. As Oli inspected the corpse, he inquired if they had identified the body or found anything of value on it. However, much to his shock, the body rose and revealed himself to be the infamous Joker. The Joker's goons quickly overpowered Oli's henchmen, while Joker himself held Oli at knifepoint, telling the terrified serial killer the gruesome story of how he got his famous scars. After finishing his story, the Joker slit Oli's throat.

Part Two

With Oli dead, the Joker informed Oli's former henchmen that he was interested in expanding his forces, but that only one man would be able to join, leaving them to fight to the death for it. Two men in particular, Norman Stansfield and Clarence Boddicker, were interested in the Joker's proposal.

Later, Stansfield was relaxing and doing drugs, when the corrupt cop found himself attacked by Boddicker, who shot him in the shoulder. As the hitman expressed his disdain for cops, Stansfield got back up and downed Boddicker with a gunshot. As he inspected his wound, Stansfield discovered that his suit had been ruined by the hitman's bullets. Enraged, Stansfield picked up a shotgun and fired on Boddicker repeatedly, sending him flying. A final shot sent Boddicker down for good, leaving Stansfield to claim the position with the Joker.

In a plot to take down the leader of the Galactic Empire, the dark wizard Rasputin resurrected the demonic hellhound Sammael using the tears of angels. Catching wind of Rasputin's plans, Emperor Palpatine and his protege, Anakin Skywalker, made a deal with the alien criminal Serleena, as she gave them a killer alien known as the Xenomorph. The alien was sent out to meet Sammael, confronting the demon of desolation as he was feeding. The two beasts fought in a vicious brawl. Ultimately, the much larger Xenomorph emerged victorious, tearing Sammael apart.

While the two monsters were fighting, Rasputin and his associate, Lord Blackwood, traveled to Coruscant, where they confronted Palpatine. Unintimidated, the emperor drew his lightsaber, while Blackwood produced a magic sword of his own. The two clashed blades, but the younger Blackwood out-fenced Palpatine and backed him into a corner. Blackwood then departed, leaving Rasputin to finish the job. However, just then, Anakin arrived on the scene, but was shocked to see his old friend Rasputin there, as it turned out that Rasputin had protected Anakin when he was a child. Palpatine unleashed force lightning on Rasputin, but the wizard used his magic gauntlet to deflect the lightning back on Palpatine. Severely wounded and disfigured, Palpatine begged the conflicted Anakin for help. Ultimately, Anakin chose his new mentor over his old friend, stabbing Rasputin with his lightsaber. With his foe distracted, Palpatine unleashed force lightning on Rasputin once again, completely obliterating him.

The white wizard Saruman found himself confronted by Durza, an emissary of King Galbatorix, who offered Saruman a chance to join his king or be destroyed. However, the wizard had already sworn allegiance to the dark lord Sauron, and had no intention of switching sides, leaving them no choice but to fight. Saruman tried to kill Durza, but the Shade got the draw on him and telekinetically knocked him to the ground. Saruman, however, quickly recovered and attacked Durza with his staff. As Saruman advanced on Durza, the Shade used his telekinesis to throw a dagger at the wizard, sending him flying across the room. Losing interest in the battle, Durza evaporated into smoke and departed, leaving Saruman to seethe in anger.

The supernatural slasher Freddy Krueger was approached the infamous Candyman, who stated that Freddy was not as frightening as he claimed to be, and sought to prove his own power by defeating him. Angered, Freddy cut Candyman open, only to find his rib-cage filled with bees. In Freddy's brief moment of shock, Candyman took the opportunity to injure Krueger with his hook. Eventually, Freddy got the idea to kill Candyman in the same way he himself had been killed. Freddy proceeded to set his enemy on fire, watching with glee as Candyman burned.

Norman Osborn was designing a super-soldier formula that would enable Oscorp to surpass it's competition and become the top weapons company in the world. Unfortunately, when he tested the formula on himself, it granted him incredible strength, but ended up driving him insane. Meanwhile, James McCullen, a top executive of Cobra, instructed his operatives, the Baroness and Storm Shadow, to protect a shipment of Cobra's nanomite technology. However, as they were en route to their destination, Osborn, donning the mantle of the Green Goblin, decided to steal the technology for himself and attacked their convoy. The Goblin took out several of the guards with his bombs, but the Baroness was able to fire missiles from a remote controlled drone, knocking the Green Goblin from his glider. The Baroness and her bodyguards surrounded the Goblin, but severely underestimated his fighting prowess, as he quickly overpowered them and re-boarded his glider. Storm Shadow, however, managed to stun the Goblin with his thrown shurikens, allowing the Baroness to damage his glider. As the Green Goblin struggled to regain control of his glider, the Baroness and Storm Shadow escaped with the technology.

Back on Coruscant, Emperor Palpatine gathered his allies, including Count Dooku, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Anakin, now known as 'Darth Vader'. Together, they planned for the uprising of the Sith.

Having defeated Boddicker, Norman Stansfield was welcomed into the Joker's alliance of psychotic killers, which also included Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman.

Meanwhile, the Nazi leader Red Skull met with his agents, Toth and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, and made plans to re-establish the Nazi regime.

On the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook was approached by his old friend, William Cutting aka Bill the Butcher, who proposed that they join forces in hopes of dominating the criminal underworld.

Two powerful French criminals, Rene Belloq and Le Chiffre, met to discuss a possible alliance.

The corrupt chancellor of Britain, Adam Sutler, decided to choose one of two groups of killers to act as his operatives: the Vipers (consisting of Bill, Elle Driver, Vernita Green, Budd, and O-Ren Ishii) and the Fraternity (consisting of Sloan, Fox, the Gunsmith, the Butcher, and the Repairman).

Several slashers, including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, and Michael Myers, met and formed an alliance.

Meanwhile, Cobra's true leader, the Cobra Commander, met with the newest member of Cobra: Agent Smith.

Part Three

The crime boss known as Simon Phoenix discovered that he had been betrayed by one of his underlings, Charles Lee Ray, who was now attempting to skip town. Not intending to let him off so easily, Phoenix quickly tracked the traitor down. Ray attempted to flee, but Simon chased him down, forcing Charles to take refuge in a toy store. As Charles screamed threats at him, Simon coolly shot at Ray, knocking a pile of dolls on top of him. Realizing that he wasn't going to make it out of this alive, Charles got an idea to save his life. As Phoenix lit a cigarette, Ray began performing a ritual to transfer his soul into one of the dolls. Tiring of Charles, Simon flicked his cigarette into the building, setting it ablaze and causing it to explode.

The robotic killer, T-X, was out driving, when she suddenly found herself being chased by Serlina. T-X attempted to lose her, but Serlina, piloting her spaceship, remained in pursuit, firing at at the terminator. However, her shots missed, as T-X decided to change tactics, commandeering a firetruck. T-X then crashed the firetruck into Serlina's ship, seemingly killing the alien, while T-X herself emerged from the wreckage unscathed.

The members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad met to discuss their possible alliance with Chancellor Suttler, as well as any potential threats to their organization. A few days later, one of their members, Vernita Green, heard her doorbell ring and answered it, only to discover that her visitor was none other than Bill the Butcher, who intended on declaring war on the Viper assassins by eliminating Vernita. The two fought in hand to hand combat, with Bill eventually getting the upper hand. As the assassin tried one last time to kill him, Bill threw a knife into Vernita's chest, killing her. Bill then turned to see Vernita's young daughter, who had watched her mother die. Bill left the small girl with her dead mother and departed.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Suttler, having heard of Vernita Green's death and seeing it as an example of the weakness of the Vipers, decided to choose Sloan as his right hand man. However, the leader of Suttler's 'Fingermen', Creedy, was angered that Sloan had been placed above him in rank, and sought to prove himself to Suttler so that he might be promoted left arm of the chancellor. To this end, he went to the house of the infamous Dorian Gray, intending to kill him as a show of his skill. As Dorian greeted him at the door, Creedy had his men fire on him, riddling him with bullets. However, Dorian, much to Creedy's shock, quickly healed from his wounds, and proceeded to cut down several of Creedy's men with a sword. Terrified, Creedy shot Gray multiple times, desperately trying to kill him. Dorian, however, was unaffected by Creedy's bullets, and proceeded to impale him on his sword.

The gangster Dorian Tyrell updated his boss, Patrick Bateman, on the success of his nightclub, the Coco Bongo. However, the ghost Beetlejuice, seeing one of the beautiful dancers working at the club in the newspaper, quickly became interested in her and set out to make her his bride. At the Coco Bongo, as the dancer, Tina, was performing, Beetlejuice suddenly appeared and began dancing with her. Although Tina seemed to be attracted to the ghost, Tyrell was particularly angered by his intrusion and vowed to kill him for it. As Beetlejuice began making out with Tina, Tyrell's goons interrupted them by shooting at him. As Tina fled, Tyrell stepped up and began threatening the ghost, only for Beetlejuice to respond with his characteristic sarcasm. Having had enough, Tyrell ordered his thugs to kill Beetlejuice, but the ghost frightened them away with his terrifying face. Frustrated, Tyrell himself held Beetlejuice at gunpoint, but Beetlejuice used his magic to send him flying across the room, knocking him out. Tyrell, however, quickly regained consciousness, only for Beetlejuice to whack him across the face with a golf club. Tyrell got up and attempted to kill Beetlejuice with a knife, but the ghost merely knocked him into the fountain. Beetlejuice then proceeded to drain the fountain, flushing Tyrell down the drain.

Obadiah Stane was negotiating a deal with Cobra, in an attempt to become their sole provider of weapons. Trying to impress the Commander, Stane showed them a giant transforming robot he had found frozen in the Arctic. However, the robot, Megatron, awoke and quickly broke free, escaping the compound. Angered, Cobra Commander ordered Stane to recapture Megatron, or he would break off their deal. Donning his Iron Monger armor, Stane tracked Megatron down. Megatron transformed into a jet and tried to flee, but Stane was able to shoot him down, knocking him through several buildings. Megatron got back up and tried to fight back, only for Stane to fire on him repeatedly. However, Stane then made the mistake of opening up his armor to gloat, rendering himself vulnerable. Megatron took the opportunity and fired on him with everything he had, killing Stane. Megatron then departed, while Stane's armor fell into a reactor core and exploded.

Meanwhile, Red Skull held a rally with his soldiers and allies, including Kroenen and Hans Landa, planning for the Nazis to conquer the entire world. However, after the rally, Red Skull found himself confronted by a man in a black suit and sunglasses, who introduced himself as Agent Smith and informed him of his intentions to destroy Red Skull's faction. Irritated, Red Skull shot Agent Smith with a ray gun, killing him. However, he soon found that the Smith he had killed was a decoy, while the real Agent Smith advanced on him. Red Skull and Smith then faced each other in hand-to-hand combat, with Red Skull shooting Smith with a handgun. Smith, however, was completely unharmed, and knocked Red Skull to the ground. Tiring of Red Skull, Agent Smith assimilated him into his complex, transforming him into a clone of himself. With Red Skull now under his control, Smith left him to act as his mole within the Nazi faction.

Cobra Commander recruited more members, including Miles Quatrich and Andrew Scott, into their organization, as he declared that it was time for the rise of Cobra.

Simon Phoenix, while trying to evade the police, was captured by the bounty hunter known as Jango Fett, who promptly sent him to prison.

With Vernita dead and the Vipers' alliance with Suttler ruined, O-Ren gathered her bodyguards, as she prepared to dominate the criminal underworld.

Deacon Frost approached the leader of the Lycans, Lucian, to offer an alliance between the vampires and lycans.

Dorian Gray reported to his master, Buckingham, about the Fingermen's attack, as Buckingham decided to summon an old friend of his to aid him in the war: Professor James Moriarty.

Lex Luthor approached the Kingpin and his top assassin, Bullseye, to propose a highly profitable alliance, an idea that greatly amused Kingpin.

The Persian warlord, Xerxes, met with the emperor of Rome, Commodus, promising him great power if he agreed to join forces.

Serleena, it turned out, had survived her battle with T-X.

Lord Blackwood, now alone after the death of Rasputin, decided to resurrect a new ally: the mummy Imhotep.

Part Four

At a bar in the country, several people decided to take time off to relax and enjoy themselves. Jack Torrance was having a drink at the bar, and Bill the Butcher was playing poker with his henchmen, while the young psychopath, Alex DeLarge, took interest in one of O-Ren's top henchwomen, Gogo Yubari. Meanwhile, Bullseye was drinking and playing darts, hitting a bullseye every time. Suddenly, Storm Shadow entered the bar and confronted Bullseye, asking if he was the famous assassin he had heard so much about. Having heard of Bullseye's reputation, Storm Shadow sought to prove himself by defeating him. Interested, Bullseye threw several paperclips at Storm Shadow, only for the ninja to deflect them with his shurikens. The two then left the bar.

Stealing a motorcycle, Bullseye decided to head into the city to have some fun. However, it wasn't long before he was attacked by Storm Shadow, who was eager for a challenge. Bullseye tried to defend himself by throwing several of his own shurikens, which Storm Shadow dodged with ease. The ninja then kicked Bullseye from his motorcycle and slashed him across the face with a katana. Storm Shadow then tried to cut Bullseye down, but the mercenary dodged all of his strikes. Bullseye then threw a cane at Storm Shadow, incapacitating him. Bullseye taunted his unconscious foe one last time before escaping.

Lord Blackwood explained to Imhotep (who now had a rotting, zombie-like appearance after his resurrection) that he only revived him to further his goal of spreading chaos. Unfortunately, Imhotep soon received a visit from an agent of the Nazis: Toth. The Gestapo enforcer was fascinated with the paranormal, and was hoping to use the mummy as a weapon for the Nazi faction. However, Imhotep had been imbued with magic powers as a result of his revival, and had no intention of serving the Nazis. Toth had his men fire on Imhotep, but the mummy shrugged off their shots. He then proceeded to unleash the plagues of Egypt on the Nazis, setting the room ablaze and killing all of Toth's henchmen, draining them of their essence. Imhotep then advanced on a terrified Toth, forcibly sucking his essence into himself. The process melted Toth's flesh, while simultaneously restoring Imhotep's human appearance.

The immortal warrior, the Kurgan, had come to the present day to rule the world. Hearing legends of an infamous elf prince, the Kurgan set out to kill it, hoping to gain notoriety by doing so. However, upon locating him in the sewers, what he found was a far cry from the more traditional elf he had been expecting. Instead, what he found was the formidable warrior of the spear, Prince Nuada. The Kurgan menaced Nuada with his sword, as the elf drew his spear and dueled the Kurgan. Although the two warriors were almost evenly matched, Nuada was eventually able to strike a blow on the Kurgan's neck, stunning the swordsman. Nuada capitalized on his victory by swinging his spear around, slashing the Kurgan across the neck and beheading him, finally ending his life.

In his building in New York City, the Kingpin was paid a visit by Le Chiffre, who informed him that his new ally, Lex Luthor, was an opponent of Le Chiffre's organization. Despite Le Chiffre's warnings to break ties with Luthor lest he be forced to eliminate him, the Kingpin refused. Realizing that he must make Kingpin disappear, Le Chiffre called in his top bodyguard, Bane, to break him. Fortunately, Kingpin was a lot stronger than he appeared to be, and met Bane head on. The two brawled, and although Kingpin was initially able to throw Bane around the room, Bane eventually managed to break Kingpin's legs, ending the fight. Le Chiffre taunted the defeated crime lord, but Kingpin remained defiant. Tiring of both of them, Le Chiffre left before blowing up the entire building, seemingly killing both Kingpin and Bane in the explosion.

Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, gave a press conference, where he boasted that his company would soon surpass both Cobra and Oscorp. Not taking kindly to Veidt's statement, Cobra Commander sent in Andrew Scott to eliminate the arrogant director. The assassin didn't try to be discreet, gunning down all of Veidt's associates and the members of the press. Veidt himself, however, managed to dodge all the bullets, before knocking Scott to the ground with a chair. Veidt then angrily interrogated the soldier, demanding to know the name of the one who sent him. However Scott bit down on a cyanide capsule, killing himself before he could reveal any information.

Hearing of another clown, James Cutter aka Captain Spaulding, who told a joke he feels is unfunny, the Joker sent some of his men to kill him, steal his money, and ravage his store. The three thugs, disguised with clown masks, stormed Spaulding's gas station, greatly irritating the clown. The leader threatened Captain Spaulding with a gun, demanding that he hand over the cash box. Spaulding, however, was unintimidated and mocked the three goons. Growing frustrated, the leader gave Spaulding until the count of ten to hand over the money, only for Spaulding to vulgarly insult the henchman's mother, sister, and grandmother. Having had enough of Spaulding's defiance, the leader was about to kill him, when Spaulding's assistant, Ravelli, stormed in and killed two of the goons, distracting the leader long enough for Spaulding to pull a gun and shoot him down. As the henchman lay wounded, Spaulding taunted him one last time before shooting him in the head.

Now having recovered his original appearance, Imhotep was reunited with his love, Anck Su Namun, who had also been revived, as well as her right-hand man, Lock Naa. However, the three were soon paid a visit by the fanatical priest of Khali, Mola Ram, who offered an alliance.

On Asgard, Loki and his allies (Megatron, T-X, and the Martians) were approached by Loki's old friend, Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg, who proposed that they join forces, promising to supply them with new killer monsters for their army, beginning with the Arachnids. In addition, Zorg also brought with him another of their old friends, the malevolent computer program known as CLU. Loki eagerly accepted these new allies into his faction, and prepared to move forward with his plans.

The sole survivor of the explosion of the Kingpin building, Bane, was horribly disfigured by the blast. Luckily he was found by a man who called himself Doctor Satan, who specialized in surgery...

In a forgotten castle, Dracula met with the Volturi, who invited him to join them in preparation for the coming war against humanity.

Serleena met with representatives of the Empire, General Grievous and Boba Fett, stating that their alliance was still in effect and that she would continue to provide them with the fiercest monsters in the galaxy. As a show of friendship, she offered them some more Xenomorphs, as well as the Predators.

In Mordor, Prince Nuada met with the nine servants of Sauron, the Nazgul, and swore allegiance to the dark lord.

Meanwhile, Jigsaw gathered a group of killers to carry out his mission: Alex DeLarge, the Tooth Fairy, and Buffalo Bill.  

Part Five

After Creedy's death, Adam Sutler claimed he needed the help of Fraternity to protect the "Fingermen", or his fascist party. So Sloan promise him to do all he could to track the ones who could attempt to his life. So one of Fraternity's most efficacious man : Mister X, to find the opponents of the Fingermen and kill them. One of his track lead him to a building where he is attacked by anonymous mercenaries, and their leader, an expert at shooting : the Agent Zero

In an unknown parallel dimension of eternal torture, something is disturbing Pinhead's realm of terror, so he sends Pyramid Head, a bloody executioner, to find the intruder. In fact the intruder isn't even human, emitting some suspicious sounds while he's invisible, then appearing as a berserker Predator, the deadliest type of their specie.

Profion tries to make good impression to his new allies, two influents persons : Mary Van Tassel and Queen Jadis. To prove his strength, he goes to Galbatorix, who's now a lonely king, because Durza left him, and duels him. No luck for Profion, Galbatorix sends him his feared dragon, but maybe Galbatorix will realize why didn't he did it before.

Buckingham tells Moriarty how useful he could be in his plans, especially with his new "war machines"

While they are alone, Loki and Zorg decides to talk like they did before: of what happened during all these years. And then a fearless assassin called Hawkeye, decide to kill both of them after introducing into their lair. He hurts Zorg without killing him, but Loki profits of the occasion to bewitch Hawkeye, now having a new right arm, so he decides to try his abilities. And learning that an Arabic lord called Memnon is allying to the "God Xerxes" he thinks the opportunity is too big to not enjoying it. The night, Memnon organizes a big blanket to celebrate his union with Xerxes' empire, but Loki come with his troupes to ruin the party.

During one of Lex Luthor's reunion, Victor von Doom and Norman Osborn, thought they were essential to the company, are fired because not only because they make Luthor's company been overpassed by Cobra but also because they make way less benefits. Alone, Doom realize that the experiences he endured with Osborn can be a way for him to get revenge. Somewhere in New York, the son of the Devil, Blackheart, summon an old god on destruction, Gozer, on Earth, to spread chaos and warn everybody that Hell's forces are awakening. Doom, who is know dressed, comes across the traveler, and thinks it is a good way to test his new powers.

Hans Landa is now the leader of the Nazis, he faces Red Skull, who now just has the name of it, and Landa tells him he thinks he is a spy send by Smith to know all the secret of the party, because now he is "one of them" and Schmidt replied he did not know what he was talking, he just wanted to do something greater than the nazism. So, in front of Goeth and Vogel, the jew hunter shoots Schmidt in the head, hoping this will not happen again. Securing the sky, the Luftwaffe meet the new Buckingham's war machines : flying planes, leaded by his right arm Rochefort. He tries to fire the planes the German airforce's firethrow is more developed But the ships don't give up and maybe Rochefort could use the most deadliest weapon in this area : the Birds

Always hungry for some children to eat, It, in the look of Pennywise the clown, comes into a room to eat the little Reagan, but she is possessed by the demon Pazuzu which controls her body, but that makes It even more hungry.

In Isengard, Saruman is working on an army who will make "Him" proud, so his Orcs are constructing armors and weapons, and creating a new race of Orcs stronger, bigger and unmerciful: the Uruk Hai Leaded by the first of them, the monstrous Lurtz

In a restaurant, knowing that Agent Smith enjoys been related with influent people, that is why he makes a deal with a son of senator : the "Yellow Bastard"

In his want of creating a new empire, Lord Blackwood allies with another dark magic friend : sorcerer Horvath

Somewhere in Texas, John Kramer goes to talk to "the Devil's Rejects" : Captain Spaulding, Tiny, Mother Firefly, Grandpa Firefly, Otis, Baby and Rufus (isn't showed because he's close to the door) and ask them to join his group of murderers.

The Death Eaters are summon by Tom Riddle, the reincarnation of Voldemort, but he only needs one more Death Eater to have his true form, and this one is in prison.

Fox comes into Dorian Gray and was suppose to kill him, because he was the murderer of Creedy, but she felt in love with him.

In an underground lair, some hobos (Boddicker, Tyrel, Cato and Zero) are called by a man who have recovered from his injuries, a man who's ready to bring reckoning to the world, and this man is Bane.

Part Six

Criminals of all sorts (Bill, Kroenen, Frost etc.) arrive at a meeting to discuss how a steady state can be established. Norman shows his respect to Oren Ishii, who is running the meeting, and tells her that his boss will be there shortly.

Hook then arrives, having been invited as a new member of the criminal underground.

But then, another 'boss' arrives; the Joker. Bill orders one of his men to stop him, but he is killed. The Joker is revealed to be in charge of the meeting along with Oren (perhaps hinting at a relationship?), and he proceeds to address the issues at hand.

Fed up, Gambol, a well known crime lord, then expresses his anger. He demands to know how a woman (an Asian woman at that) could possibly be superior to him and run the meeting.

Without warning, Oren beheads him. Everyone present is shocked, and Oren lists her reasons for claiming leadership; she is intolerant, strong and doesn't hesitate to kill those who insult her. With that said, she ends the meeting.

After the meeting, Hook and Bill discuss their plan to change the status quo: kill Oren.

The a forbidden forest, Uruk Hai sent by Saruman massacre anyone who dares comes close to Isengard. Cato and his gang penetrate into the forest under orders from Cato's uncle; Bane. Their mission is to tell everyone that 'the reckoning' is coming. Bane makes it clear that he does not like being disappointed. When the two groups meet, they being slaughtering each other. Meanwhile, the fight has attracted the most feared creature of this forest; the velociraptor.

Alex and his 'droogies' BREAK into an old warehouse, a potential lair for Jigsaw. Alex enters first. Initially the place looks deserted, but then Alex spots someone. He chases him down and kills him with a ceramic penis. Turns out that the man wasn't alone, and his comrades circle Alex. He tries to run for it, but encounters the owner of the building; Deacon Frost. Frost doesn't hesitate to beat Alex, and then has his men finish the job.

Aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackwood tries to convince her crew to follow him. He promises to protect them with his magic and a generous reward. But then, Captain Barbossa tells Blackwood that pirates don't kneel to sorcerers. Blackwood prepares to fight, but then a second pirate captain appears; Blackbeard himself. He decides to show them both the power of dark magic.

That night, Oren goes to the House Of Blue Leaves, a Japanese bar, in order to relax. Meanwhile, Bill prepares his weapons and prays while Hook spies on Oren. He is almost caught by Oren's bodyguard Gogo Yubari. Later, Hook and Bill decide to demonstrate their resolve by cutting off the arm of Oren's friend Sophie Fatale.

Gogo brings out her signature weapon, a meteor hammer, and faces Bill. Bill insults her and Oren's forces as a bunch of street rats. Gogo nearly choaks Bill to death with her weapon, but he quickly reverses the situation, and kills her.

Oren calls in her personal Yakuza guard: The Crazy 88. Lead by Johnny Moe, the Crazy 88 take on Bill's gang and Hook's pirates in a horrific rampage. After a long and firece fight, Hook manages to chop off Johnny's legs. He then goes to finally face Oren face to face.

Out back, in a snow covered garden, Hook finds Oren waiting for him. They decide to cross their swords once and for all.

The final showdown begins! The one handed captain of the Jolly Roger, Captain Hooks versus the infamous Yakuza leader and member of the Killer Vipers, the Cottonmouth. Hook eventually succeeds in injuring Oren in the leg and both fighters know that this fight is about to end. Hook scalps Oren alive, and she falls over dead.

Back in the house, the Natives have defeated the Yakuzas, and celebrate Hook having defeated the most dangerous members of the Deadly Vipers. Bill bows to his old friend, who is now one of the most powerful men in all of America

While he is alone, Buffalo Bill partakes in one of his guilty pleasures. But he is then interrupted when someone rings at the door. James goes to open the door and sees that the 'guests' are Bane and Bird. He tries to close the door on them, but Bird tells him that they are here to give him a new mission from the Jigsaw killer. So he lets them in. However, it was a lie. Bane tells Buffalo Bill that he is really here to take revenge; an old revenge on three important people who turned him into what he is today.

From his lair, Loki teleports his mind into one of Quaritch's soldier, in order to see how effective Zorg's Arachnids are against the army of Marines. When the Marines land on a planet under Loki's control, the Arachnids first try to charge the troops, but the aerial reinforcements kill a lot of them. But then then the flying insects arrive...

The Joker welcomes Hans to his tower and welcomes him as a new member of his group. But he soon realizes that it's a trap: Hans' men kill the clown minions, trap the Joker and inform Agent Smith that they got him. It was in fact a test for Hans to prove loyalty to the Commander; something that the Joker will not soon forget.

After having defeated Oren Ishii, Bill the Butcher and Captain Hook decide to celebrate and have a huge orgy party, inviting all sorts of influential people they know, both friends or enemies: Landa, the Devil's Reject, Calvin Candie, Tyler Durden, Batemane, Xerxès etc. Some people start fighting, while others partake in the pleasures of prostitutes and drink. It is really something symbolical and a way for these villains to relax.

Loki comes to Zorg to tell him how impressed he is with the Arachnids’ abilities. The businessman shows his old friend an even better weapon, his latest creation: the T-1000 cyborg. They then discuss Loki’s forbidden artifact: the Mask, and who has found it.

Jack Torrance has been working on his next book for days, while his assistant and greatest fan Annie helps him by staying very close to him and encouraging him on. One day, Jack loses control and orders her to leave so he can get some peace. Annie obeys without replying, and the more she thinks about his sudden reaction, the more she remembers how Jack began to act strangely: apparently his last work was a play, one he was sure he could get adapted by the very famous Count Olaf. However Olaf refused, telling I was "too serious". The rejection drove Jack insane…..literally, and since then nothing has been the same. Annie is prepared to make Olaf pay for what he has done to Jack, even if it means becoming as insane as he is.

On Batemane’s propriety, Patrick invites his friend Jack to come over for drinks and smokes. When Batemane wants a change of scenery, Jack decide to visit the locals. But he wasn’t prepared to come to face with the notorious slasher Michael Myers. He gets knocked out. Batemane finds him and manages to wake him up. He then tells him they have to take care of the situation 'the way they like it'.

In a highway bar, Stuntman does one of the few things he enjoys apart from killing on road: drinking. Coincidentally, he is actually in the same bar as Tyler Durden. After two or three beers, he decides to leave and go back to his motel. On the road, he sees a hitchhiker. He decides to pick him up, not realizing what the hitchhiker plans to do to him. Surprisingly, the hitchhiker, John Ryder, is a notorious murderer, on the run from the police for months. He threatens Mike with a knife, telling he will take the car and Mike's life, but there is something Ryder neglected to note: the only safe place in this car is the driver’s seat.

Tyler Durden pays a visit to Bane. He tells him what happened to his nephew and demonstrates what he is good at. Bane soon learns Durden’s abilities could be very useful.

Kyln prison, controlled by the General Grievous, holds the most dangerous criminals in all the galaxy (at least the ones they could arrest). This includes the likes of Magneto, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Scarecrow, the Lizard, Raoul Silva, Simon Phoenix, Boris the Animal, John Doe…..and now the Joker, having been arrested by Agent Smith, who now seems to want to get closer to the Empire than to the Cobras. In his cell, the Joker faces an old familiar face, who can’t wait to get his revenge and to make him pay for what he has done to him.

Adrian Veidt is visited by another multi-millionaire businessman who could be more useful than Kingpin.

Charles Lee Ray, who has been reincarnated in the doll Chucky, joins Freddy’s group, ready for vengeance.

At Cobra’s lair, Cobra Commander introduces Hans into their ranks, but also is concerned by their new find.

Michael Myers cannot be killed.

Bullseye is visited by Norman Osborn on rooftops, who has great plans for him.

Alex has barely survived after his defeat against the vampires. John Kramer swears they will get revenge, with a magical artifact

Aboard the Vengeance, Khan returns to the Galaxy after many years and asks H.A.L to tell him what he has missed.

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