Morbius is a notable Marvel anti-hero and rival to Spiderman. A powerful vampire, Morbius is a minor player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs The Witches of Morva

Morbius Bat Criature.png

Miriam transforms Morbius into a vampire so that he might retrieve the gemstone of Jafar for her. Morbius proves somewhat obstinate, seeking out a cure for his vampirism as opposed to the gem. He travels to the marshes of Morva, where he encounters the powerful witches who live there. His attempt to threaten the witches proves fruitless, as one of their number, Orgoch, blasts him with several powerful spells, transforming Morbius into a bat-monster. The witches, though, are not without mercy and tell Morbius that he can find a cure in the castle of the Horned King.

In Hot Water

Morbius travels to the Horned King's domain: Annuvin. Once he arrives, he ends up netted and captured by the Horned King's goons. The Horned King places the vampire into a crystalline casket and reveals that he has the cure. However, the Horned King intends to use it upon himself and only wants to use Morbius as a guinea pig. If Morbius survives, he may go free. The cure transforms Morbius back into a regular vampire. However, Morbius is less than happy about not being a human and breaks free of the chamber. Morbius begins sucking the life out of the Horned King, but he is flung into the moat by the Horned King's lieutenant, Lady Tremaine. Morbius presumably drowns.

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