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The Monsters from the Powerpuff Girls are dark creatures and minor villains in the anime series. They made their first debut in Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Destroying Or Destroyed...?

The Monsters were the minions of the Nightmare King, a powerfull demon king that summons darkness and nightmares in his world. The King somehow found them and recruited them into his army. During the events of the war, Synonomess Botch, a great dreamer productor and one of the minions of the Nightmare King, was working, secretrely, against the Nightmare King. After the demon king learned his actions from his spying minions, the Nightmare King sends the monsters to kill the traitor. When the monsters confront Botch, the dreamer productor hides in his fortress and begins firing everything he has against the monsters. Although many of them were killed and destroyed by Botch's roukets, one of them was still alive. The latter, begins his attack by destroying some of the defensesof the fortress and some canons of the traitor minion. But Botch was not giving up yet, as he uses his device to throw spikes at the last monster, causing the creature to blow up. Despite their ultimate failure, the minions of the Nightmare King access to the main base of the fortress, where Botch was hiding in, and kill Botch in a flash.