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Monkey Fist is a secondary antagonist of the Disney animated television series, Kim Possible, as well as the main antagonist in Kim Possible Season 2's "Exchange". While his concept is ludicrous, Monkey Fist is one of the darker villains of his series as well as the villain tournaments. A competent martial artist and tactician, Monkey Fist is a secondary player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villain War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Monty Fisk was a student at Evile Academy. He was studying martial arts. He fled the Academy during the fire.

Facing Storm Shadow

Fox hires Monkey Fist to discover the whereabouts of her husband, David Xanatos. Monkey Fist infiltrates the lair of Xanatos's main rival, Cobra Commander, in hopes of finding information. He has a few of his monkey henchmen take out a guard and a few sentry guns before finding a computer terminal with the information he needs. Xanatos is, in fact, a prisoner of the Shredder. Before Monkey Fist can return with this information, he encounters Storm Shadow, Cobra's top ninja and enforcer. Monkey Fist arrogantly attacks his enemy, but Storm Shadow draws his katana. Shadow gets the drop on Monkey Fist, leaving him stunned. Fist, however, is fortunate; since Shadow never strikes him with the sword blade, Fist is able to escape alive.

A Fiery Foe

Monkey Fist is among the villains called to Senor Senior Sr.'s meeting of supervillains. The Fire Nation has stepped up its conquest, and the Senior clan feels duly threatened. Shego suggests that Monkey Fist investigate the Fire Nation army. Monkey Fist agrees, bringing along his fellow ninja, Fukushima. The two arrive at their destination but are quickly discovered by the Combustion Man. In the ensuing battle, Monkey Fist lets Fukushima do most of the fighting. He then flees when the Fire Nation assassin nearly kills Fukushima.

The Monkey Stones and Other Misadventures

Monkey Fist discovers a cluster of powerful Monkey Stones, asking Senior Sr. to acquire them. The aged criminal sends his son, Senor Senior Jr., to get them. However, the alliance is not ready for Vlad Plasmius also trying to take the artifacts. Junior loses them all to the more powerful ghost. Monkey Fist also goads the inactive Duff Killigan into fighting Combustion Man. The golfer survives the battle, having been outclassed by the firebender.

The Battle of the Fire Nation

Monkey Fist joins Dr. Drakken and his allies in the battle against the Fire Nation. This time, Monkey Fist and his new ally, "Gorilla Fist" (really DNAmy), take on Mai and Ty Lee, two of Princess Azula's friends and lieutenants. Monkey Fist breaks Ty Lee's hand, though he fails to kill her with his thrown stakes. Monkey Fist survives the battle, though not without witnessing Shego's death at Azula's hands.

The Battle of New York

Monkey Fist leads the frontal charge of Xanatos's attack on the Utrom Shredder's compound. He brandishes a katana and tries to kill the Shredder personally, but the villain parries his strikes. However, a second attack from Macbeth provides Monkey Fist the opportunity to strike the Utrom Shredder down. When Hun and his Foot clan minions join the fray, Fist sics his ninja monkeys on them. Fist pursues the Shredder into his main base, beating down Foot Clan grunts and tearing away most of the Shredder's flesh mask. He is shocked to discover the Shredder is actually an alien Utrom. When Xanatos emerges victorious from the battle, Monkey Fist celebrates with the rest of his men.

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Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Joining Slade

Slade recruits two new lieutenants, Monkey Fist and Stain, to help him rebuild the Foot Clan.

Vs Gato & Zabuza

Beginning his machinations, Slade sends out Monkey Fist, as well as one of their new recruits, to eliminate a rival crime lord who could pose a threat to the Foot Clan’s power. Although Gato himself isn’t particularly imposing, his bodyguard, Zabuza, may prove to be more of a problem.

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