Mommy Fortuna's Crow

Mommy Fortuna's Crow is an unspoken bird character and, possibly, the pet sidekick of Mommy Fortuna. A minor character in the animated movie, The Last Unicorn, the Crow is mostly seen in the top of Mommy Fortuna's hat, and is known for making characteristics, through gestures, The Crow of Mommy Fortuna is briefly featured in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Drafting an Expression

When Mommy Fortuna captures Cody and the Marahute into one of her traps, the Crow makes a brief appearance, as it shows of bringing one feathered wing to it's face, implying that it had a facepalm expression.

Escape from the Marahute's Wrath

Later, the Crow makes it's minor and last appearance, during the Battle of the Circus. When Mommy Fortuna was meant to die, the Crow makes it's escape, before the freed Marahute kills her, offscreen.

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