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Mommy Fortuna is the secondary villain of the animated film, The Last Unicorn. An illusionary witch, running over the Midnight Carnival, Mommy Fortuna is notorious for capturing weak animals for profit. She is usually accompanied by her assistant Ruhk, and her personal bird sidekick. Mommy Fortuna plays a significant role in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Sorcerers And Scientists

Moomy Fortuna acts as one of the circus perfomers of the sinister Coachman. When a scientist, came by the name, Dr. Schechter, arrives in the Coahcman's inn and proposes to them to bring many children to his benefactor, Tyler, in exhange for a sum of money, the Coachman orders his perfomers to track down any child, they would lure. Mommy Fortuna heads off to find her chance, eventually catching up Cody, riding his golden eagle, the Marahute, in the summit of a mountain. Though, Ruhk has doubts about capturing the young child, Fortuna does not comprehend with Ruhk's decisions. She thus uses her illusionary abilities, distracting the Marahute, long enough, to fall into one of Fortuna's traps. She then brings her new captive trophy to to the Coachman's circus, as a new prisoner.

The End of the Perfomance

Later, the Coachman addresses to his allies, including Mommy Fortuna that he would start a grand show, regarding about Sarousch's brainwashed dinosaurs. The show, however, is interrupted by the arrival of several heroes. When Jim Hawkins and Mulan come to the rescue, Fortuna attempts to stop them. When her lackey, Ruhk, fails to stop them, Fortuna unleashes her abilities on both the heroes, keeping them at bay. Unfortunately, for Fortuna, her end is approaching, as the Marahute, freed by Jiminy Cricket, makes her way to kill the witch. Mommy Fortuna does not hesitate from escaping from the wrath of the Marahute, accepting her fate, as the Marahute kills her offscreen.

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