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Moloch is the main antagonist of Cat City 2: Cat of Satan. He is a giant, powerful demon cat who's said to be the cat of Satan himself. A jungle tribe of cats worships him and has ability to summon him. Moloch appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever as one of Malmoth's allies.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Moloch was the pet cat of Satan, the ruler of Netherrealm at the time. When Satan heard about the creation of Earthrealm, he sent Moloch there to cause little chaos. However, the early humans actually started worshipping Moloch, despite the destruction he caused. Moloch was often appeased with child sacrifice and wars with other forming civilizations. The only civilization that actively opposed Moloch was the land of Lemuria. Lemurians helped to seriously wound Moloch to the point he bled all over the Lemurian land, causing the birth of half-human half-animal beings with their own sentience known as "Primes" which would inhabit the Earth throughout the coming centuries. Moloch returned back to Netherrealm, only to find that his original owner Satan had been overthrown by Shinnok. Refusing to serve Shinnok, Moloch escaped back to Earthrealm, where a group of sentient cat primes living in a jungle ended up adopting him as their new God. Moloch lived with his usual sacrifices, until the jungle tribe was attacked by ravaging colonists. Moloch hid the cats into a pocket dimension of sorts. This sub-realm was named Banipal Witt, and Moloch ruled the land until he had a child of his own, Queen Buburina, the ancesor of the current ruler Lady Buburina.

Moloch would retire from ruling Banipal Witt after he missed causing destruction and chaos everywhere. Moloch became a monster of myths for hundreds of years. He became aware that humanity abandoned their Gods either through the change of culture or development of society, which he hated. Moloch one day met former egyptian goddess Isis, who had gone insane and blamed humanity of her husband Osiris. Moloch agreed to help kill the humans before they would be drowned in godless sin and heresy, and together they formed a faction of Fallen Gods with Poseidon, the former god of the seas. This group would eventually be taken in by Malmoth as part of his army.