Molly Grue

Molly Grue is one of the secondary heroes of the animated movie, The Last Unicorn. Formely the love of Captain Gully, Molly Grue assisted the Unicorn and Schmendrick on their journey to free the Unicorns' race from the tyranny of the Red Bull. She even took a job, as a scullery maid, to the court of the wicked King Haggard, for the purpose to unveil the Red Bull's location, and furthermore to the Unicorns' current whereabouts. When the Unicorn succeeded in her task, Molly and Schmendrick bidded farewell to the mythical creature, before departing. Molly also appears in Heroes vs. Villains in a role similiar to the original story, though with extra continuity details.

Heroes Vs Villains War

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