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Occult Superstar

Mok Swagger is an aging rock superstar with an interest in the occult, who became a major player in the Villains Tournament. A powerful tactical genius, he is the main villain in the Canadian animated film Rock and Rule. He is also a minor player in Animated vs CGI Villains War and in Disney, Non Disney, DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses and a secondary player in Villains Battles.



Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War


Mok Swagger began his life as any other human. However, as he began to grow older, he began to take a drastic interest in the occult. As his family quickly attempted to put a stop to such things, Mok eventually decided to sacrifice them to a great demon (Chernabog) that he had encountered in his dreams. Mok, growing even stronger in the ways of sorcery and magic,  set his sights on the land of entertainment. Now an adult, Mok became an amazingly popular super-rocker, selling millions of records and singles. However, such trivial success was not enough for Mok.

Deciding that he would become even more popular one way or another, Mok began to backmask his music with the same incantations and spells he had learned in his youth. Within weeks, his plans came to fruition as his popularity skyrocketed. With his career at it's apex, Mok once again set to work on his plans of magic and mystisism. Seeking to summon a massive demon from another dimension, Mok poured his now seemingly limitless funds into his new project. However, his plans would come to a halt as war between the U.S. and the Soviets quickly brought about a nuclear apocalypse.

When the dust settled from the war, Mok found that the nuclear radiation had effected his appearence. He now had fangs, claws, and no hair. Mok went into a dark recluse, hiding from his fansand cohorts. Eventually, a voice (Stalker) told him to once again take up the mantle of the super-rocker as before. Now, even wilder, in both inside and out, Mok set out to once again change the world to be his.....

A Watchful Eye

Mok, using his vast wealth and technology, kept tabs on the strange phenominon around the globe. As he quickly saw that all the worlds heroes were dying out, Mok then anticipated the coming war between the various villains of the world. He then purposed to be the "last man standing"

Facilier makes an enemy of Mok


Versus Facilier

Mok first entered the war after he developed a rivalry with Doctor Facilier. Facilier was a witch doctor who, like Mok, had an interest in the occult. Mok felt that Facilier could pose a threat to his plans, so he secretly contacted the Doctor's "Friends on the Other Side" and promised them he would be more useful to them than Facilier. The Friends took a liking to Mok, and agreed that he would be more useful to them than Doctor Facilier. Mok confronted Facilier, and the two argued briefly before the Friends on the Other Side made their decision - Mok was chosen as their new ally, and they dragged the screaming Doctor Facilier into the afterlife.


Dealings with Ludmilla

Later, Mok was visited by Ludmilla, adviser to the Tsar of Russia. Russia was under threat from Maleficent, Mok gives Ludmilla a potion so that she can challenge Maleficent]]and Ludmilla - determined that nothing should stand in the way of her plans of ruling the kingdom herself - went to Mok for help. Mok and his Friends on the Other Side agreed to help Ludmilla, by providing her with a potion which would supposedly grant her the power to destroy Malificent. What Ludmilla didn't expect was that the potion would transform her into a monstrous dragon, who was, in the end, easily dealt with by the Mistress of all Evil.

A Watchful Eye

Mok kept track of the war via his super computer, which allowed him to watch every battle. The computer also gave Mok a list of predicted conflicts, and Mok planned to bide his time until he was the last man standing.


Unleashing Sharptooth

Sensing that Malificent should be dealt with sooner, rather than later, but knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance against her personally, Mok decided to use his technology to take control of the mind of a prehistoric dinosaur named Sharptooth. Mok sent Sharptooth to Maleficent's castle, but she used her magic to trap him in a forest of thorns. Sharptooth quickly escaped this however, and attacked her. Malificent transformed into a monstrous dragon and knocked Sharptooth into a deep ravine, much to Mok's fury.

New Alliances

Putting his plans to destroy Maleficent on hiatus, Mok next traveled to Professor Screweyes' "Eccentric Circus". The Circus was invaded by Alameda Slim, who hoped to steal Screweyes' animals. Screweyes quickly used his machinery to reduce Slim to a paranoid, jabbering wreck and humiliate him in front of the audience, much to Mok's delight. Impressed by the Professor's skills, Mok recruited him into his service. He later brought Holli Would back to the animated universe after her victory against Wise Guy and the Toon Patrol in the live-action universe. It is also implied that Holli becomes Mok's girlfriend, as he tells her that "All work and no play makes Mok a dull boy."

Vs Jafar

Deciding to accelerate his master plan in the wake of his failed attacks on Maleficent, Mok made a daring move by taking over Zurg Tower, which had recently been heavily damaged during a battle with Thrax. Using his super computer, Mok was able to take over the entire tower and drive Emperor Zurg out. The real reason for this takeover was so that Mok could gain access to Zurg's databanks and discover all he knew about inter dimensional travel.

Eventually, an enraged Zurg came to reclaim his tower, killing Professor Screweyes in the process. At the same time, Mok was confronted by Jafar, and though he managed to bombard the sorcerer with pyrotechnics and energy blasts, Mok was forced to retreat, abandoning the tower, but taking all the data he had stolen along with him.

Is This the End of Mok?

After escaping Zurg Tower, Mok ordered Holli Would to go to the live-action universe and plant a transceiver so that he could unleash his Demon into the live-action universe, as well as his own. Captain Hook, spotting Holli entering the portal, followed her through and destroyed the transciever. Nonetheless, with the war over and his enemies weakened, Mok went ahead with his master plan - to unleash an incredibly powerful Demon that would allow him to conquer the multiverse. This move frustrated the Friends on the Other Side, who believed that Mok had gone too far.

One thing Mok had not planned for was the return of Doctor Facilier from the dead, who arrived at Mok's base of operations just as the Demon was unleashed. Facilier convinced his old friends to side with him once again, and they performed a voodoo ritual which sent the Demon back where it had come from. As Mok scrambled to regain control, Facilier revealed himself and knocked him down into the pit. Mok screamed as he was cast into another dimension, all his plans ruined.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part 2

Mok's Return

Mok is later revealed to have survived Facilier's attack and vanished into the night in his car. He is later shown at his old headquarters, where he asks his computer about the Armageddon Key, Chernabog. Next, Mok allies with the evil pipe organ Forte. Together, they resurrect Professor Screweyes, and retrieve Holli Would from her previous universe. It is then, that Mok informs his allies of his new master plan. He is next seen confronting Cruella DeVille, who joins his alliance.

A Plan Unfolds

With his alliance assembled, Mok began to enact his new plan for world domination. The first phase of his plan required Cruella to travel to the live action universe to retrieve "The Lament Configuration", a powerful puzzle box which opens the gates of Hell itself. In the live action universe Cruella is met with opposition in the form of Freddy Krueger and Pinhead, but eventually manages to make allies with Count Olaf and Doctor Claw, as she continues her search.

Meanwhile, Mok and his alliance witness Captain Hook's return to the hand drawn universe. Vengeful at Hook for ruining his plans once before, Mok sends Professor Screweyes to kill him. Upon arriving at Hook's ship, Screweyes is confronted by Sarousch, who is seeking to recruit Hook for Ratcliffe's alliance. Although he defeats Sarousch, Screweyes is forced to flee after the battle, and Hook joins Ratcliffe's forces.

Mok transforms Forte into a human. It is later revealed that Sarousch, Megavolt, and Loki are working for Mok as spies in their respective factions.

New Master of the Underworld

Mok, now possessing the lament configuration after Cruella is able to send it to his world, decides that now is the time to put his plan into action, and plans to show his old rival Facilier, "New levels of Hell." He first has Professor Screweyes kill the failed spy Sarousch, then, Mok himself attacks Dr. Facilier in the Underworld. Mok reveals that Loki has been serving him all along, and then, unleashing all his powers, Mok easily obliterates Facilier's shadow demons. He then turns his attention to the friends on the other side, and then destroys them also. He then tells the defeated Facilier  "I have enjoyed your little game, but tonight, the game in MINE!" Utterley defeated, Facilier retreats. Mok then confronts Stalker, and performs an elaborate musical number as he uses the lament configuration to summon, The Seven Homunculi: Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Wrath and Gluttony. He then destroys one of the last threats to his power by destroying the spirit of the defeated Jafar.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part 3

Non Disney Villains Tournament


The man who would one day become the infamous insane criminal mind known as Mok Swagger was born in the most unusual of environments:.

The child was the result of an encounter between a priest from the abbey of the town he lived in and a modest woman who claimed for a child her husband could not provide. As fate would have it, however, the child was not born in the most normal of conditions. As soon as the baby was extracted from his mother's womb, everyone could see he was an albino. Mostly, people would not mind much, but considering how deeply hidden and religious the small town was, the child was found to be a sign of disgrace.

The priest, as fate would have it, was horrified at what his "sin" had egenrated, and seeking forgiveness from his Lord, decided to take the young boy under his wing and away from his mother, who commited suicide from sorrow soon after. Even though he was raised up in an environment that was meant to flow with tolerance and acceptance, the child was abused and neglected by most monks and friars from the abbey, as they knew the sin that was the source of his genesis. As such, it was already in his early youth that the boy began to detach himself from humanity, finding solace in the only place people didn't value sight: the church choirs.

The boy loved music, and at every chance he had, he would listen to and possibly even participate in whatever activities were certain to enroll. His interest in music grew more and more, up to a point in which he found himself studying and perfecting symphonies so that no ear could ever find the sounds emitted by the choir to be distasteful. 

Due to his pleas, the priest (who was his father) finally allowed the boy to attent to seminaries lectured in the academies surrounding the town. In one of such seminaries, he came across a very interesting book, which in turn awoke one more of his interests: Darwin's Origin of the Species.

He soon began questioning everything the faith fed to him made him believe, and after many inquirings and investigations, he went to present his thesis to the priest who took care of him and other influential members of the local church. Upon being denied the praise and recognition his studies had made him hope for, being laughed at and humiliatingly removed from the academy he so passionately worked in, he ran far from home, searching for someone or something who could attent to his interests.

During his long searches he came across a wounded rat, and, as fate would have it, decided to take care of it, tending for its wounds and keeping it as a pet. In a way, the small irrational rodent understood him far better than humans ever would. Up to a certain point, he sort of began believing he hated animals, simply because in their simple nature they could achieve what he, as a brilliant and superior mind could not: happiness.

After several weeks of walking around as a vagabound, he found a home in a small town, famous for its renouned Alchemist Shou Tucker, known for "sewing life itself" and creating mythical creatures. A man of science and logic, he had his faith once again shaken when Shou Tucker demonstrated to him the creation of a chimera by fusing two animals into each other out of thin air. Desperate for knowledge and filled with admiration for the alchemist, the young man begged to be Tucker's apprentice. Seeing the kid's potential, Shou Tucker accepted and taught him the basics of alchemy.

Life would not be made of roses, however. The state which funded the alchemist's resources began to grow impatient with new inovations and eventually asked him to revolutionize science itself. Tucker had a brilliant idea: to create a speaking chimera. After many attempts, however, he failed miserably and slumbered to depression, the young man growing depressed and desperate to remain working under his wing. In a fit of mad "brilliance", Tucker realized the component that he lacked. For a chimera to speak, he'd need an animal who could voice its own opinion...a human being.

The apprentice never saw it coming. Getting him while he slept, Tucker mercilessly bound him down and used the young man's own pet rat as the other test subject. He fused their own bodies...and souls. The result is the "mutant" being known today as Mok Swagger.

The transformation was made in a rush, and was incomplete, as two separate entities could never concile in of itself. The fact that the souls were trapped together in the same physical form led to excruciating pain that eventually led Mok to a horrid state of insanity, taking incredibly high doses of pain killers and other drugs to halt his suffering. Even though his human conscience prevailed in the merging, Mok could never ignore the more feral instincts manifesting from the core of his soul, driving him to turn more animalistic...and to lose his utter sense of right and wrong.

One night, while being exposed to the military alchemists, fascinated by Tucker's work, Mok realized life made no sense. Everyone and everything was to a toll of Man's sick games. He was born a monster to the eyes of the world, and now, even his appearance reflected the monstrosity painted only in his mind. The world wanted a freak? He'd give them one.


As Thrax rises from the ashes, Mok is there to greet him. He forms a fast alliance with the virus, asking Thrax to take out the central computer system of Zygon, a task in which Thrax succeeds. Simultaneously, Mok works on a serum that is able to enhance intelligence and heal wounds rapidly. He tests this serum on various animals, with both Claudandus and General Woundwort resulting from the testing. He pits the two against each other as part of testing, with Woundwort mortally wounding Claudandus. Mok then approaches the wounded Tyler with an offer: Mok will provide the henchman with some of the serum in exchance for future service.

Meanwhile, Mok observes the world of cyberspace, watching a duel between Technus and Keramon unfold. He takes the time to manually upgrade Keramon into Infermon during the battle. Though the battle ends in a draw, Mok provides an escape port for the Infermon.

Double Dealings

Knowing that Tyler also works for the Shredder, Mok decides to monopolize Tyler even more by expediting the Shredder's fall. Mok thus sends both Tyler and Thrax into space to distract them from defending the Shredder's lair, the Technodrome. He instructs them to kidnap an alien called Leah whom he can use to blackmail her planet's leaders. Thrax manages to kidnap Leah, though Tyler falls in battle to the bounty hunters, Korso and Preed. Exactly as Mok planned, Doctor Robotnik's forces defeat those of the Shredder and Tyler revives in space. Mok is then able to hack into the Technodrome and take control of Metal Sonic (due to the help of Infermon), as well as gain information about Korso and Preed from the revived Tyler.

Breaking New Ground

Mok intercepts a transmission from the live-action universe, making contact with the Master. Interested in the power the Master possesses, he persuades the Master into sending his finest agent, Agent Smith, into the animated universe. Smith arrives unscathed, but Tyler returns from space and demands that Smith leave. Amused by the prospect of making Tyler suffer, Mok has Smith kill Tyler. Tyler revives, naturally, but Mok still is satisfied with killing Tyler yet again.

Harvester of Souls

Mok has his minions, the Schlepper brothers, bring Ember McLain to him, hoping to use her for his masterplan. Once Ember arrives, Mok offers a deal singing with him. Ember agrees, and Mok begins to harness her ability to harvest souls with her guitar. Mok brings forth a massive demon from the Underworld, one that quickly devours Ember's soul.

Making Alterations

Mok has Thrax infect the scientist, Baxter Stockman, with a flesh-eating bacteria. At the same time, he has Infermon open up Doctor Robotnik's base to an attack by Discord. Killing two birds with one stone, Mok has Agent Smith offer to to rebuild Robotnik's lair in exchange for permission to use Robotnik's roboticizer, which Mok then uses to build Stockman a new body. Stockman is now forced to help the rock star, harvesting equipment from an abandoned COBRA base. Mok also fuses the demon he summoned with the dying Claudandus to create the hellcat, Red. Mok delights in his new savage creation. Later, inspired by a speech from Agent Smith, Mok unleashes a digital horror from within his computer: AM. To Mok's shock, his computer is a hyper-intelligent AI bent on his destruction.

Tying Up Loose Ends and Doctors

After most of his allies perish in one of Agent Smith's plans to take down the League of Assassins, Mok sees fit to gain more traction in the world. He makes a deal with Snively: taking down Doctor Robotnik permanently. After Snively lures the mad scientist out into the open, Mok attacks, throwing several energy balls into Robotnik's machinery. The tactic is astonishingly effective, as Robotnik is helpless to stop the destruction of his empire. Mok then binds Robotnik's soul to a new metal body, a body under Snively's control.

An Alchemist's Revenge

After binding Robotnik's soul to Snively's robot, Mok is inspired to confront the alchemist who turned him into the psychopath he is: Shou Tucker. Mok kills the guards outside and proceeds to beat Tucker to a pulp, but the alchemist begins espousing his worldview. Tucker notes that he made Mok into the monster that he is purely to see how far he could test the limits of alchemy. In short, he made Mok as an example of scientific progress. Amused by Tucker's cruelty, Mok decides to let him live, so that he might endure a life of pain.

Shielding Himself

Mok tracks down a renegade Homunculus, Greed, and performs an alchemical experiment upon him. Mok restructures Greed's body so that he can take a portion of the Ultimate Shield for himself. Greed attacks Mok, but the experiment provides Mok with enough knowledge to exploit one of Greed's weak spots. Mok lets Greed go free, having gathered all that he needs from the Homunculus.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Sending a new minion

Meanwhile Mok Swagger awakens The Duke of Vaults with his Supercomputer sending him on a mission.

His faction

Mok sets up his alliance consisting of a mad Professor, Bluto, the intergalactic criminal Tyler, the hunter Elmer Fudd and the super-virus Thrax.

Watching a fight

Having spent several weeks developing a serum that enhances healing and other abilities (namely intelligence) Mok was surprised to see two subjects (a cat Claudandus and a rabbit Woundwort) display positive results. To see how well they evolved, he pitted them against one another. the animals leaped at each other, wrestling each other to the finish.

A new member

Mok using his supercomputer to summon the criminal Kagetane Hiruko recruiting him to his faction.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

New Employees

Mok appears in the sixth fight of the first episode of the war, initally as the employer of Livewire. He sends her to rampage through Lex Luthor's kryptonite mining operations, and kill it's miners, in which Tyler is also amongst them. As soon as Livewire is slain by Tyler, Mok takes an interest on the warrior and proposes to join him as his new enforcer. Tyler agrees to his offer. Together, they recruit the deadly virus and hitman, Thrax.

Next Plans

Mok has Thrax infiltrate a room, containing the genetic code and material of General Zod. The code is required for Mok's designs. However, the malevolent Parasite obtains it first, forcing the two of them to fight over, with Thrax eventually draining his foe's energy, collapsing in the process. Thrax then takes the sample of the code, who in return gives it to his employer. Mok then activates his supercomputer to examine the code. After the examination was over, Mok sets on his next phase of his plans.

On the next course of his plans, Mok recruits the services of Ragnarok, sending the alien after Sinestro, as a means to test Sinestro's yellow ring's powers, that gained the attention of Mok. Nevertheless, Ragnarok falls to Sinestro's all mighty power, not gaining much information, regarding about the ring-wielder's powers.

Non-Disney vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Dr.Doom

Mok appears in a room with a beer to offer his henchmen The Schlepper Brothers, but were then interrupted by Dr. Doom who wants to take over Nuke York. Doctor Doom blast Zip, which makes Toad angry, much of Mok's annoyance he fights against Doom by firing a ball of energy at him which Dr. Doom fires back, Mok and The Schlepper Brothers make their escape in their blimp.

His faction

Mok recruits Holli Would, The Duke of Vaults (since he was revived), Dr. Gero, The Seven Homunculi and Father.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Teaming with Sephiroth

Sephiroth, recovering from his wound was greeted by Mok who offered to help Sephiroth if he performed an errand for him.

Wanting new Informations

Mok, wanting to get some info sends Sephiroth to the main computer in the Live Action realm, where the MCP resides.

Sending His Allie Home

Realizing that their position in the Live Action realm isn't safe, MCP revives Sark and transports both of them to the main computer in a different dimension...

Having the data he needs, Mok sends Sephiroth back to his home dimension, but not without a little gift for his help: the Black Materia.

Meeting an old friend

In hunt for the potion to turn Grimhilde back to normal, Stormella meets up with an old friend: Mok. Mok happens to have the potion she needs and hands it over, however he's in a hurry to attend to other matters and leaves, unknown to both of them, they're being watched. And with Mok gone, he turns his attention to Stormella...

Teaming with Count Nefarious

In need of help, Mok arrives at Count Nefarious' lair and ask for assistance in his current project. Count Nefarious is very eager to help him and accepts an alliance with Mok.

Studying Something

To his frustration, Mok's study of Chaos is suddenly cut short by a man with new found power...

Meeting an emperor

Having hacked into his computer, The Emperor confronts Mok about his recent actions with the intent to put a stop to it. But plans change as the two realize they both have interest in furthering the others master plan...

Heroes vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

A New Plan

After his conversation with Pitch Black, Mok took Holli Would and the Schlepper Brothers with him to meet with another of his acquaintances for work on a project called “the Armageddon Key.”

Teaming with Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Making his way through the metropolitan state of Danville, Mok arrived at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. to offer Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz an alliance.

Giving Holi Would an assigment

Mok sent Holli Would out on an assignment to recruit some more allies.Having only one Shen Gong Wu (the monkey staff), Wuya is annoyed about Jack's previous defeat. They are approached by Holli Would who offers them to join Mok's team.Jack and Wuya join Mok's group.

Non Heroes Vs Villains War

Manuel's Villains War

Teaming with Dr.Claw

And finally at haunted english castle, The evil Dr. Claw and cat named MAD are saw the computer. But suddenly an evil villain arrives and his named Mok Swagger. Dr.Claw and Mok are joined our team up.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains

Talking with Zurg

Ash Ketchum manages to escape the dungeon that Frollo has him locked up, and finally reunites with Pikachu. However, Mok was watching the whole thing, and asks Emperor Zurg to take him out personally.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

In a bear's body

Now inside the body of a Black Bear, Mok decides to find a worthy opponent to fight off, and chooses none other than the Pokemon beast known as Entei. Mok does his best trying to claw Entei, but the big Pokemon has lots of powers to beat up Mok.

Vs Ash

As Ash Ketchum is trying his best to get out of Limbo, he comes across a mysterious portal that he thinks might get him out of here. But a long familiar face comes behind him and is sure he is into reaching some new levels, right before pushing him down.After leaving Limbo, Mok resurrects himself.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three


The Joker meets Mok, and tells him about Ash Ketchum alive in the live action universe. Wanting to see him go down, the Joker asks Mok to use his super computer to enter the universe. Has this clown criminal reached a level a consciousness?

Sending Duff

Misty enters Joker Manor, and finds Mok's computer that will gain entrance into the live action universe. But Mok sends Duff Killigan after her.

Soyuzmultfilm Villains Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Villains War


"If society treats you like a monster, for nothing more than caring about your daughter, then I would gladly consider myself the worst monster of them all."

To say that Mok was a lonely child would be an understatement. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his father died from a drug overdose when he was only seven years old. A few days after that event, he was taken to an orphanage as no one under the surname "Swagger" was still alive, and while he took residence there, several of the workers were stunned to see someone so young, so intelligent. He knew not only every recipe in cook books, but exactly how gourmet chefs make them, to the point where professional taste testers couldn't spot any difference between his cooking and the chef's own. He knew exactly how every cell, every atom in every animal worked, where he could preform surgery at double the capacity of an entire hospital. Anything any normal person know of, he new far, far greater, to the point where people theorized that he was omniscient.

Before he even finished adolescence, Mok left the orphanage, bought a new home, and researched the one thing he didn't understand: Psychology. He never understood how others would react to certain scenarios, as he never new anyone to such a great extent that they would be a willing test dummy. He never home-schooled himself about emotions and his family wasn't around long enough to explain them to him. It took him a few years to understand, longer than his teachings of anything else, but when he knew, he made a living out of it, making songs to express his emotions and leaving people feeling the same way, becoming massively famous as a result, and yet he knew one important emotion he lacked, was joy. After experiencing so many different things that are known to make people happy, including drugs, he still got nothing. By the age of 23, realization finally stuck, it must have been his isolationism. He hardly had anyone to be a parental figure, and he rarely interacted with others even when he was in his massive orphanage. He needed someone by his side.

Mok's wife wasn't enough, as she had vastly different thoughts and beliefs to his own, however he finally felt elated when she gave birth, and although she died shortly thereafter, much like his mother, it was a price he would gladly pay to see his daughter, "Melody Swagger." Mok had a good life after that day, as he was still rich, giving his daughter several things she wished for, while still preventing her from being spoiled, and still famous, with loads more songs written, each mimicking a certain style and time period, however he planning a massive event for her daughter with his greatest show yet as the grand finale for her tenth birthday. The day immediately before that though, his daughter was killed by her own school bus driver unintentionally running her over, and crushing her skull. Mok had lost the one thing that kept him alive, and after seeing her limp body, he promptly soaked himself, his equipment and his house with gasoline, nail polish, hand-sanitizer and several other flammable items and lit a match, causing near-instant incineration. He would risk going through the nine circles of hell, just to be with his daughter again.

After about a decade, Mok opened his eyes yet again, although something felt different. He was still alive, but his world looked vastly different, as if it was drawn by hand. After 80 minutes of such awful acts he wouldn't dream of, the musician theorized that his spirit resided in an animated film, one that told of how he lived, and what he would do if he was still alive. The tales were not just inaccurate, they were insulting, with him looking more like a dirty rat than he ever felt like in the past, and summoning a demonic entity and plotting to destroy the earth, for nothing more than being less popular than before! With the world treating him like a villain, an idea hatched in his mind... 'Why not return the favor?' Within a shockingly short time frame, he had created both a machine that could transport others into different worlds, and a device that could change the world in mind, however it would be incredibly risky to use such a machine, so instead of sacrificing himself, he opted to use the 'Incarnation' of a famous stripper instead.

It took quite a while for Mok to convince her, not helped by his lacking social skills, by the end however, it didn't take money to have Holli apply. "You seem to crave sex quite a lot. If you use the machine at the top of the 'Titan Missile'... let's say plenty more arrangements can be made." The stripper knew exactly what he meant, and accepted the deal. It didn't take long for Holli to find just what she was looking for, as the machine landed surprisingly close by to the museum she was targeting, although she didn't run off undetected. Once she got to the top of the missile, she turned the device on, and hell starts to break loose. Several deformed animated cels consumed the security guards like snacks, and other staff members and visitors alike ran as fast as their legs could carry, with some of them calling the police to deal with this monstrous threat, but by then it was too late. A massive explosion of some unknown substance coated the entire space-time continuum, leaving the universe animated. Mok noticed a few new things about this world, such as how souls were now visible, and that gave him a new idea, to bring his daughter back to life!

Four months after Mok started searching for Melody's spirit, he started to question something. He was finding the one thing that brought him joy, and yet would give her the body of a human, the species that drove him to turning the world animated, the species that poked fun off him. Why would he combine something he loved and something he loathed? He then remembered that he had created a much more fantastical world, one where not every law of biology could be followed, maybe one without any laws! She couldn't just be a human. "She could be anything I set my mind too!" "Uh, what did you just say there?" "I apologize, something just came to my mind." It's unknown if that trait was added to his new form, or if he actually felt that way now. To prevent his forgotten daughter's soul from escaping, Mok sealed it in a jar, and begun to work on her new body. The body had a human-esque shape, was as tall as her original body and it even looked like it was wearing a dress, the key word however is 'looked' as there were several anomalies the body had, ranging from the dress being a part of the body, to it's skin being paler than chalk, to it's arms resembling musical notes far more than any limb of any animal, to lacking any organs of the sort. It's as if this wasn't a living creature, but a heavily mutated one. Something that was inside it however, was her memories, as when the musician sent his daughter's soul into the body, she opened her eyes once again, and saw someone, familiar.

"M-Mok? Is that you?" "Yes Melody, yes it is."

All Out Heroes Vs Villains War

Meeting Maleficent

Maleficent, her husband Hades and her allies (Dr. Facilier, Shan-yu and Pete) plot to summon a powerful god to aid them, however their meeting is interrupted by infamous rockstar Mok Swagger, who decides to help them out. At the same time he reveals his allies, much to her surprise. Mok's supercomputer also reveals who can help them with their plans much to Maleficent and Mok's joy.

His faction

Mok recruits two new allies to serve his cause.Wanting to gain more allies for his purposes, Mok brings back Bojack's gang from their imprisonment.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Dr.Facilier

At Voodoo Emporium, Dr. Facilier tries to convince The Friends on the Other Side to join him, but Mok arrive with the same offer. Who will take the control of The Friends on the Other Side?

His faction

At his base, Mok Swagger asks the dancer Holi Would if she could join him in his uprising plan. She accepts.Mok receives a visit from two allies: Professor Screweyes and Holli Would. Holli Would gives him the bad, much to Mok's happiness.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Teaming with Professor Screweyers

Failed rockstar mogul named Mok Swagger decides to recruit Professor Screweyes for his plans of bringing a powerful demon. The professor at first is hesitant, but when Mok reveals he wants to bring fear to the world, the ringleader decides to join in.

Manuel's Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated vs CGI Villains War

Vs Dr.Willy

A portal from the Animated world sucks a new player inside. When this doctor finds out that Mok Swagger did so to recruit him, he decides to show him what he needs to do next time...

Villains Battles

Visiting Chernabog

In Hell, Chernabog receives a visit from two Acolytes, who reveal to have a plan to help Chernabog plunge the world into darkness.

Vs Cruella De Vil

Cruella de Vil was plotting to recruit some criminals in order to conquer the whole wide world, but she is stopped by Mok Swagger, who wants to defeat her since she could be a threat to his plans...

Teaming with Frollo

With Zelda dead at the hands of Midnight Sparkle, Frollo orders Rothbart to go and find new allies. However, they receive the visit of Mok, who wants to help the judge kill Shan-yu. So, the former judge and his allies recruit him.

Vs Shan Yu's Forces

Shan-yu announces with his allies about they must take out Frollo and his alliance very quick, so all of them are preparing. The same thing can't be said about Frollo and his allies, who are preparing too for the assault.Now the battle between Shan-yu's forces and Frollo's forces has begun to declare who and what alliance is gonna be ruling the Palace of Justice. Will Frollo get his home back or will Shan-yu and his alliance defeat the former judge again?

Teaming with Sclepper Brothers

After the pirate's defeat and Ratcliffe's "death" against Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys, Frollo and Mok cast Captain Hook out from the Palace of Justice. Later, the duo receive the visit of Classic Robotnik, who was sent in the Animated world by Xehanort. Mok, however, has recruited the Schlepper Brothers (Toad, Sleazy and Zip). So the judge of Notre Dame and the super star recruit them in order to weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

New ally

Frollo and his alliance were angry about Pete, Sam and Scar's forces weaken them. However, Mok recruited a new ally to help them. The ally is none other than Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who wants to "assist" Frollo in taking out Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Prepared for the final battle

Frollo and his allies plot a final scheme to take out Pete, Scar, Yosemite Sam and their allies by using Plan B (summoning the Demon Gigantic). Then Doofenshmirtz reveals to him Prince John's betrayal and about the scientist recruited a new villainess, Sedusa, to help them in their plan. The judge has 2 new allies against Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Vs Scar,Pete,Yosemite Sam's Forces

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?

Villains Battles 3


With Phobos distracted in trying to murder our heroes, Nerissa revives a fallen villain from the first war, who is happy seeing her. However this villain, having made new discoveries, decides to use his murderer as a sacrifice to bring him back to normal and meets Shendu. Preparing his first stage, this rock star ghost starts forming his alliance.

Talking with Shendu

After recruiting Sa'Luk for Phobos and with the assistance of Nerissa, Mok decides to have a little talk with Shendu about some dark discoveries he made when Scar killed him as he ended in a different realm before ending in the Spirit Realm. Seeing this as a great obstacle to his plans, Shendu accepts under one condition. Mok accepts as the three prepare their plans to save this world.

New body

Mok asks Nerissa to give him a more suitable form as his adoptive mother does her best to give her son a new body.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Teaming with a version of Megatron

Impressed by Soundwave defeating Ember Mok helds a meeting with the G1 version of Megatron as he forms an alliance with the Leader of the variation of the Decepticons.

Vs Maximals

Having installed a Secruity System Mok arrives at the Axalon to distract the Maximals capturing Dinobot into attacking him after he teleports away Dinobot accidentally destroys the system allowing the robot Wheatley to control the Axalon allowing a couple of Maximals to escape.

Plan in motion

Mok prepares his plan to unleash a demon to gather information about the Transformers through the Axalon Computer.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Dr.Kahl

Mok attempts to forge an alliance with scientist Dr. Kahl in hopes of having him summon the demon. The doc refuses and the next day Mok finally summoned the demon, however the doctor decides to destroy such creature. Will he survive or is Mok's uprising starting?

Villains War (Adrian C)

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Non Disney Villains War

Vs Suzaku Kurungi

Suzaku Kururugi has found where Mok Swagger (the enemy of the emperor Charles zi Britannia) is hiding. When the insane rockstar summons a devil from the abyss of Hell, another villain decides to help Charles zi Britannia's ally...

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Teaming with Maleficent

While Maleficent and her allies(Hades, Jafar,Horned King, Frollo) discuss their defeats against the heroes,Mok Swagger arrives with a proposition for Maleficent.

Vs Mickey Mouse

Mok decide to deal with the only threat that could stop him this war, Mickey Mouse. While he and Mickey duel which is more powerful, a new player arrived and helped Mok to catch the mouse. The stranger is none other than the radio demon himself.

Teaming with Alastor

After helping him to capture Mickey, Mok Swagger decide to team with Alastor for his uprising plan.

All Star Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Non Disney and Cartoon Network Heroes vs Villains War

Smash Bros Lawl Infinite: War in another dimension

Fight for what is his

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Soyuzmultfilm Villains vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Snow Queen

Mok meets the Snow Queen and wants to conclude a joint alliance with her. But the Snow Queen refuses. The unhappy Mok decides to get rid of her and summons a huge demon, but is it enough to defeat the one who has been perfecting her magic for many years?