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Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist of the children's television franchise, The Powerpuff Girls and the girls' biological father, creator and arch-nemesis. Despite being a small monkey, Jojo possesses a genius-level intellect and a knack for robotics. However, this comes at the expense of an insanely large ego and awkward speech pattern. He plays a secondary role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War, but is both a secondary player and major force in the Animal Farm subplot of sonishadow's Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Once simply named Jojo, the mad scientist and would-be conqueror was an ape like any other. However, he had the distinction of being the smallest of his family. Jojo, as a result, had to watch his back. He was often stalked by Kaa the snake, who nearly made a meal of him on numerous occasions, and his fellow ape, Tublat, who made a hobby of bullying Jojo.

One night, Jojo was stolen in the midst of his sleep. A particularly loud, British hunter took him onto his boat, and sold him off to a Circus. Admittedly, Jojo was relieved. He didn't know how much longer he'd last in the Jungle.

While an improvement over the Jungle, Jojo wasn't terribly fond of life in the circus, either. The circus leader, an incredibly vain and greedy man who stole from the Circus goers, humiliated Jojo by dressing him up in silly outfits and making him do demeaning dances. One day, the circus came to New York. A humanitarian, Professor Utonium, felt pity for the ape, and payed the circus master to adopt him.

Utonium brought Jojo home and introduced him to his partner at the time, Doctor Anton Sevarius. Utonium noticed something very odd about Sevarius after he brought Jojo home. While both men usually left the lab for home at the same time, Sevarius, from then on, insisted he would work late, so he would have some 'time alone with Jojo.' Utonium, while suspicious, made the mistake of ultimately trusting his associate. With Utonium gone, Sevarius subjected Mojo to horrific experiments. Countless needles and liquids were ingested by Jojo, all to Sevarius's design.

Utonium walked in on one of these experiments one night, and was shocked to find Jojo's brain protruding from his skull as an effect of one of the many steroids Sevarius forced Jojo to take. The two had a falling out, and began to argue. Scared, and aware he was an abomination, Jojo ran away. Another result of the experiments was granting Jojo super intelligence. He was now a sentient being, and quite easily taught himself English (primarily by watching Utonium's daughters's Japanese movies).

Stranded on the streets of New York, Jojo found some rags in a dumpster to cover himself, after all, a monkey with a massive brain wasn't safe to simply walk the streets of New York. Jojo, while wandering the streets one night, came across a display television, on it, a News Report covering the scientific achievements of the man that made him a monster; Sevarius. Jojo was dumfounded. How does such a monstous man have recognition in the society. It was then that Jojo came to one conclusion; evil was what got one to the top. Nobody would ever get anywhere by being good.

Jojo studied the News Reports. He watched the News Reports covering a number of super villains. From Drakken to Negaduck. From the Huntsclan to the Dark Hand. Jojo dubbed himself 'Mojo Jojo', and with his accelerated intelligence, strived to make a name for himself as a super villain supreme.

Vs Doctor Drakken

Mojo Jojo makes his first appearance in the Disney vs Non Disney Villains War as a rival of Doctor Drakken. Both scientists are considered for a post in David Xanatos's enterprises, but only one can have the job. Though Jojo greatly enhances his size, he is no match for Drakken's improved giant robot. Despite launching a sonic based attack, Jojo is sent flying into a building, which promptly crushes him.

Chang and the Key

Mojo miraculously survives the injury, though it comes at the expense of his massive size. Instead of further pursuing a job with Xanatos, Mojo Jojo learns of a key once owned by Madam Medusa, a former gangster put out of commission by the events of the war. The key supposedly opens a safe full of riches. As Jojo uses a war machine to break into a town hall to obtain the key, he encounters Chang, a dragon desiring the key for her master, the Dark Dragon. As both race to the town hall to get the key, Chang destroys Mojo's war machine using his staff. However, Mojo rides the shockwave of the explosion to get to the key first. As Chang arrives, in dragon form, Jojo gets into a giant monkey mecha. Though Chang's fire proves a minor irritant, Jojo unleashes his mecha's net, trapping Chang and sending her flying across town.

Medusa's Treasure and a New Alliance

Mojo Jojo opens Medusa's secret safe and discovers a treasure trove of crystals called the Anubis Jewels. Little does Mojo know, but these crystals are actually a powerful energy source. Two figures approach Mojo, each seeking to acquire the gems: the Skeleton King and a teenage girl. The girl uses some youthful charm in an attempt to goad Mojo into giving up the gems, but Mojo is more eager to deal with the frightening skeletal warrior. Mojo, however, does not take his eye of the girl and witnesses her transformation into Yzma; the Peruvian ruler and sorceress had been disguising herself as a young girl the entire time. Yzma, not one to lose a prize, resorts to her Plan B Mechanical Attack Squid. The squid attacks ferociously, almost destroying the Anubis casing Jojo uses to protect the jewels. At the last moment, however, Jojo realizes the gems potential. The gems are powerful enough to blast Yzma all the way to Peru. After delighting in his victory, Mojo Jojo joins the Skeleton King's faction.

Going Bananas

After Queen La, the Skeleton King's second-in-command, gives the order, Mojo Jojo creates a monkey army using Chemical X; Vlad Plasmius, mastermind of the plan, observes. Sadly for Mojo, it takes but the four members of the Sorcerer's Society to wipe out the entire army. Jojo leaves the battlefield in disgrace.

The Second Battle of China

Mojo, along with the rest of the Skeleton King's forces, attacks China. There, the monkey encounters Yzma once again. This time, however, Yzma is armed with a deadly potion. Before Mojo can even attack, Yzma throws the potion. The lethal toxins kill Mojo Jojo in seconds.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

He's a Rebel

Mojo Jojo is one of several animals experimented upon by Mok Swagger. Jojo schemes to overthrow Mok and take revenge for the brutal experiments. He thus gathers an alliance of animals - Brain (the inventor), Drake (the muscle), and General Woundwort (the strategist) - to help take Mok down. Unfortunately for him, another group of animals led by Napoleon is actively trying to impede his progress so that they might take control of the animal empire. The two factions thus come to blows.

Jewels, Cars, and Carface

In order to help the animal rebellion, Mojo Jojo decides to steal the Anubial Jewels. Doing so, however, means he must face down Carface, the current owner of the gems. Jojo tries to convince Carface of his right to take the jewels, but Carface only gets angry and punches him in the face. Carface then puts a car into neutral and has it roll at his foe. Mojo Jojo responds by shooting the car with a laser cannon, destroying most of it. Jojo is then able to grab a hubcap from the car and launch it at Carface's assistant, Killer. As Carface struggles to fix the car, Jojo hurls the hubcap at him as well. Jojo then takes the jewels, using their magic to destroy Carface's compound.

The Battle of Animal Farm

Mojo Jojo resolves to take out Napoleon's base at Animal Farm in a one fell swoop attack. When General Woundwort and his allies fail to take out the bulk of Napoleon's armies, Mojo Jojo injects himself with some powerful growth serum. He becomes a giant and begins wreaking havoc; this violence, however, begins destroying the terrain and threatening the lives of his allies. In order to protect himself, Drake smashes Mojo Jojo's toes with a rock. In pain, Mojo Jojo claps his hands together and causes an earthquake that kills both General Woundwort and Drake. Mojo Jojo soon encounters a giant Brain, who has turned traitor against him. The Brain punches Mojo squarely in the chin, launching him into a building that falls atop him. Mojo Jojo gets up and begins chasing his foe, decrying him for his treachery. He climbs up the face of a building in order to reach his foe, but Carface pulls a lever that activates a laser. Hit directly by the blast, Mojo Jojo falls to his death.

Disney vs Anime Villains War

Teaming with Him

In Townsville Mojo Jojo is talking with and old friend, hearing about his plan. Mojo form and alliance and agrees to help with the plan.

Vs Ratigan

Finally the evil monkey scientist has finished a growing machine, Mojo test it with a rat of his laboratory. But that Rat is the Professor Ratigan, impressed by his technology Ratigan attacks Mojo with all his might to defeat him and steal all his technology away from the mad ape. But Mojo has his machine on his hands.

New allies

Mojo finds the Gangreen Gang and wants them to work with him and his master. Hearing who his master is, the Gangreen Gang joins Mojos team.Mojo instructs Fuzzy Lumpkins, to join to his master plan. At first Fuzzy doesn't care but Mojo promises that no one will be at his property changing Fuzzy's mind. Mojo arrives at his laboratory, talking to his master that all is ready to star the plan.


Back at Mojo's lair the Beat-Alls are finally reunited and the one who planned the reunion is none other than Him, the time has come to give new powers to his comrades with new power, the Devil's plan begins.


Prince John need the jewels of Anubis for the man in the robe and sends Fowlfellow and Gideon to get them from him in exchange of a huge bag of golden coins, Foulfellow agrees and runs faster to where the jewels are. Horace and Jasper to arrive at the museum trying to get the jewels by Madame Medusa but Mojo to wants the jewels for his master plan. Who of this guys will get the jewels?

Plotting against Him

Mojo returns to his lair and starts his plan of World Domination with the Boogieman and Drakken (who somehow survived) and to destroy Him for good. But Him's black dust might have overheard all of the conversation.Him knows what Mojo is up to and decides to pay him a little visit. In Townsville Mojo has decided to conquer it first and then the world, but now that Him knows what he possess the demon will not allow Mojo to live any longer.Mojo goes to the Forbidden Mountains to give to Him's arch foe the weapon that could be the key for Him's downfall.

Vs Second Dr.Doofersmith

Cruella is infuriated that Heinz has failed one time too many and decides to give him one last chance of he fails, he will be out of the picture. Looking for help Heinz goes with his brother for help and calls for Perry the Platyborg for this little assignment, now the arch foes must work together in order to beat the leader of the Beat-Alls: Mojo Jojo.

Vs Bill Sykes

Mojo might have lose his army but his still has the chemical X, his uses the chemical to grow into monster size to have Townsville back. But Sykes releases the ultimate invention that Drakken and Heinz were working for the past months, a giant robot. Will Mojo and his new powers be enough to destroy this crazy robot, or is the robots power beyond the Chemical X?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Teaming with Arbutus and Demona

Having a goal in mind, Demona and Arbutus are approached by a veteran of the first War who seeks to join in their quest of Wiping out humanity along with his new master.

Making a ritual

Mojo and his allies release Pharaoh Man from his slumber, while Demona and Arbutus patience seems to be going down, Mojo reveals that the time to obliterate the human race is nigh.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Ice King

Mojo Jojo, tired of his constant defeats in Townsville, began searching for other lands to conquer. One that caught his eye was the Ice Kingdom. Thinking it would be easy to conquer, Mojo Jojo travelled there, but found himself confronted by the kingdom’s ruler, the Ice King. Angered by the ape’s intrusion, the King demanded that he leave. Mojo, however, laughed off his threats and mocked the King. The King then revealed his ice magic, creating an army of snow creatures and sending them to attack the invader. Mojo, however, merely blasted the creatures down with a laser cannon. Mojo then turned his attention to the King, attempting to shoot him with the laser. However, the Ice King managed to dodge and block the attacks with an ice shield, much to Mojo’s frustration. The King then retaliated, stunning the ape with an icy blast. However, as the Ice King prepared to finish him off, Mojo revealed a hidden pistol and shot the King, knocking him unconscious. With the Ice King defeated, Mojo Jojo gleefully laid claim to the Ice Kingdom.

Vs Pinky and Brain

Back in the Ice Kingdom, Mojo Jojo sought to create an army of intelligent animals with which to win the war. With this goal in mind, Mojo began experimenting on a pair of lab mice, granting them increased intelligence. However, the more intelligent of the two, dubbed 'the Brain’, refused to serve Mojo, having plans of his own. Together with his partner, Pinky, Brain escaped from his cage, much to Mojo's shock and fury. Brain then commandeered one of Mojo's laser cannons, blasting Mojo and knocking him into the lair's arsenal. However, as Brain celebrated his 'victory’, Mojo Jojo emerged, armed to the teeth. Mojo attacked Pinky and Brain, blasting them repeatedly. The two mice were forced to make a quick retreat, escaping the lab, while Mojo Jojo seethed in anger.

Teaming with Shego

Shego, realizing that the recent attempt on her life would most likely not be the last, decided to seek out a powerful ally in hopes of surviving the war. Hearing that Mojo Jojo was building up an army, she traveled to the Ice Kingdom and offered him a partnership, which Mojo gladly accepted.

Vs Mandark

A new evil genius named Mandark decided to mkae his entrance into the war. However, in his attempt to establish his dominance, he ended up stealing the spotlight away from Mojo Jojo, much to the ape's frustration. On Shego's advice, Mojo decided to show the other players in the war that he was not to be trifled with, by personally eliminating his rival. With this goal in mind, Mojo broke into Mandark's lab to take him out. Although Mojo attempted to make a dramatic entrance, Mandark didn't take him seriously at first. Angered, Mojo attacked Mandark, easily overpowering him in physical combat. Mandark called on his robot minions for help, only for Mojo to blast them apart with his laser cannons. However, this was only meant to distract Mojo, as while he was occupied with the robots, Mandark manged to activate his giant robot. Mojo, however, got into his own giant robot, and the two clashed. Although Mandark's more strategic attacks initially managed to do some damage, the sheer firepower of Mojo's robot quickly overpowered him, destroying Mandark's robot. With his enemy defeated, Mojo proceeded to torch Mandark's lab. As Mandark desperately tried to save his life's work, Mojo departed, leaving his enemy to die in the exploding lab.

Making his army

Mojo Jojo has been continuing his experiments to create intelligent animal super-soldiers. Discovering that the only missing ingredient is Chemical X, Mojo sends Shego to retrieve the last of it from a businessman named Dick Hardly.Using the Chemical X retrieved by Shego, Mojo Jojo creates an army of mutated apes. With their army finally assembled, Mojo and Shego prepare to advance in the war.

Vs Destro

Wanting revenge for Dr. Drakken's defeat, Shego pressures Mojo Jojo into retaliating against Cobra by launching an attack on Cobra Island. Meanwhile, the Commander departs to see to some business with Skeletor's faction, leaving the island under the protection of Destro. Shortly afterward, Mojo arrives with his army of apes, quickly overrunning Major Bludd and his troops as they attempt a defense. Meanwhile, backed by his massive ape army, Mojo Jojo is finally able to conquer his old home, Townsville, as he and Shego, planning to dominate the entire world, begin moving into Shredder's territory.

Vs Shredder Forces

In light of Mojo Jojo's recent breaching of Shredder's territory, Shredder holds negotiations with Mojo, with Negaduck accompanying him as his bodyguard. At the meeting, Shredder offers Mojo a place in his faction, in exchange for the immediate withdrawal of his army from Shredder's lands. However, Mojo, not willing to become a mere lackey to Shredder, refuses the offer, and insults Negaduck when the mallard tries to intimidate him. Deciding that he has allowed Mojo Jojo's threat to exist for long enough, Shredder begins mobilizing his forces for an attack.

Shredder decides that the time has come to eliminate Mojo Jojo once and for all. Gathering the members of his faction, Shredder launches an all-out assault on Mojo’s headquarters. Mojo, however, is well-prepared, and mobilizes his army of apes to repel them. The two armies clash, but only one can emerge as the victor...

Vs Negaduck

While Demona is keeping Shego occupied, Negaduck takes the opportunity to break into Mojo’s laboratory, where he confronts Mojo Jojo himself. However, Mojo isn’t willing to go down without a fight, and injects the remaining Chemical X into himself, mutating himself into a monstrous giant. In his new form, Mojo begins laying waste to Shredder's forces. However, Negaduck still has a score to settle with the ape supervillain, and isn’t going to give up so easily...

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs Darkwing Duck

Elsewhere in the museum, the chimpanzee mastermind Mojo Jojo infiltrated the building to steal the enchanted Head of Anubis, as well as the jewels that powered it, to use in his own schemes. As soon as he made to leave with his prizes, however, he was confronted by the costumed vigilante Darkwing Duck. At first exchanging elaborate monologues with his opponent, Jojo used the magic from the Anubial Jewels to stagger Darkwing. Managing to recover from the barrage, Darkwing pulled a gun and returned fire. Fed up by his interference, Jojo knocked down an art piece on the vigilante. While Darkwing Duck recovered, Jojo retreated with the Jewels, leaving the superhero to chase after him.

Teaming with Ratigan

Ratigan offers Mojo Jojo a proposition to work alongside Cat R Waul's Faction.Mojo Jojo accepts Ratigan's offer and joins Cat R. Waul's Faction. But they will need more allies if they plan to rebuild their empire.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Teaming with Dr.Blowhole

Doctor Blowhole calls upon some more henchmen into his alliance hoping to use them for world domination: Mojo Jojo and Monkey Fist.

Vs Tracey

Wanting to know how powerful he is in Doctor Blowhole's faction, Mojo Jojo decides to take out a Pokemon trainer who has lost many times. But Tracey seems to have the upperhand this time.


Dr. Blowhole's newest creation to create world domination is finished and it's...a giant MP3 robot? Do T.R. Chula, Mojo Jojo, and Monkey Fist think it's a good idea?

Vs Pikachu Forces

Pikachu has been shocked by the supposed death of his friend, Ash Ketchum and decides to be in charge of his throne in France. But problems are just getting worse when Dr. Blowhole arrives with Mojo Jojo, Monkey Fist, and T.R. Chula. But with the assistance of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Piplup, can he beat these naughty animal forces?

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Vs Dawn

Dawn has had enough suffering from her defeats and decides to encounter Doctor Blowhole's headquarters to prove herself. But Mojo Jojo and Monkey Fist stumble across her and both decide to fight. But with her Piplup, Dawn has the opportunity to make the two stop monkeying around.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Frollo

To take revenge on the Alius Academy, Frollo summons Dr Eggman and Mojo Jojo to hunt down Xene, Torch, Gazelle and their followers. The two evil genes accept only if they are attacked by the Alius.

Vs Janus

Mojo Jojo ambushed his observatory at the Gemini Storm, the first team of the Alius Academy led by Janus. Mojo Jojo, by order of Frollo, must capture all the members of the Alius. Will he be able to capture Janus and his team of him?

Teaming with Dr.Doofersmith

Frollo was disappointed with Mojo Jojo's failure to capture the Gemini Storm. Then Dr Eggman proposes to summon a new ally in the group: Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz. So Mojo Jojo, Doofenshmirtz and Eggman vow to join forces to stop Alius Academy and then take over the world.


Determined more than ever to take revenge on the Gemini Storm for the humiliation suffered, Mojo Jojo invites Janus and his followers to his house to defeat them and then deliver them to Frollo. Will Mojo be able to humiliate the Gemini Storm this time?

Preparing for the final battle

As Frollo and the alliance of scientists try to obtain information from the Gemini Storm on where the other members of the Alius Academy may be, a bitter surprise awaits them. The Epsilon led by Dvalin, takes Mojo Jojo, Dr. Eggman, Doofenshmirtz and Frollo by surprise and exiles the Gemini Storm for being defeated by them. The group will have to prepare for the Epsilon attack.

Avenging Frollo

Eggman crying informs Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo that Frollo has been killed and to avenge him they will have to eliminate the last members of the Alius Academy: the Diamond Dust, the Prominence and the Genesis. Mojo Jojo and Doofenshmirtz prepare for that moment. But Dr Eggman.

Vs Xene Forces

This battle will be important for Xene and Genesis because if their alliance with Zurg, Marvin the Martian and the Martian Queen wins against that of the scientists led by Eggman, the Alius Academy will have dominion over the entire Earth. During the battle there will be a sudden twist. What will it be?

His Alliance

After being betrayed by Dr Eggman, Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo reunite with Team Rocket. The latter were defeated by Professor Ratigan and Sally Ratmousen. Touched by the affair Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo invite Team Rocket to join their alliance.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Meeting Hun

Doofenshmirtz informs Mojo Jojo that Team Rocket has betrayed their alliance and they are back with Peter and Sam. Just then Hun appears, who has been sent by Utrom Shredder to convince the two evil scientists to join them in thwarting Dr Eggman and Xene's plans for domination. Doofenshmirtz and Mojo Jojo accept the proposal and follow Hun.

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Sally Stageplay

Having recently conquered Townsville, Mojo Jojo prepares a wedding with his new spouse named Sally Stageplay, however, she attacks him so she can have the city for herself as a new mayor. However, the monkey scientist surely isn't one to be underestimated...

Teaming with Lelouch

Mojo Jojo starts his attack on the Cuphead Bosses by sending out the Gangreen Gang to deal with the Root Pack. Meanwhile, Fuzzy Lumpkins informs Mojo Jojo that the same monster that attacked some cities has murdered the Gangreen Gang the same way he did to all the citizens from all the world. However, Lelouch emerges and forges an alliance with Mojo Jojo and Fuzzy so they could surely beat the Cuphead Bosses and Cell once and for all. The remaining criminals accept in order to avenge their fallen teammates.Mojo Jojo informs Lelouch that Cell has absorbed Android 17 and now he's after Android 18. On the other hand, the emperor of Britannia summons his right hand man Suzaku Kururugi to take down Cell, much to Fuzzy Lumpkins' joy.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

His faction

Mojo Jojo decide to join in war by teaming with Shego and Professor Zundapp.

Vs Napoleon

Mojo Jojo decide to test Professor Z to deal with Napoleon. They arrived at the farm to negotiate. During their talk, Grem and Acer use EMP to control the animals to kill Napoleon. What will Napoleon do about that?

Vs Syndrome Forces

After hiring Professor Pericles and Professor Poopeypants, Mojo Jojo decide to take them and his newest army, to conquer Syndrome's Island, for having enough technology for his plans. However, Syndrome spotted them and send his backup forces to rid of Mojo's Army. Which side will be victorious?

Non Disney Villains War

His faction

Mojo Jojo recruits the Dalton Brothers (Joe, Jack, William and Avarell), the journalist Sally Ratmousen and Dolf to take out Yosemite Sam's alliance.

Vs The Dazzlings

In order to defeat Yosemite Sam, Mojo Jojo steals the Anubal Jewels and decides to go and defeat the shooter. But he encounters the Dazzlings (Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk), who want him out of Yosemite Sam's way. The three girls might be smart, but the monkey criminal is more prepared...

New allies

After the Dazzlings' defeat, Mojo Jojo and his alliance recruit other 2 allies. The allies? Diane Simmons and Ernie the Chicken.After the defeat of the Dalton Brothers at the hands of Yosemite Sam, Mojo Jojo and his alliance decide to plot a new plan to take out Yosemite Sam, Cat R Waul and Claudandus' alliance. However, they meet the RowdyRuff Boys, who are willing to help their father (Mojo Jojo) in taking out the shooter and his alliance. The criminal mastermind welcomes his sons into his alliance.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament

TV Villains Tournament Remake

All Star Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War