Miss Go is the ancector of the notorius character, Shego, and the cooperate partner of Bartholomew Lipsky, who is also an ancector of Dr. Drakken. She appears in the episode, "Rewriting History", from the series, "Kim Possible", and also in the prequel of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War, that explains the origins of the tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Pre-War: Losing a Machine

Hired by Sykes, Miss Go and Bartholomew Lipsky are sent to steal a machine, appropriate for Syke's evil plans. However, they soon discover, that the machine is currently at the possession of Mayor Valmont and his evil henchmen. While at first, Miss Go, manages to capture the device, and also make her way, along with Bartholomew, to a ferris wheel, she still needs to take out the corrupt Mayor, who at the time have chased down the duo. Even more, one of Valmont's henchmen holds her with a lasso. Miss Go then uses the powers of the device to melt Valmont's weapon and knock out one of Valmont's henchmen. However, she lost the machine, when another henchmen of Valmont uses his enchanted hat, that it's powers, cause to drop the machine from Miss Go's hands. Not wanting to risk anything else, Miss Go escapes through a hot air baloon, along with her partner, despite Bartholomew's protests to return and steal the machine.

Pressumed Fate

Both Miss Go and Bartholomew Lipsky are not featured in the rest events of the prequel. It is may assumed, though, that they were dismissed by their corporate master, Sykes, and, presumably, perished prior to the events of the first war, resulting in the career beginning of her descedant, Shego.

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