Miranda is a shape-shift witch from the W.I.T.C.H. television series. While she appears mostly like a little girl, her true form is a some-what spider form. Miranda is a member of the Knights of Vengeance and a major player in the third Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Escape From Prison

During the events of the third war, Miranda was locked in a cell by orders of the new sultan, Jafar, and was under watched by Jafar's loyal guard, Razoul. She attempted to ask her freedom in a very scared ocassion, only to discover by her master, Prince Phobos, that her act was not worthy, since all of Agrabah's citizens knew that she was a shape-shift monster. Until the dark sorceress, Nerissa frees from her cell for her dark purposes, while she used her powers to mind-control Razoul and his guards. After she got released, Phobos ordered Miranda to free him from his prison, only to his horror that she abandoned him.

Joining Powerful Factions

After Nerissa gathered many creatures to her dark base, including Frost, the Tracker, Sandman, Gargoyle, Raythor and Miranda, she announced the rightful places of all of the members and in order to defeat Jafar, since he was the one to put them in danger, she forms the dark group known as the Knights of Vengeance. Later, the society ally with the Horned King, so that both would strike against their new threat, Jafar.

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