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The Military of the National Crows Party is the main force of the titular faction, formed by Dolf. The Military, originally, appears from the television series, Alfred J. Kwak. Even though, the Military has a minor role, to appear in the original series, it is featured in it's great majority in the fanfiction villains tournaments.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Re-Builting the Animal Farm

After Napoleon's fall, Dolf proclaims himself as the leader of the Animal Farm and advances in into a more dictatorial society. He, thus, establishes a new army, in which he would lead it to his next victories. When Zero and his Knightmare Frames intercept Zero's office, the masked figure demand the surrender of the Animal Farm's territories to him. Having learned of his previous battles, Dolf refuses. Zero then responds codly, by blasting a part of Folf's laboratories, while Dolf and the Military look on, killing Pinky in the process.

Marching through America

Later, Dolf makes his next move, by deposing off America's current leader, Cobra Commander. He, thus, brings his army to the doortsteps of Cobra Commander's office, where they are greeted by the population.

Eliminating Traitors

However, Rupee, a turkey judge in the highest nobility, fearing of Dolf's surpremancy, calls the Animal Farm's remain members, Cat R. Waul and Brain, for a council meeting. Despite his efforts, Rupee didn't manage to appeal the cat's thought, as Waul has different plans for the Anima Farm. Hoping that he would silence the turkey judge, Waul orders several troops, under the command of a high ranking general, who has a close affiliation with Dolf, to capture him, successfully and bring him to Dolf's prison cell.

However, Rupee was not the only one, who had second thoughts about Dolf's supremancy. A new tradition reveals himself, in the form of Blackwolf, one of Dolf's newest allies, as the mutant leader launches a full attack in New York. A soldier of the Animal Farm then delivers to Dolf a letter of Blackwolf's contract. The details: he brings forth his mutant army into the city, hoping that it would sweep out both leaders for his own benefit. Despite Blackwolf's efforts, Dolf's allies manage to take out Blackwolf and force the rest of the mutant army to surrender to the Animal Farm.

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