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The Military of Amestris, else known as the State Military, is the military unit of the Amestrian empire, and also a significant force in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. Though, they serve the ruler of Amestris, called Fuehrer, they sometimes help the Elric Brothers on their investigation to uncover the history of the know world. The Military of Amestris plays a supportive role in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Followers of the French Law

During the events of the third war, King Bradley, the leader of the Amestrian empire, and the Military of Amestris join the alliance of Frollo, in the revolution against demons and dangerous criminals. The Military interracts once in a battle, as they arrest Frollo's newest prisoner, Barry, and bring him to the Palace of Justice. They, yet, make another appearance in this war.

Part of Lady Tremaine's Army

The archive footage of the soldiers' demise, cut by Lust's lethal fingers, is used for the death scenes of Lady Tremaine's guards, by the same Homunculus.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Though, several subordinates, including Maria Ross and Basque Grand, appear in this tournament, they are in fact the disguised identities of the Homunculus, Envy, who takes the form of these people, in order to trick others, the Military seldom becomes involved in the war. Yet, the Military does appears on several occasions.

Dead Employed Soldiers

Before the events of the war, the skilled alchemist, Shou Tucker hires a group of Military soldiers, as the security force of his mansion. Yet, in the present time, Mok, a former apprentice of Tucker, who takes a lot to Tucker himself, kills the soldiers, before he would break into Tucker's house and deal with him personally.

Expansion of the Empires

The Military, later, appears, when Charles zi Britannia, pushes his gambit to rule the world, combining the empire of Amestris, ruled by King Bradley, with his own empire, the Holy Britannia Empire, while the Amestrian soldiers pledge their allegiance to the Britannia Emperor. In the later events, the Military appears in the meeting of King Bradley with Hou-Ting, though the Earth Queen leaves the meeting, after refusing to Bradley's proposal to join the Amestrian empire.

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