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Miguel is Tulio's best friend and one of the main protagonists of the Dreamworks animated movie The Road to El Dorado. Despite being a unrepentant conman and petty criminal, Miguel is an outgoing and optimistic character, who dreams of a better place where he would spend his rest of his life with his partner. After acquiring a map that guided the two Spaniards to the legendary Golden City of El Dorado, Miguel thought he had found the place of his dreams, only to be threatened by various forces of evil, including the El Doradan high priest Tzekel Kan and the Spanish conquistador Cortez. Miguel was forced to give up his dreams in order to protect the innocent citizens of the Golden City from these villains. He appears as one of the heroes who participate in Heroes vs. Villains War, even though he still lacks the experience to fight the more powerful foes.

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