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Metal Sonic in the anime

Metal Sonic is a major antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. A robotic copy of Sonic designed by Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic has elements of an adaptoid as well as that of a Sonic clone. Metal Sonic is a secondary player in the Video Game Villains War.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Taking the Technodrome

Dr. Robotnik captures and roboticizes the actual Sonic the Hedgehog to create this incarnation of Metal Sonic. During the battle in which Robotnik tries to seize the Technodrome, Snively controls Metal Sonic from afar and uses him to fight the Shredder's Foot Clan robots. Metal Sonic even takes down Bebop, one of the Shredder's top lieutenants.

Under Control

Mok Swagger, however, has been observing the events within Robotnik's faction. He seizes control of the Technodrome's computer system and hacks into Metal Sonic's mainframe using Infermon.

Vs Flogg

Metal Sonic in the universe CGI

Video Game Villains War

Called Into Battle

After a tremendous failure in fighting the monster, Tabuu, Dr. Eggman calls in Metal Sonic to defeat the monster for him. Metal Sonic smashes through Tabuu's wings, ultimately charging right through the villain and destroying him. However, the impact of the blow weakens the integrity of Metal Sonic's control frame cause it to become Neo Metal Sonic.

A Cruel Trick

Metal Sonic disguises himself as Dr. Eggman and approaches Ganondorf with a proposition: he will destroy the massive Commander Spog in order to weaken the alliance of Dr. Nefarious. "Eggman" then proceeds to Spog's lair in the Egg Dragoon to take the giant robot out. He launches a massive drill at Spog, weakening his foe. However, Spog severely damages the Dragoon, pummelling it with heated weights and grenades. As the Dragoon falls to the ground, malfunctioning, "Eggman" finally forces Spog to the ground with one blast of laser fire. With Spog defeated, Metal Sonic reveals his true form and copies Spog's data.

New Friends

After the real Dr. Eggman defeats Dr. Nefarious, Metal Sonic steps into Nefarious's place, making quick friends with Nefarious's AI assistant, GLaDOS. The two unleashDonkey Kong from his trophy; in addition, they engineer an army of evil Kongs to assist them in their villainous purposes. For more information, see here.

The Robotic Takeover

Metal Sonic makes his move in the middle of a meeting of Ganondorf and his allies. Summoning his chief robotic lieutenants - GlaDOS, Sigma, Lumine, and Courtney Gears - Metal Sonic hacks into the systems of the R.O.B. guards and begins wreaking havoc. When Ganondorf tries to oppose him, Metal Sonic activates a portal of dark magic energy. Ganondorf, caught in the way, is blown to smithereens. As Eggman and the rest of Ganondorf's allies flee, Metal Sonic cackles with robotic glee.

Disney vs Anime Villains War

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Vs The Winged Beast

After Cortex told Eggman about his encounter with the Winged Beast, Eggman decided to send Metal Sonic to destroy the Winged Beast. Eggman and Cortex also watched the fight, just in case Metal Sonic needed a helping hand. The Winged Beats proceeded to beat Metal Sonic around when he confronted it, picking Metal Sonic up, throwing him and smacking him around. However, Eggman and Cortex gave Metal Sonic a power boost which enabled the machine to blast through the Winged Beast.

Into the portal

Once Cortex gets the crystal, he puts into his machine to open a portal to the other dimension and send Metal Sonic there to study the world before they go themselves.

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