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Meta Knight is an anti-heroic character in the Kirby video game franchise. Actually a blue Kirby under his mask, Meta Knight is a highly proficient swordsman and military commander. Abiding by a strict code of honor, Meta Knight is among the more admirable video game villains in the medium's history. He is a secondary player in Animated vs Video Game Villains War and Video Game Villains War. He is also Kirby's arch-rival as well as one of his best friends.

Meta Knight in the Animated Universe

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villinas War

Video Game Villains War

Releasing the Alliance

Meta Knight is called in to put a stop to a Squeak insurrection in Dreamland, still trapped in the 2nd Dimension.

By this time, the Squeaks, led by Daroach, have wounded King Dedede and seized the throne room. As Meta Knight arrives, King Dedede uses a fallen Kirby as a projectile to take out most of the Squeaks. Daroach remains alive, however, taking Meta Knight head on. While Meta Knight avoids the mouse's magic, a trick bomb shatters Meta Knight's mask. Meta Knight is ready, however, and sets up a fake chest for Daroach to open. As the Squeak claims his prize, several demons pour from the chest, including Magolor, Nightmare, Marx Soul, Dark Mind, 02, and Dark Nebula. For his part, Dark Nebula possesses Daroach, durning the Squeak into a demonic slave. As a reward for his service, Magolor teleports Meta Knight into the third dimension.

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