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Shapeshifting Sorceress

Messina is a shapeshifting sorceress and the wife of the terrorist leader, El Supremo. She is the main villain of the British animated film Freddie as F.R.O.7

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Battle with Ursula

After Ursula stole King Triton's Trident and gained control of the sea, Messina took notice. Wanting the power for her husband El Supremo, Messina transformed into her snake form and jumped into the ocean. Upon confronting her, Ursula used the Trident's power to grow to a massive size. In order to combat Messina, Ursula summoned a giant whirlpool. However, due to Messina's tampering, the whirlpool became out of control. As a result, the whirlpool's force picked up a nearby ship and threw it at Ursula, impaling her in the gut. The Trident was lost in the battle, leaving it to be claimed by Ursula's sister Morgana.

Shapeshifter's Duel

Messina later learned of another shapeshifter named Mad Madam Mim. Not wanting another potential threat to her husband's plans, Messina decided to take out the sorceress. As the two did battle inside Mim's cottage, Messina transformed into a bat, a hyena, and finally, her snake form. Eventually, the fight moved outside, and Mim transformed into a powerful dragon. Unfazed, Messina proceeded to use her magic to summon a virus, infecting Mim and removing her from participating further in the war.

Invasion of Britain

Messina eventually returned to El Supremo's hidden base, where she reunited with her lover. Although Messina failed to acquire the Trident, the evil couple decided to proceed with their ultimate plan: the conquest of Britain. Despite Messina not participating in the battle, El Supremo managed to defeat England's king Pete in a sword-fight, forcing him to flee the country. With Pete gone, El Supremo and Messina declared themselves the new rulers of the nation. After this rousing victory, Messina and El Supremo were confronted by Rothbart, who offered them a position as members of Ruber's Alliance. Hoping to acquire even more territory, Messina and El Supremo both agreed to the alliance. They were later seen at a meeting of Ruber's forces, where they discuss plans for an attack on Paris.

The Battle of France

Messina later participated in Ruber's attack on Paris. During the ensuing mayhem, Messina was confronted by Ratcliffe, who ordered his men to attack her. However, Messina used her mind-control abilities to take control of Ratcliffe's soldiers, causing them to turn on him. Although Messina survived the battle, El Supremo was killed when his ship was shot down by Helga Sinclair. Distraught, Messina left Paris, hoping to retrieve the Trident so she could resurrect her lover.


Messina, now more determined then ever to get the Trident, slithered into the sea, where Morgana and a newly-resurrected Ursula were preparing to do battle. Annoyed, Morgana sent her minion Undertow to deal with Messina. However, Messina managed to avoid the shark, who ended up smashing his head on a nearby rock. Messina then attempted to create another whirlpool, which she successfully used to knock the Trident from Morgana's hands. Unfortunately for her, Ursula caught the Trident and proceeded to freeze Morgana. Turning her attention to Messina, Ursula sent Flotsem and Jetsam to attack her, but Messina made quick work of the eels by electrocuting them. Infuriated, Ursula once again transformed into a giant, bringing an eerily similarity to the two's first battle. However, this time, Ursula managed to kill Messina by hitting her with a blast from the trident. With both Messina and El Supremo now dead, Ratcliffe proceeded to take over Messina's former kingdom of England.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Dealings in Limbo

After the death of El Supremo earlier in the war, Messina travels to Limbo. There, she offers Rasputin his reliquary, returning him to the world of the living. The two form an alliance and summon the demon, Hexxus, to join their forces. With Hexxus's magic, Messina is able to teleport Rasputin into the live-action realm.

New Leaders and Defeat

With Rasputin gone, Messina joins forces with Saruman, who is seeking the One Ring of power. She prepares to sacrifice Evil Lyn, a warrior who fell before Rasputin, to a monster, but Skeletor, Evil Lyn's mentor, arrives to free her. Once again in control of her magic, Evil Lyn kills Messina with two blasts of magic.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Teaming with Rasputin

El Supremo's Wife Messina appeared in Limbo, giving Rasputin his reliquary back, forging a deadly alliance.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Along with her consort El Supremo, Messina led an assault on Atlantis, hoping to take the city's resources for their own goals. While Supremo's submarine fleet bombarded the city, killing many civilians, Messina left the command sub to take on a platoon of Atlantean soldiers sent to stop them. Immune to the soldiers' weapons, Messina used her sorcery to summon a whirlpool, decimating the Atlanteans' ranks.

At some point in time, El Supremo and Messina are joined by Mad Mod, who allies with the British mastermind, in hopes that he would see the British Supremancy come to pass.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Snake vs. Rodent

On orders of her new employer, Messina, alongside with her husband El Supremo, steal the Buckingham Palace, catching the attention of the heroes Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse. As the heroes storm inside Supremo's warship and engaged the commander into a sword duel, Messina, while in snake form, sneaks in and captures Minnie in her coils, distracting Mickey long enough for Supremo to knock him and his friends out of the building. With their foes defeated, Supremo and Messina head back to their employer.

Challenging the Regals

After learning of her newphew's, Prince Frederic, association with the mermaid Ariel, Messina sets forward to meet them, determined to kill her nephew and her friends in one fell-swoop. She eventually finds them and pursues after them, only to run directly into Ariel's father King Triton, ruler of the seas. Though the king manages to stun the sorceress with a blast of his Trident, Messina recovers and strikes back, turning Triton into a helpless polyp as Ariel and her friends look on. Though she is forced to retreat, she is confident on the damage she caused to Ariel's family.

Servitor of Queen Grimhilde

Soon enough, the employer is revealed to be the wicked Queen Grimhilde, who announches her goal to rid of the hero resistance on her own. As more villains join her faction, Grimhilde reveal to her cohorts that they needed a ruby sunstone to free a warrior from his imprisonment, a task Ursula and Morgana thrived in success, The faction looks on, as Ogthar is brought before Grimhilde's court.

Later, Messina attends Sinbad's gladitorial battle with the centaur Nessus, having been captured by Ursula in the earlier events. Unfortunately, Sinbad's friends and companions storm inside the building, leaving no choice but to fight back; Messina, in particular, re-encountered Ariel, threatening to kill her as she did in her previous encounter. She takes the form of a bat to scare off an interfering Tiana and Naveen. The sorceress then transformed into a hyena to attack Ariel, who evaded Messina's charge, leaving her to bite the leg off a table instead, accidentally crushing herself underneath. Messina and the others then look on as Sinbad is freed from his imprisonment, leaving them to plot a new avenue for their defeat.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

Meeting Maleficent and Mok

At the same time Mok reveals his allies, much to Maleficent surprise. Mok's supercomputer also reveals who can help them with their plans much to Maleficent and Mok's joy.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War