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Merlin is a powerful but benevolent wizard who leads the heroes of the world against Maleficent and her minions in Disney Heroes vs. Villains. Despite his magical talents, he is more than willing to delegate important missions to heroes like Hercules, Aladdin, and Mickey Mouse.

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Sometimes, heroes can come from the most unlikely places... even from the greatest of evils.

Merlin's mother was a nun who was kidnapped by cultists serving the Black God Chernabog, who meant for her to be a sacrifice to Chernabog during his festival on Walpurgis Night. Brought before the powerful demon on the slopes of Bald Mountain, the unfortunate nun was impregnated by Chernabog's dark powers, but escaped when the hymns and prayers of a nearby procession of monks forced Chernabog into dormancy and broke up the cult.

Carrying the child to term, the nun gave up the child to an orphanage shortly after his birth, taking her life soon after, having been driven mad by her terrible experience. Though raised among humans, the boy named Merlin soon demonstrated tremendous magical potential that caught the attention of the great sorcerer Yen Sid. Taking Merlin under his tutelage, Yen Sid taught the youth how to harness his powers for the good of the world.

Upon his graduation from his apprenticeship, Merlin was drawn into Hell by his father, who revealed the secrets behind Merlin's birth and offered his son a place at his side if he would help him in his plans to cover the world in darkness. Merlin was appalled at both Chernabog's evil nature and the rape of his mother, and rejected Chernabog's offer. Enraged, Chernabog cursed Merlin, giving him immortality but denying him eternal youth. Merlin would continue to age normally until he was an old man, at which point he would spend eternity with the rigors of old age. Ever since, Merlin has been very sensitive when the topic of his age is brought up.

Cast into the distant past by one of Chernabog's spells, Merlin began the task of organizing resistance to Chernabog's evil. As the centuries passed, Merlin guided heroes in defeating Chernabog's pawns, including the evil fairy Maleficent. It was Merlin who instructed the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to attend the christening of the princess Aurora, knowing it would set in motion the events that would lead to Maleficent's death at the hands of Prince Philip. He also took on the young Arthur as his apprentice, knowing Arthur's destiny as one of the greatest heroes to ever live. He even directed the events that would lead to his own birth, directing the monks to the area near Bald Mountain where their presence allowed his mother to escape from Chernabog's clutches.

Not even Merlin, however, could foresee Maleficent's return from the dead. Now, with Maleficent seeking to grant Chernabog mastery over the mortal world, Merlin's knowledge of his father's methods may be the world's best hope for survival.

Meeting Donald and Goofy

Summoned to England by the benevolent wizard Merlin, Mickey Mouse's best friends Donald Duck and Goofy were informed that Mickey had been captured by Maleficent after her battle with Yen Sid. Determined to rescue their compatriot, Donald and Goofy agreed to set out for Forbidden Mountain and force Maleficent to release her prisoner. Encouraged by the duo's loyalty to their friend, Merlin had his ally, the Fairy Godmother, conjure up a pumpkin carriage for them to travel in.

Saving Ariel

In the seas on the coast of England, Ariel was at last cornered by the eels that had been hunting her since Triton's fall. Just as it seemed they would kill her, the eels were bound by a bolt of magic and Ariel was made human, allowing her to escape to shore. There, she was met by Merlin, who had rescued her, and the wizard introduced Ariel to his allies, the Fairy Godmother, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and Prince Philip, the legendary hero who had first slain Maleficent and whom Merlin saw as the best hope they had of ending the evil fairy's threat.

Discuss his attack plan

Back at Merlin's cottage, the wizard and the heroes he had assembled discussed their battle plans against Maleficent. However, Ariel was still deeply troubled by being separated from her father and having to leave Flounder and Sebastian to fend for themselves in the sea. The Fairy Godmother comforted her as Merlin and the three good fairies told her it was only a matter of time until Maleficent fell and Triton was restored. However, that time would prove to be long in coming.

Vs Maleficent's Forces

As the group was tending to Ariel, Diablo suddenly flew in, heralding the arrival of Maleficent and her allies, the Horned King, the Inca sorceress Yzma, Bill Sykes, and Lady Tremaine. The fairies told Ariel to hide as they and Merlin confronted Maleficent's group. Merlin prepared to confront Maleficent, but she had laid a cruel trap for him: telling Merlin that she had turned his protege Arthur into a squirrel, she gave him the choice of either facing her or rescuing Arthur, who was being threatened by a wolf. Confident the others could stand against Maleficent without his help, Merlin disappeared to save Arthur.As Prince Phillip was finally bound, Merlin's owl Archimedes left to warn his master. Rejoicing at capturing her mortal enemy, Maleficent and her group departed, not noticing Ariel watching in horror from her hiding place.

Freeing Genie

Meanwhile, Merlin returned to his cottage, having rescued Arthur from the wolf, only to find the place in shambles and Ariel the only one unharmed. As Merlin stewed over their losses, Archimedes noticed Genie's crystal had somehow made its way into the cottage. Merlin destroyed the crystal and released the Genie, to Arthur's surprise, and the benevolent spirit agreed to help Merlin in his fight with Maleficent.

Vs Hades and Jafar

Foreseeing the threat posed to him by Hades and Jafar, Merlin prepared to confront them. The Genie, Arthur, and Ariel were prepared to aid him, but Merlin refused, reminding them that they were all still targets for Maleficent and telling them to stay hidden. Reluctantly, they followed his orders.At Merlin's cottage, the Genie, Arthur, and Ariel pondered their next move since Merlin had refused their aid. However, Archimedes said that he was also concerned about Merlin and decided to take one of them with him to check on Merlin. Arthur was chosen, but since he still had to stay hidden, the Genie transformed the boy into a sparrow. Arthur and Archimedes flew off, catching up to Merlin as he confronted Hades and Jafar at an old ruin. Hades tossed a large barbell at Merlin, but the wily sorcerer teleported out of the way, blasting Hades with a bolt of ice that froze the lord of the dead. Jafar fired a blast of his own, causing Merlin's beard to grow out of control, covering his face. As Hades broke free, Merlin transformed into a goat to ram him, but Hades forced him back with a storm of fire. Merlin transformed into a mouse to escape underground, but Hades shot a bolt of fire into the hole and forced him back to the surface. Seizing his chance, Jafar imprisoned Merlin in a lamp. Enraged, Arthur tried to attack the villains, but Archimedes held him back, warning him not to make any hasty decisions.


Naveen grabbed it with his tongue and rubbed it, releasing Merlin, who had been trapped ever since the battle with Hades and Jafar. Eager for revenge, Merlin transformed one of the Witches into a squirrel before teleporting himself and the heroes to safety.

At Forbidden Mountain

Meanwhile, as the effects of Merlin's teleportation spell wore off, Team Human Again found themselves in the dungeons of Forbidden Mountain, where they were met by Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and Prince Philip. Recognizing more allies would be needed if they were to take down Maleficent, Merlin told Team Human Again they needed to break out Maleficent's prisoners and meet up with the larger resistance force.

Telling something to group

Meanwhile, Merlin told most of his group to link up with Aladdin and Hercules' resistance forces, though Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins left to find Buzz Lightyear's group after the previous battle and Pocahontas, John Smith, and Team Human Again accompanied Merlin into the forest to help the animal heroes. Ariel, meanwhile, snuck off on her own for her own reasons.

Summoning a friend

Before meeting up with the animal heroes in the forest, Merlin and Arthur summoned Merlin's old friend, the Blue Fairy, the spirit of hope. Merlin confessed to the Fairy that, while he had been putting on an air of confidence in front of the other heroes, he was privately worried that they would lose the war, especially if Maleficent succeeded in summoning Chernabog. The Fairy reassured him that she had a plan of her own to deal with Maleficent, and that as long as one person stood against the sorceress, hope remained. Merlin and Arthur departed feeling more confident for success.

Teaming with Simba and Tarzan

Meeting with Tarzan and Simba, Merlin shared the message of hope from the Blue Fairy. Telling the pair of the events beyond the Pride Lands' borders, he asked them for aid against Maleficent. They agreed, though they asked that they be allowed to settle matters with Khan first.

Final Battle

The archdemon began his attack on the heroes, causing a great earthquake that ripped open the ground, causing Yzma and many heroes to fall into the fissures. As she went in for the kill, Merlin leaped off a ledge above her and transformed himself into a walrus, crushing her beneath his weight. While Maleficent throttled Merlin, Hercules seized the opportunity to retrieve his sword. Before Maleficent could attack him again, Hercules hurled the blade into her chest. As another tremor shook the earth, Hercules, Merlin, and the other heroes got to safety as the cliff collapsed beneath Maleficent's weight. While the demon cat was distracted by this turn of the tide, Basil seized his robe and pinned it beneath the rocks on the mountainside, allowing Merlin to destroy the demon with his magic cane.As he retreated, however, he warned the heroes that as long as darkness and evil remained in the world, he would endure. He vowed to return and take his vengeance.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War


Many legends have been told throughout the ages of mighty heroes, their exploits serving as role models of strength, courage, and justice. One of them is the Arthurian tale of Merlin the wizard and his benevolence and tutorship to other heroes powerful enough to deal with the most nefarious forces the world has ever faced. However, not anyone knows about his true existence or at least his origins and the purpose he came into this world. There are many accounts revolving about Merlin's origins but most of them have not been legitimate to date.

One religious account tells about Merlin's conception, being older than the universe itself. It was said that he was involved in the battle with the Heavens, said to have been set millenias before the dawn of human civilization. Merlin existed as an divine being in a zone where the supreme deity known as "God" fought with the "Great Devil"'s (the latter passed on the folkore as the personification of the Black God Chernabog) armies. Growing hateful over the conflict that boiled between the supreme deity and the "Great Devil". Merlin decided to exploit their greatest assets in the midst of the battle, hoping that it would end the battle in some sorts. Using cunning and deceitful tricks, he appealed the combined forces of light and darkness through a truce, suggesting them that he would follow the deity he would find worthy, should the said deity would give him the best offering and blessing. The supreme deity complied by bestowing Merlin with powers of immortality as well as protection from the forces of evil, while the "Great Devil" gave him the knowledge of the dark arts and the ability to become immune to brainwashing and possession from either benevolent or malevolent beings. After being offered by both parties, Merlin took the powers for himself while tricking the two deities before revealing his traitorous nature to both of the deities. Angered for his deceit, especially towards the deities, the supreme being and the "Great Devil" cursed the young prodigy with death for the following years. Though, Merlin managed to escape unharmed, eventually crossing out their zone and reaching up the beginning of the universe, their offerings managed to bring the terrible consequences upon his new form. Their greatest assets became Merlin's greatest curse as he would spend eternity on the historical records of human civilization in his eldery form without aging or dying, probably until the world would end or perish by any means.

Another account indicates about his role as the tutor of King Arthur throughout his life. As said from the English cleric Geoffrey himself, he was inspired and based on the prophet and "mad man" known as "Myrdinn Wyllt" (the Welsh name of the wizard). While not much is known about Merlin's past, Geoffrey told about his involvement on the war between the Celtic Britons and the Saxons, the creation of Stonehedge through his works for the purpose to serve as the resting place of the Arhurian figure, Aurelius Ambrosius. He was also known as the guidance to Uther Pendragon's ascesion to the British throne, as well as being the tutor and guide of Uther's son, Arthur Pendragon. Particularly, he was requested by Uther to take care of Arthur before he was killed through a conspiracy, though the wizard saw his destiny through him as he was destinied to become the future king of England. While guiding him to the right path of the king, Merlin and Arthur clashed with sinister figures who conspired against Arthur's rule, wanting to take the throne for themselves. As such he was embroiled into the conflict with several of Uther's subjects and knights, including the sorceress Morgana le fay and Arthur's son and traitorous knight Mordred. Over the years, Arthur managed to reach into adulthood and take his responsibilites as king of England, accomodating the safety of his subjects and the Knights of the Round Table. However, he was fatally wounded in a battle with Mordred, leaving Merlin to transport him into the "Isle of Avalon", as the final resting place of the king. His role as Arthur's guidance ends here, leaving his fate unknown.

There was also an assumption of the wizard's relationship of the wizard with the group of extraterrestial and mechanical beings, while in disguise form, that aided Merlin in his battle against the Saxons. In the aftermath of the battle, Merlin was bestowed with a magical wand by the robots, capable of channeling both magical and super-cosmotic effects to turn the tide against powerful forces. The alien robots then depart to the borders of the galaxy to deal with their own enemies while Merlin focused on his own battles, though not before warning him that a "Great Evil" would consume the land in the near future, leaving the sorcerer to make arrangements for the heroes who would stand against the threat.

It was also said that Merlin was one of the few people who knew the existence of the fabled "Philosopher's Stone", as well as its secrets behind it, although it was not sufficient if he would handled such a powerful weapon.

While Merlin's narrative varies from different accounts, the true story behind this legend is very complicated and perplexed for even an intellectual figure to understand. As said from those who dwelled among him, most of the details that were inscribed in the said accounts have been valid to his character. Indeed, he was once a divine deity that brought chaos and disorder on the Heavens, although he tried to end the long-everlasting conflct between the two armies in a different approach, and not on vengeful approach, for the greater good of the survived species and civilization. In spite of his efforts, he was stripped down as a mortal being and eldery man for his indirect interference on the truce and the battle between the armies, and was banished to Earth, leaving him for the following millennials to teach newcomers in the art of sorcery.

Amongst his pupils, Merlin instructed the dwarf talented wizard known as Avatar, and his companions, Weehawk and Elinore, the illustrated sorcerer known as the Pagemaster, the talented wizard Carolinus, and his apprentice Princess Milisadre, the outlaw of Nottingham Robin Hood, and his close friend and partner Little John, the eternal youth Peter Pan, and his lost boys. He also instructed several fairies that could grant wishes to those in need of guidance, and other magical and endowed beings that could conjure nature forces at will. He also took the Great Owl and Nicodemus under his apprenticeship, preparing them for their role in guiding the heroes in organizing a form of resistance against their attackers.

With many magical beings aligned under him, Merlin was able to form a faction that would stand up against any threat. He also befriended King Stefan of Germany, who was in the process of creating a council of the rulers of the various regions of the land on purpose to unite them against the rising threat of the villains. As he became aware of Mok and Maleficent's uprising, Merlin instructed King Stefan in organizing his own resistance while he would observe the schemes of the villains through his scout force. While Merlin was able to gather a large group of heroes, he sensed that it was not sufficient against the large numbers of the villains. He knew that he needed to recruit more heroes capable of fighting while enlisting those who would lead them against the threat. To this day, he still feared for the next move of Mok and Maleficent, and their grand ultimate scheme that would be set in motion, though he had hopes in the faith of his companions, friends, and newfound allies. While not realising it yet, the moment of action to mobolize against the enemy would be soon unearthed, as the villains would made their move against the heroes, preparing Merlin and his allies to answer the call of wind and tides and defend the world from this new threat.

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