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Mephistopheles, commonly known as Mephisto, is a powerful demon and major antagonist in Marvel Comics, first appearing in Silver Surfer #3; he has appeared as the main antagonist in the two Ghost Rider films, portrayed by Peter Fonda in the first movie and Ciaran Hinds in the sequel, Spirit of Vengeance.

The ruler of a Hell-like realm known as the Stygian Depths, Mephisto was created, along with many other demons, from a massive gathering of evil energy left behind after the malevolent Elder Gods were destroyed by Demogorge the God-Eater. Like other demons, he enjoys making deals with mortals in exchange for their souls, though his bargains almost always turn out to be rigged in his favor. For instance, when stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze sold his soul to Mephisto in exchange for curing his father of cancer, Mephisto did so - only to let the elder Blaze die in a stunt gone wrong instead. Blaze was transformed into the demonic Ghost Rider and forced to serve Mephisto, though he later broke free from the demon's control and swore to get his soul back.

Mephisto appeared in the second Disney vs. Marvel Villains series, and is planned to appear in Disney vs. Comics. In the latter series, he will be one of the major antagonists, backing Loki and Hades in their plot to take over the mortal realm and unleash Mephisto and his fellow demons upon the world.

He also has another appearance in Villains Battles in his animated incarnation of Dracula, Sovreign of the Damned, based on a Marvel comic of the same name under the name Satan.

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Satan (Dracula, Sovreign of the Damned)

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Satan is called by Babidi

He has an appearance as Satan when being summoned by the Friends on the Other Side to support Babidi and Majin Buu against Maleficent and Hades, he threw rays from his eyes being implacable with Hades to Maleficent's horror and Babidi's joy as he wanted avenge his father Bibidi of Hades using Satan, even so Facilier and Tsubaki appeared to help their enemies, Facilier cut Babidi in half but those who invoked Satan were not going to leave things like that and they were going to take Falicial Then Satan attacked Maleficent but she responded with a magic ray blinding him and even Facilier was taken away, Tsubaki came to his aid absorbing the Friends on the Other Side to finally Maleficent cast a spell that would kill Satan apparently forever and momentarily with Majin Buu.

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