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Mendel's Experiments are countless feline cats, who met their demise, after they were used by the psychopath priest, Father Gregor Mendel in his goal of hereditary. They are minor characters in the animated movie, Felidae, appearing only in Francis' nightmare visions. The experiments are featured twice in the events of Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Chaos and Mayhem

Upon Red's birth. the hellcat uses his newfound powers, to control a vast army of undead cats, similiar to the experiments of Mendel, before Mok's eyes, frightening him and his allies. Later, Discord and his comrades manipulate Red, seeing his great potential over chaos and destruction. When they lay waste upon a populated city, killing and torturing many citizens, Discord summons legion after legion of undead cats, similiar to the experiments of Mendel, causing true massive chaos upon the city.

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