&nbsp This article is for the Megatron from the show Beast Wars. To see all other Megatron's, go see Megatron.

This Megatron is not a recreation of the original Megatron. He exist in the same universe and took the name Megatron to inspire fear.

This Megatron is perhaps the greatest and most dangerous Megatron of all. What he lacks in power, he more than triples in brain power. He is able to invent fantastic technology. He always has a plan. If that plan fails, there is always plan B. If that plan fails, it goes on to plan C and so on. Always the gambler,Megatron is always ready for unexpected changes.

Transformers vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains

Megatron has hiredThrax as a perosnal hitman. He has done no actual fighting so far.

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