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Megara is a Greek woman and the wife of the demigod Hercules. Sarcastic and dry-witted at times, she nonetheless has a heart of gold and aids Hercules in his battles with Hades and the other villains in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

Disney Villains War 3

Finding Tiana

Meanwhile, Facilier and Meg located the host body for the most powerful shadow in history, Tiana.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War

Denying Gaston

In Thebes, Hercules was searching for more heroes to add to their alliance, unaware that Gaston and his partner LeFou were also there, with Gaston looking to flirt with Megara, Hercules' girlfriend. However, Megara turned down Gaston's advances, only in town looking for Hercules.The citizens laughed at Gaston's misfortune, and Hercules departed with Meg, leaving Gaston humiliated.

Used by Jafar

Catching wind of John's strike against Aladdin, Jafar decided to complete the destruction of the resistance's leadership by eliminating Hercules. Rather than relying entirely on brute force, Jafar captured Megara to use as an ace before transforming into a gigantic cobra to battle Hercules.Jafar brought Megara to his side and threatened to kill her unless Hercules agreed to sacrifice his strength. With Meg's life at stake, Hercules reluctantly gave in to Jafar's terms. Using his magic, Jafar drained Herc's godly strength out of his body before departing. Although Hercules remained free, Jafar had succeeded in removing the threat he posed to the villain alliance.

Her sacrifice

The impact knocked a large stone pillar off its foundations, and Meg ran in to push Herc out of the way, but was crushed under it herself. As Hercules ran in to help, his concern caused his divine strength to return, allowing him to lift the pillar off Meg, but it was already too late.Across the world, many of the other heroes were in similar straits. Meg was badly wounded, and it appeared she would soon die as well.


In Thebes, Hercules returned to Meg's side just as the Fates cut her thread, killing her. The heroes grieved another lost friend as Phil told Hercules "there are some things you just can't change". However, Hercules wasn't willing to give up the fight just yet...

Disney Heores Vs Villains War - Part Two


Mozenrath then emerged to face Hercules himself and used magic to trap Meg in a small orb. Hercules charged Mozenrath, only for him to be knocked down with a blast of magic. Mozenrath then blasted Hercules again, seemingly obliterating him. As Phil mourned, Mozenrath departed.

Heores Vs Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War


While Meg was being saved by Hercules a space pirate by the name of Frieza challenges the strong man to a battle of strength, the heroic man accepts the challenge and they begin to fight it looks like the is Herc's biggest challenge yet.