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Mechanicles is the self-proclaimed "Greatest of the Great Greek Minds", and adores cleanliness. He is a minor antagonist in Disney's Aladdin television series. He is a secondary player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Mechanicles was born and raised in a large city in Greece. Born to a very wealthy, aristocratic family, Mechanicles had a rather sheltered childhood. Due to his lack of exposure to the outdoors, Mechanicles developed an intense fear and hatred of the filth that thrived outside, particularly bugs. Mechanicles was however, without a shadow of a doubt, an inventive genius. Even at a young age, Mechanicles was putting gadgets together for one chore or another.

However, when Mechanicles grew into a young man, Echidna and her children arrived, and decided to use Mechanicles' village as their new buffet spot. For months on end, Echidna, Typhon, and her destructive children would eat people and destroy buildings and monuments for fun.

This chaos(or moreso the mess caused by the chaos) drove Mechanicles over the edge. The inventor decided to take it upon himself to end the madness. He, at first, tried to build weapons to fight off the monsters, but found that his supplies and machines were already destroyed by the monsters' attacks.

A despondent Mechanicles was soon approached by Hades. The deal making god made an arrangement with the mad mechanist. Hades would provide money and equipment for Mechanicles to buld an army of robots that would fight off the monsters. Mechanicles was far too excited to care to read the rest of the contract.

Hades did what he was to do, and Mechanicles started work. He sketched blueprints of mighty, weapon baring war machines. Mechanicles figured he'd have to cut an imposing figure. He wanted to strike fear in the monsters' hearts. The scariest thing he could think of? Bugs. He modeled his robots after insects, and in the process, conquered his fear of them.

After a week of work, Mechanicles' armada of giant, robotic insects was ready. The robotic crawlers fired their massive weapons at the monsters. The unprepared, primitive beasts were no match for the unexpected fire power, and had to flee.

Mechanicles was revered as a hero and was ultimately awarded with the Greek Throne.Mechanicles had big plans to mold Greece into his image...until Hades returned.

It was part of the agreement that Hades would get any spoils gained by Mechanicles' success, meaning Hades was king of Greece. Mechanicles refused to leave, so Hades was forced to summon the Gorgon Sisters, who used their magic to cast the inventor into exile. The Gorgon Sisters now act as the leaders of Greece, but as mere figure heads for Greece's true ruler, Hades.

Mechanicles, seeking new power, soon arrived in Agrabah...

Ruler of Agrabah

Mechanicles, along withAbis Mal, finds himself at the top of Agrabah's social structure after the disappearance of Jafar. Together, the two men rule the kingdom with a flair for opulence and cleanliness. Their order is disrupted briefly when Mirage emerges in Agrabah; she allies with the pair, taking a highly dominant role. When the forces of Skeletor arrive to take over Agrabah, Mechanicles spurs Abis Mal into action. After his partner throws the pink lever, Mechanicles successfully summons a platoon of mud men. Evil Lyn, Skeletor's second-in-command, freezes these fighters in their tracks. Mechanicles and Mal then enter a massive praying mantis mech, but they encounter another of Skeletor's lieutenants, Tri-Klops. The cyborg uses a grenade to tip over a vat of lava; as the lava melts through the mech, Mechanicles and Mal are forced to flee the city.

Redemption in the Battle for the Forbidden Mountain

Mechanicles and Mal make their way to the Forbidden Mountain and take refuge with Maleficent. This area, too, comes under fire from Skeletor. This time, Mechanicles creates a giant rhinoceros beetle mech. Once again, Tri-Klops faces him down. Mechanicles knocks him away with an extendable spear. When Trap Jaw tries to come to his friend's aid, Mechanicles downs him with a cannon. Yet both of the Evil Warriors get their second winds; Trap Jaw slows the gears of Mechanicles's mech and Tri-Klops downs it with his laser cannon. Mechanicles finally finds an enemy his own size in Stinkor, Skeletor's minion known for an overwhelming stench. Though Stinkor destroys many of Mechanicles's robot bugs, Mechanicles slices his enemy's mask off, exposing him to his own stench. Fortunately for Mechanicles, Maleficent's forces win the battle, though not without some help from Hades.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villains War 2

Joining Frollo's army

Needing to replace some of Frollo's men after the monster attack and the Scottish siege, Staquait found McLeach, who had survived his battle with Zira in the first war, and the Greek mechanical genius Mechanicles and recruited them.

Vs Edchina

Frustrated with Mirage's manipulation, Hades decided to mount a final offensive against Frollo so he could throw off her hold on him. Meeting with Echidna, he convinced the Mother of All Monsters to gather all of her remaining children for an assault on Paris, taking advantage of the fact that Frollo was out preparing for the invasion of England. The Huntsman, McLeach, and Mechanicles found themselves confronted by the hybrid Chimera, the dragon Ladon, and the giant Cyclops. Tublat managed to defeat the Griffin, Stheno and the Minotaur with his brute strength before Echidna herself joined the fight. She knocked the Huntsman away but Mechanicles quickly fired a projectile at her, knocking her into the distance, never to be seen again. Frollo's forces reveled in their victory, leaving Hades in despair.

Prepared for the final attack

In France, Frollo called together his forces, only to be confronted by D'Arque, who tried to take Frollo in after his confrontation with Macbeth. Enraged, Frollo reminded his men that they wouldn't stand a chance against France's enemies without his leadership. D'Arque was arrested for treason, and the other members of the French alliance prepared for the final strike against Grimhilde.

Final Battle

In England, Frollo arrived at the head of a French army ready to take back his territories from Grimhilde. Hun archers fired down on the Huntsclan and Foreign Legion soldiers, who returned fire, managing to drive the Huns back. Ratcliffe led an army of ogres into the fray, only to be pushed back by the French militia and Foreign Legion. Maleficent arrived on the scene, blasting a cliffside and causing a rockfall which killed several Huntsclan warriors. Mechanicles arrived, piloting a giant centipede robot, but taking a lesson from Maleficent, Ratcliffe trained his guns on the cliffs and buried the robot before it could attack. One of the segments suddenly sprang to life and attacked Captain Hook's pirates, but they fired a cannonball into its exhaust port, destroying it. As Frollo started breaking in the gates of Grimhilde's castle, Ratcliffe tried to take him down with a rifle, but McLeach came to Frollo's defense, just as Ratcliffe turned his weapon on Hook. Ratcliffe's attempted treachery was short lived, however, as Hook's pirates vengefully attacked him. Sarousch tried to lend his aid to Ratcliffe, but Shan Yu seized him and slit his throat. More of Mechanicles' centipede segments attacked, but Igthorn's ogres managed to destroy them. The centipede's head, with Mechanicles himself inside, rose from the rubble, sprouted wings, and attacked the ogres before shooting down Igthorn himself. Maleficent decided to end the battle, summoning a rain of fire that decimated the French and English troops, causing Shan Yu and Mechanicles to flee, though Mechanicles' craft had been damaged and crash-landed in the wilderness.

Disney Villains War 3

Vs Ratcliffe

Ratcliffe approached Staquit and tried to convince him to join his alliance, promising him riches in return for his loyalty. However, at that moment, some of Mechanicles's robot bugs arrived and attacked Ratcliffe, Mechanicles being angered at being left to die. Satquit and some of his men managed to shoot some of the bugs down with their rifles. The mechanical bugs then released smaller mechanical spiders which fired web like projectiles at the group. Ratcliffe then shot two of the bugs down with his rifle. Seeing they were outmatched the bugs retreated. Staquit then agreed to join Ratcliffe. The bugs then returned to Mechanicles before crashing, enraging him.

Teaming with Abis Mal

Mechanicles, fresh from his defeat, was pursued by Jafar and Abis Mal to join them. He took their offer for a chance of vengeance very happily.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

In charge

Meanwhile Eggman leaves the Eggman empire to Mechanicles in his care while his away.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

In Jafar's faction

Jafar returns to Agrabah, and gathers up a powerful alliance that includes Mirage, Abis Mal, Mechanicles, and the Al Muddy. With them, Jafar uses the opportunity to prepare for world domination.

Heroes vs Villains War

A Foreshadowing Event

When Captain Hook questions Ogthar about how did he get so many mechanicals devices, he explains that he took them from a mad scientinst, who was fond of for inventions like insect-like robots, possibly referring to Mechanicles.

Heroes vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs Samurai Jack

The crazy inventor Mechanicles is out causing chaos in a local town, only for the mighty Samurai Jack to put a stop to it.

Teaming with Hades

After his humiliating defeat, Hades offers Mechanicles to join him.

All-Star Villains Tournament