The Mechanical Dragon is a minor villain in the Disney's television series, Aladdin, originated from the episode Dune Quixote. The Mechanical Dragon is briefly featured in the third Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Defender of the Underworld

In this tournament, the Mechanical Dragon serves as one of Queen Narissa's dragons forms, during her fight with the Archmage, the animated form of Master Xehanort. After a failed attempt to throw him into the Underworld, just like his previous self, Narissa quickly changes herself into a new dragon form in order to deal with him, while the Archmage transforms into a giant sand-creature replica of his own image. While she manages to deflect many of his attacks, she is not ready for the upcoming, as the Archmage, creeped from behind, pushes her into a nearby cliff, crashing her functions, leaving only her metal head, scattered in the Underworld.


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