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Max and Fritz are two neutral characters, appearing in animated film, "Wizards". A pair of mutants, serving as the comic relief of the movie. Interesting enough, Fritz was voiced by the same character who animated all the characters and the movie, Ralph Bakshi. Max and Frix are bit players in the villains wars.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Blue Victory

Between the fight of Blackwolf's army and the Blue Meanies, there is a brief shot of two gas masked creatures that look exactly like Max and Fritz, fighting victoriously the Dreafull Glove. It is unknown if they are reallly them or another players that look exactly like them.

Losing A Partner

Again two gas masked mutants appear with the same characteristics as the previous ones in the final events of the war, confronting Dr. Mindbender and his Bio-Vipers. Feared about Dr. Mindbender's warfare technology, Necron 99 suggests to the duo to find another way to invade Cobra Commander's headquarters. However, just as the two mutants leave the area, Dr. Mindbender uses his abilities to brainwash Necron 99, making him to serve now the doctor and start actions against Blackwolf.

Heroes Vs Villains War

"Goodbye My Friend"

When the forces of Avatar and Taran released their friends from the Horned King's castle, there was a brief scene of Max and Fritz outside of the castle. The scene was similiar to the original movie, as Fritz was shown dead with his friend, Max, lamenting his death. However, it was revealed that Fritz was still alive, but unconcious after a battle event. Shocked about this reaction, Max blames gis friend from scaring him. Unfortunately, Tinker Bell, one of Avatar's and Taran's friends, charge at full speed at Fritz, killing him, much to his friend horror.