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Master Xehanort is the primary antagonist of the video games, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts III and is the overarching antagonist of the entire series. A brilliant tactician, Xehanort is a major player in the Disney Villains Wars as well as a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney vs Non-Disney Villains War


Disney Villains War

Vs Syndrome

Still seeking power in the superhero community, the rogue "hero" Syndrome learned of powerful warriors that wielded weapons called Keyblades. Believing that he could gain a Keyblade by killing its wielder, Syndrome sought out Master Xehanort, thinking him too old and frail to pose much of a challenge. Syndrome had no idea how wrong he was, as Xehanort turned out to be perhaps the most powerful Keyblade wielder of all. Xehanort easily overcame his attacker, forcing Syndrome into a jet engine.

Disney Villains War 2


When the second war began, the Master Control Program was alerted to Master Xehanort's threat to his plans, and ordered Commander Sark to eliminate him, which he succeded in that mission. Unfortunately, Sark neglected to realize that when his Heartless Goon obliterated Master Xehanort, it only split him into his younger counterparts: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas, Leader of Organization XIII. The old keybearer still lived on though as a spirit, guiding his counterparts towards their goals of freeing Lord Chernabog through the asembling of the 13 hearts of darkness and setting them off against Ansem's

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manipulated group of disney villains. However, Xemnas proved to be a useless failure to Xehanort, and he sent Ansem to kill him off once and for all in order for them to be reunited. The plan worked, and not only did Xehanort eventually return to his old self, but he also managed to recruit Ursula and Vanitas for his own plans involving the Great War and Ultimate Evil. Later on, Xehanort resurrected his servant, Braig, and revived the soul of Riku to serve him once more under threat of his friends' demise.

Eventually, the time came for Emperor Zurg and the Mad Doctor to attack each other's forces, but the Master interfered in their war by arriving unexpectedly, summoning the Carnotaurs to kill Hopper while he dealt with Count Dooku in a near-evenly matched battle. Once Dooku was forced to retreat, Xehanort ascended to the top of the Keyblade Mountain where he was about to use his vast power to send him across the dimensions and free his master from imprisonment. He was however confronted by a vengeful Emperor Zurg and Doctor XXX, forcing the old keyblade wielder to confront them both in an epic final battle. The battle ended with Zurg getting consumed by Xehanort's darkness and sent back to the 2-D realm, Mad Doc getting reduced to a mere Beetleworx skeleton and regretting his failures of the past, and Master Xehanort himself disappearing once more into bright sparkles as he ascended to a new higher plane of existence...

Master Xehanort's animated form as Archmage in Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

With the beginning of the Third War, Master Xehanort's fate was revealed. As it turns out, he merely traveled to the 2-D universe, transforming himself into an uber-powerful doppleganger of his hand-drawn counterpart: the Archmage. The reason for this change was that he wanted to prepare the real Archmage for succeeding him as the leader of the Dark Seekers in the hand-drawn realm, transforming himself into a form to show him what he will become once he gains the real Artifacts of Power. But first, he had to revive the real Archmage from the Underworld and slay Narissa in the process. Afterwards, Xehanort told the Archmage on who he was and what their mission was now, summoning Ursula to their side as the first part of the second step of the plan...

Disney vs Marvel Villains War - Part 3

Disney vs Anime Villains War

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Jafar's Clone

While Maleficent and Jafar were making plans, Master Xehanort entered the scene and expressed interest in joining their alliance. Not just about to let any old man into their group, Maleficent had Jafar create a weaker clone of himself to test Xehanort's power. Although Jafar's shadow knocked down the keyblade master, Master Xehanort recovered and fired a dark energy from his keyblade, easily destroying his opponent.

Revealing something to Maleficent

Shortly after his battle with the clone, Xehanort told Maleficent about 7 Princesses of Heart and the power they would get if they gathered them all.

Talking with Braig

After escaping, Master Xehanort was standing alone when Braig showed up once more, not happy he got hurt. Xehanort easily "calmed him down" by threatening him with his Keyblade and Braig remembered there was something else he had to do.

Sending Vanitas

Seeing Maleficent's alliance growing a bit too big, Master Xehanort told his minion Vanitas to take some of them out. He quickly went after the newly revived Oogie Boogie, while he was still weak from being revived, Maleficent teleported the two away leaving Lock, Shock, and Barrel to protect their master and take on Vanitas, though Maleficent gave them a little help in the form of a giant Heartless monster. Vanitas destroyed the Heartless in one shot while Lock, Shock and Barrel retreated.

Against Maleficent Forces

Now that their defenses had been destroyed, Maleficent, Jafar, Tai Lung, Pete, a Shadow Clone of Oogie Boogie (Made by the bag of bugs himself so he could still recover at the base) and Master Xehanort entered the scene. They were immediately attacked by Wario, Gruntilda and her sisters, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kefka, and Kuja. Right off the bat, Tai Lung was able to crush both of Grunty's sisters causing the bag of bones to temporary flee. Bowser fired his cannon at the clone which easily disposed of it. Though Tai Lung and Jafar easily destroyed the cannon, Grunty returned in a huge tank to protect herself and started firing one huge spell. But when Maleficent made Gruntilda drop the spell things got explosive. After watching the tank explode, Wario decided that if he stayed around, he'd end up like Gruntilda and left the battlefield, Bowser joined him shortly after a failed battle with Pete. While all this commotion was going on, Kefka convinced Kuja to join the fray. He did so but was easily disposed of by Jafar. Out of nowhere, Braig entered the battlefield. While he was easily defeated he claimed he was "buying time" and left. Meanwhile Master Xehanort found Princess Peach and absorbed her power. Using her power and the power from the other 6 princesses he was able to summon Kingdom Hearts over the battlefield and tried to absorb its power. Seeing that the ruse was up, Xehanort had Vanitas go and kill Tai Lung. After seeing his murder (and after being decked by Ganondorf) Pete decided it was time for him to get out of this fight. Ganondorf summoned Master Hand to the fight, seeing this Master Xehanort revealed that the giant hand was actually being controlled by Tabuu. But before Ganondorf could react, Jafar summoned a portal that banished Ganondorf to an unknown realm. Seeing this as a good time, Kefka joined the fight. Jafar fired a huge magic blast at him. While Kefka was unaffected, the chains on Master Hand broke off. Jafar, enraged that he couldn't take out a clown used his last wish to turn into a genie. Though he wasn't expecting Kefka to cast a spell on the lamp that came with it which trapped Jafar in the lamp. Having enough fun for the day, Kefka left the battlefield. Master Hand tried to finish this fight by taking out Maleficent, but she easily disposed of him. Tabuu shot off a pair on deadly rings. Which not only injured Maleficent, but closed off Kingdom Hearts. Seeing his plan failed, Xehanort had no other choice then to leave Subspace. To see the winner of the fight, Maleficent and Tabuu both charged up one last attack. But, Maleficent was able to attack first, finishing Tabuu, and causing portals to spread all around the world. One of which consumed Maleficent, and another Jafar's lamp.

Plan B

With Plan A failed and out of the way. Xehanort decided it was time to move onto Plan B.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Coming to Help

Master Xehanort, a Grandmaster of Darkness, discovers Pitch Black, distraught after falling to the Mysterious Stranger. He convinces Pitch Black to turn his defeat into a new victory, in order to forge him into the perfect agent of darkness. He then has his ally summon the Dark Ace, the one man who might be able to unleash the Great Evil unto the world. Along with securing the Dark Ace's loyalties, Xehanort presents to Dark Ace a bodyguard: the psychotic Bloody Mary.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Teaming with Alice Angel

Master Xehanort allies himself with a Fallen Angel.

Villains Battles 2

Vs Pete and Anakin Skywalker

Thanks to Jafar, Pete and his allies decide to go and find a territory to gain. Meanwhile, Anakin orders his soldiers to open the portal that leads into the animated world, but he finds himself in the CGI world and corners Pete (thinking he has changed the road). Soon, the young boy and the cat will be cornered by a villain appeared last war.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament