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Master Little is the sidekick of Kralahome. A short, dimwitted, and sometimes toothless (depending on the failures he does by mistake), troublemaker who works volunteerly with his master even if he fails in a mission. He is the secondary villain in the animated movie "The King and I" and a minor competitor in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Helping His Master

The Kralahome and the Master Little take refuge into the Nightmare King's dominion, in the circus of Professor Screweyes. When Vlad Masters and Valmont break into the circus to steal some powerfull artifacts from the Nightmare King, the Master Little steps in to protect the Kralahome, using a large stick to fight against his rivals. However, Valmont easily destroys it, leaving the flunky without a weapon. As the Master Little attempts to flee from the circus, Valmont knocks him off with a hurled rock.