Master Hand

Master Hand is One of the Main Villains From The Multiverse in The Free For All Villains Tournament Because He is Known of Been The Master of The Multiverse and Been Assessed By His Partner Ganondorf and Later on Both Ganondorf and King K Rool.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Video Game Villains War

Free For All Villains Tournament:

Ordering Ganondorf To Attack Lord Shen:

Master Hand Learnt About That Lord Shen Is Going to Attempt Take over The Multiverse. (Which is why he is known as a Biggest Threat.) So he Orders Ganondorf to Terminate Lord Shen.

Teaming Up with Maleficent After Ganondorf's Defeat:

When Master Hand Heard That Ganondorf Had Been Defeated By Sark. He Decided to Form an Alliance with Maleficent and Ursula. As the Trio Summoned Clayton and Syndrome From the Dead.

War of the Multiverse:

Master Hand's Forces' Full Scale Attack Starts off When Master Hand Blast Open a Brick Wall to Attack AUTO and Dr Neo Cortex's Allies But AUTO's Giant Subspace Airship Fire at Him and Made Him Weaker. Then Later on Before Maleficent Got Sucked Up To a Portal to the Animated Universe. Master Hand Try to Destroy AUTO but He Fire a Giant Laser to Make the Battle Royale Sour By Having Him Knocked Out and Low on Power.

Bringing Ganondorf Back to the War and Give Ganon and Himself a Powerful Form:

After his Failure In the War Against AUTO and Dr Neo Cortex. Master Hand Decides to Bring Ganondorf Back from the Dead and Give Him a New Form. Later On Master Hand was Given a New Upgrade Powers By Ganondorf and After that They Recruited King Bomb omb to the Army.

Master Hand vs. Wario and Waluigi:

Master Hand Decided to Used His New Powers Against The Wario Brothers to see How Useful They are.

War of the Multiverse Part 1:AUTO and Dr Neo Cortex's Forces vs. Master Hand and Ganondorf's Forces:

In Order to Get Revenge on AUTO and Dr Cortex for Defeating Him. Master Hand Sends His New General: King K Rool to Send his Army to Duke out Dr Cortex's Minions and He Helps King K Rool's Army By Beating Some of Dr Cortex's Minions and Defeated Mother Gothel and AUTO Leaving Dr Cortex Retreating and King K Rool and Ganondorf Chase After Him For Master Hand.

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