Mask of Drake DuCaine
The Maske of Drake DuCaine is the prime material of the Disney's television series The Mighty Ducks. The face of the real hockey team The Anaheim Ducks, the Mask appears in the television series as an artifact from Puckworld's ancient past, created by the duck warrior Drake DuCaine to combat the Saurian overlords. As a result, it can penetrate the Saurians' dark magic and cloaking technology. It is currently passed to Canard Thunderbeak, and through him to Wildwing Flashblade after his demise. The legendary mask gives the wearer computer-enhanced vision and an intimidating appearance. it also appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains and Heroes vs. Villains wars as one of the prime materials owned by the hero forces, particularly by the Mighty Ducks.
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