Mark Desmond
Mark Desmond (or known as Blockbuster) is a young scientist, obsessed with brute power ferocity, first appearing in the DC comic Detective Comics#345. A minor nuisance to Batman, Mark Desmond is featured in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, with the Justice League Unlimited's version of the character being used in the tournament.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

An Unexpected Rivarly

Mark Desmond makes a partnership with fellow scientist, Baxter Stockman, prior to the events of the war. This comes to an end, when Desmond discovers Stockman's deadly secret; several skeletons in his closet. To make things worse, he threatens Stockman, in order to get back on him.

The First and Only Fight

Still mocking and blackmailing Stockman, Desmond reaches his limit, as Stockman turns back on him, blasting his rival with an unharmed shot. He then proceeds to leave his foe at his fate, as sets an explosion on the laboratory, ablazing it with flames, while Stockman flees. Nevertheless, Desmond catches him up, though he meets an underling of Stockman's supervisor, Hun, who arrives to aid the doctor. Outmatched, Desmond drinks a liquid vial, that turned him into a rogue beast. That beast, manages to hold off Stockman and Hun, even pushing the enforcer from a higher lift, down to the ground, leaving him unconcious for the time being. Desmond does the mistake of standing in a pool of water, leaving the perfect chance for Stockman to increase the voltage of the buidling, underneath Desmond, electrocuting him. The resulted electrocution and the burning laboratory triggered the buidiling's foundation, toppling most of the rumbles right into Desmond, crashing him.

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