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Marina is the deuteragonist of the Dreamworks animated film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Initially engaged to wed the future king of Syracuse, Proteus, Marina travels, along with the pirate Sinbad, on a journey to retrieve the Book of Peace, stolen by Eris. Over the journey, Marina develops feelings for Sinbad, eventually confessing her true feelings to him by the end of the movie. Alongside Sinbad, Marina fights the forces of evil in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Collecting a Bounty

Marina accompanies Sinbad and his crew scouring the seas from attackers. After confronting Captain Hook and his pirate crew, Sinbad steals a ruby sunstone and claims it as his own. Unfortunately, both Sinbad and the sunstone are retrieved by the sea-witches Ursula and Morgana.

Rescue Mission

Realising Ursula and Morgana's true allegiances, Marina assembles Sinbad's pirate crew for a rain on the castle of Queen Grimhilde. En route to Germany, Marina and the pirates encounter Ariel and Prince Frederic's group, joining forces with them to liberate Sinbad. As the heroes introduce themselves, they fail to notice Kaa was stalking them. Emerging from hiding, he manage to mesmerize Ariel, planning to devour her. However, Marina stop his advance, freeing Ariel before Frederic stood against the python. As soon as Frederic defeat the python, the small crew head forward to the castle.

On the way, Marina's crew happen upon the martial artist Daffers and the eccentric inventor Scotty, who willingly join forces in hopes of striking back at the Queen's allies. Arriving at the castle, the heroes snuck at Grimhilde's courtyard, where Sinbad was pit against the centaur Nessus, ultimately overpowering him. As the heroes alert their presence to Grimhilde, they are forced to fight through the numbers. During the ensuing fight, Marina and Sinbad's crew release Sinbad from captivity, leaving them to depart from the castle immediately as Grimhilde and her allies watch on.

After the rescue mission, Ariel and Frederic's group introduce themselves to Sinbad, explaining to him the states of several of their friends, particularly Ariel, Tiana, and Naveen, who were trying to find a way to undo their previous transformations (with the exception of Frederic). Sinbad gladly agree to help them on their quest; furthermore, Daffers and Scotty suggest to stop by a small port on the Danish coastline, having heard of a gathering of scientists whom they suspected could help them with returning Ariel, Naveen, and Tiana to their original states. Reluctantly, Sinbad agree, setting course for the small port.

Landing on Hostile Piers

Journeying through the seas of Europe, Sinbad, Marina, and their allies stumble upon a floating boathouse on the small port on the Danish coastline, where its occupants Professor MacKrill and Captain Neweyes, greet them. The two scientists then reveal to Sinbad's crew their close acquaintance, Ludwig Von Drake, who had been helping them with their experiments in transforming marine life into humanoid forms and back. Though they manage to transform Ariel back to a mermaid, the group was suddenly ambushed by Grimhilde's lieutenants Lord Maliss and El Supremo. Overwhelmed by the sudden intrusion, the heroes escape, leaving the scientists captured by Grimhilde's allies.

As they stop by another pier for a brief rest, Sinbad's crew is ambushed by "Aladdin", who arrived with intentions to kill Sinbad on the orders of Grimhilde. Finding his foe less than intimidating, Sinbad ignores his calls. However, "Aladdin" tosses rotten apples at the pirate, furthermore provoking him. Coming to Sinbad's defense, Marina knock "Aladdin" aside, only for him to throw another rotten apple at Marina. Having had enough with his threats, Sinbad, Marina, and Frederic take on Aladdin together, with Frederic knocking him into the surf with a single blow. Upon "Aladdin's" defeat, Sinbad and his crew depart to Castle Grimhilde in Germany, eager to free the captured scientists from Grimhilde and her forces. Soon after, the group was joined by Ariel, Hubie, and Rocko, who convinced them to join the others in the fight against Grimhilde in hopes of liberating the other captured heroes.


As Sinbad's crew land on the German port outside of Castle Grimhilde, they run into Tarzan and his resistance force. Explaining the severity on the situation regarding about the counter-strike offensive against the villains, the heroes get suddenly ambushed by Grimhilde's forces, who step forward to capture them. With the combined power of the Animal Cruelty Squad's members, the forces of Grimhilde, and the Velociraptors of Ogthar, the heroes get frightened by their vast numbers, forcing them to retreat in the wilds of Germany.

After getting away from some the Dromaeosaurs, Sinbad's crew and Tarzan's resistance force run directly to Grimhilde's chief lieutenants. In the ensuing encounter, Sinbad, Marina, and their crew encounter Hook and his pirate crew once again, though this time Hook got the upper hand, overwhelming the Arabic pirates with a sheer cloth, including Sinbad's mate Marina, putting them out of commission.


After the villains cease their attacks, they bring Sinbad, Marina, Tarzan, and their allies in the dungeons of Castle, planning to have them execute as soon as possible. Shortly thereafter, the group is joined by Aladdin, who was briefly put into their cell before the moment of their execution. As a brawl breaks out between Aladdin and Sinbad due to previous confrontations, Tarzan, Marina, and the other imprisoned heroes convince them that it was not the perfect time to make enemies with each other, and instead focus on getting out of prison. Before they could continue, however, El Supremo, Messina, and their soldiers arrive to to carry on the execution.

Escape from Captivity

As Grimhilde and her allies bring Aladdin and Sinbad into the castle's courtyard, Marina and her allies watch with heavy heart as her lover was put into an execution stand. Fortunately, Phoebus and Osmosis Jones' resistance force arrive, with Drix and Phoebus knocking out the executioners, much the shock of Grimhilde and her allies and the relief of the prisoners. As soon as they release the other heroes from their bonds, they rally them to fight against their sheer numbers; Marina, in particular, strikes Marina del Ray with fruit, distracting her from the fight. Realising that the villains rallied their own minions as well, the resistance forces retreat from the castle immediately, pursued by Grimhilde's forces.

No sooner than they did, the heroes run directly into Tzekel Kan, who used his illusionary abilities to frighten the resistance, including Marina. Nonetheless, they scatter the illusions and beat the shaman, leaving the others to retreat from Germany.

Joining the Resistance

Later, Sinbad, Marina, and Prince Eric land their flagships on the pier near Mount Sinai. Though the heroes suggest to combine their factions to bolster the resistance in the battle against Grimhilde's forces, Aladdin was still unsure to trust Sinbad, especially considering their past "encounters". However, Tarzan intervenes once again, convincing them that they managed to save their friends from the time of the execution, and hold most of Grimhilde's forces during that time as a team. Having a common enemy in mind, Aladdin and Sinbad decide to put aside their differences and set forward to stop Grimhilde.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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