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Mandrake is the primary antagonist of the 2013 animated-fantasy film, Epic. A vicious and dark creature and a powerful hand-to-hand combat warrior, Mandrake briefly appears in the events of the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Feral Side

Prior to the events of the war, Mandrake perishes by unknown means. During the events of the war, Frieda gives Prince Charming a power boost, transforming him into the deceased warrior Mandrake. The bait, kill Malthazar, one of Pitch Black's top generals. Charming confronts Malthazar in his lair, at full force. The general, however, summons his son, Darkos, to deal with Charming. After a clash fight, between the two, Charming overwhelms Darkos and knocks out the fighter. However, Malthazar's actual master, Pitch Black, arrives in the scene and topples Charming into a pit, encased by rumble. After the battle, Charming returns to his normal form. Mandrake has not make another appearance in this tournament, afterwards.