Susan "Mandark" Astronominov is the main antagonist of the Dexter's Laboratory series. He is a supervillain scientist who is the arch-nemesis of Dexter. He also has a crush on Dexter's older, ditzy sister, Dee Dee.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Mojo Jojo

A new evil genius named Mandark decided to mkae his entrance into the war. However, in his attempt to establish his dominance, he ended up stealing the spotlight away from Mojo Jojo, much to the ape's frustration. On Shego's advice, Mojo decided to show the other players in the war that he was not to be trifled with, by personally eliminating his rival. With this goal in mind, Mojo broke into Mandark's lab to take him out. Although Mojo attempted to make a dramatic entrance, Mandark didn't take him seriously at first. Angered, Mojo attacked Mandark, easily overpowering him in physical combat. Mandark called on his robot minions for help, only for Mojo to blast them apart with his laser cannons. However, this was only meant to distract Mojo, as while he was occupied with the robots, Mandark manged to activate his giant robot. Mojo, however, got into his own giant robot, and the two clashed. Although Mandark's more strategic attacks initially managed to do some damage, the sheer firepower of Mojo's robot quickly overpowered him, destroying Mandark's robot. With his enemy defeated, Mojo proceeded to torch Mandark's lab. As Mandark desperately tried to save his life's work, Mojo departed, leaving his enemy to die in the exploding lab.

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