Manacle of Osiris

The Manacle of Osiris is a powerful artifact, created by the God of the Underworld Osiris. It has the power to kill enemies, move telekenetic objects, block out the sun, engulf the seas and resurrect the dead. It appears in the animated television series, The Mummy, a spin off series to the original franchise. While the Manacle of Osiris doesn't appear physically, it is mentioned by Imhotep, during the events of Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Upon resurrected by Tzekel-Kan, Imhotep animates his skeleton warriors and then announches his plan of revenge, as he wants the Manacle of Osiris to get his revenge on the person who sealed him in the tomb, prior to the events of the war. This is the only pic of the Manacle, mentioned by Imhotep, since it doesn't being mentioned afterwards.

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