Man After Fire
The "Man" is the unseen antagonist of the Disney's animated feature film Bambi, and its subsequent midquel adaptation. While not physically seen, the "Man"'s presence is displayed by the appearance of crows and his hunting dogs, as well as his own music motiff, heralding his arrival. He is known for killing Bambi's mother, driving the young prince into the wilderness under the care of the Great Prince.

Regarding the villain tournaments, the "Man" is not heavily featured in the context of most wars. However, the archive footage of the "Man"'s arrival, through the appearance of crows, is used to represented the arrival of powerful evil forces like the Firebird in Disney Heroes vs. Villains, or Hexxus in Heroes vs. Villains. Of particular note, his hunting dogs appeared under the control of other malevolent forces as well, most notably Percival C. McLeach and Amos Slade in both Disney Heroes vs. Villains and Heroes vs. Villains War.

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