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[[Category:Malmoth Alliance in All-Star vs Worst Villains]]
[[Category:Malmoth Alliance in All-Star vs Worst Villains]]
[[Category:Malmoth’s Forces in WHvVWE]]
[[Category:Malmoth’s Forces in WHvVWE]]
[[Category:Neo Atlantis]]

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Malmoth's Dark Cloud
Malmoth's Dark Cloud is an entity from animated series Clementine. Created by Malmoth, the cloud killed Professor Delatrousse by engulfing him in the black matter cloud was composed of and then rained on top of him. Cloud makes a short appearance in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever Edit

The Witches Weapon Edit

The two kami Gin and Kin summon the dark cloud by throwing a strange stone in the air and controlling the cloud by chanting. The cloud hits the sight of Professor Delatrousse driving a car, scaring the professor. Delatrousse stops the car, and tries to escape but cloud catches up with him, killing him and allowing Gin and Kin succeed in their goal. After that the cloud demanifests.

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