Malefor, The Dark Master is the main antagonist of Legend of Spyro Game Trilogy. He is an evil purple dragon with dark powers.

He has appeared in two spin-off tournaments, appearing in both Worst Villain Tournament Ever as the Horseman of Death in Roundtable of Inferno, deadly alliance found by demon Malmoth, and as a minor villain in Video Game Villains War .

In Video Game Villains War

Round Five

Alduin v. Malefor

Malefor received a task from Bowser: capture a princess. In return, the dragon would be accepted into the Koopa King's alliance. Malefor agreed to the terms, but was unaware of Dormin's observing the entire conversation. Dormin's chosen ally, the powerful dragon Alduin, faced Malefor in a battle of dragons. Despite Malefor's powerful dark powers, Alduin's extremely high defenses proved too much. Malefor ultimately perished in combat, unable to complete his mission.


Malmoth is the Horseman of Death in the strong Roundtable of Inferno, which controls Hell. He is the second in-command because he is possibly stronger than Malmoth himself. One of his minions, Gaul, also became Horseman of War.

When Malmoth was watching his target Hakuoh fighting against Bludgeon and Black Queen, who were sent by Overlord to test Hakuoh's skills, Malefor thought he wouldn't get far with his silly card games.

He was also the final Horseman to join LeChuck's Resistance against Hakuoh and Malmoth, helping the others to defeat Brand X.

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