Maleficent's Goons are the hideous monsters in the service of Maleficent. They are loyal to the "Mistress of all Evil", but are also cowardly and incompetent, which frustrates Maleficent greatly. They are the secondary villains of the Disney's feature film Sleeping Beauty, and minor players in the villains tournaments.

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Assault on the Forbidden Mountain

During the first events of the war, the goons get under attacked by barbarian forces, led by the Horned King. Led by Maleficent's familiar Diablo, the goons defend the stronghold from the intruders, driving them away with molten lava. However, the Horned King himself enters the fray and blasts the goons away with his powers. Even worse, he turns Diablo to stone. Fortunately, Maleficent reveals herself and drives the barbarians away with her own magical powers.

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