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Maleficent is the main antagonist from the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty, and one of the main villains in all three Villains Tournaments. A powerful sorceress and self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil, she is one of the most iconic Disney villains.

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War

Pre War: Forming The Dark Council

Before the main event starts, Maleficent, who has sensed the dangerous threat of Chernabog and his brothers, calls in a meeting on the Forbidden Mountains the most powerful sorcerers of the known world, including Hades, Eris, Queen Narissa, the Horned King, and Hordak, to form the Dark Council and discuss the situation of this advantage. Maleficent stated that Chernabog has assembled the Crystal of Darkness, a diamond strong enough to eliminate all the heroes and possibly his threats. Although Hordak had intentions for taking the Crystal for them, Maleficent explains to him that its powers are strong enough to tear them apart. While the discussion was still going on, the Horned King questions the dark fairy why they must stop Chernabog instead of joining him and pledging their loyalties to him. He states that the may be rewarded if they bowed to him. Hades and Maleficent, however, doubt to him that he would finish them if they attempt to do it. In conclusion, the dark fairy explains her plan of stopping Chernabog and destroying the Crystal of Darkness by removing their most undesirable threats, rather than their lives. With that plan, all of their enemies would be destroyed and they would be free to create a new world order. All of the members agreed to that plan and start to put it into motion.

The Final Countdown On Bald Mountain

The time has come for the faction to strike on Bald Mountain and stop Chernabog's action by destroying the Crystal of Darkness. However, to her shock and anger, Hordak and Narissa betray the faction by taking over the Crystal for their own purposes. While Hades was dealing with his father Chronos, an ally of Hordak, Maleficent cast a spell on Hordak that it sealed him to the terrible realm of Despondos. Although Narissa escapes from the battlefield, Maleficent didn't forget her goal and so she, Hades, and the Horned King used all of their powers to corrupt the Crystal of Darkness, leaving the scattering pieces of the left diamond into unknown areas. As Chernabog swore revenge at the faction, Maleficent, and the other surviving members retreat from Bald Mountain, excited enough that their mission is done.

Vs. Ludmilla

Maleficent arrives in Moscow to take away the throne from the czar, Ivan, making Ivan's adviser, Ludmilla, jealous, as she herself wants the throne. In an attempt to destroy Maleficent, Ludmilla obtains a potion from Mok that will make her more powerful. Although the potion works, it turns Ludmilla into a dragon, unable to properly channel her anger. Ludmilla attacks Maleficent in a headlong dash, only for the faerie to easily defeat her by striking the tower the dragon is perched upon with lightning.

Dragon Maleficent

Vs. Sharptooth

Mok, seeing Maleficent as a major threat to his plans, summons the prehistoric Sharptooth to attack her. Maleficent tries to ward off the beast by trapping it in thorns, but the dinosaur breaks free. Maleficent then transforms into a dragon, using her enhanced abilities to eradicate Sharptooth, much to Mok's dismay.

A New Alliance

With Maleficent twice victorious, theHorned King takes note of her prowess, offering an alliance. Maleficent accepts. The two later hire Lady Tremaine as one of their underlings, due to her leaving the employ of Frollo. Pain and Panic emerge, proposing an alliance between Maleficent and Hexxus. However, when the two fail to dispatch Maleficent's high priests, Hotep and Huy, Maleficent denies their offer. This choice proves in the Mistress of All Evil's favor. The combined efforts of several villains wipe out Hexxus' entire alliance.

Ending the War

Maleficent's forces suffer an important loss when the forces of Ruber and Rasputin kill the Horned King. Thus, she allies herself with Frollo, who abolishes his old, anti-magic policy due to the strength of Ruber's alliance. This policy change, however, does not stand well with Kent Mansley, who defects to Ruber's team once Lady Tremaine is brought back into the fold.

Maleficent suffers her greatest tactical defeat at her stronghold in Egypt. Though the faerie establishes some magical barriers to the kingdom, Rothbart's magic is more than able to take them down. Once Rameses and Rothbart attack in conjunction, Maleficent's forces cannot muster the strength to win the war. As Lady Tremaine, Lucifer, Hotep and Huy, and even her trusty Diablo fall before the enemy, Maleficent flees the battle.

Vs. Rothbart

Yet the faerie does get a consolation prize. Rothbart follows her to her lair in the Forbidden Mountains after the Battle of Egypt, only to face the full wrath of her guard. Though Rothbart dispatches them, Maleficent once again takes on her dragon form. Though Rothbart responds by adopting his own Great Animal form, he is no match for her fiery breath. Maleficent thus kills a central member of Ruber's Alliance, weakening his hold on the world.

Unfortunately for Maleficent, however, Ruber defeats Frollo's faction in Paris. This results in a new "Ruberian Age," leaving Maleficent out of power.

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Regaining Strength

Nevertheless, despite the setbacks of the Ruberian Age, Maleficent finds ways to improve her lot. Her first step: hire the Witches of Morva as her new henchmen. Maleficent proceeds to persuade the new king of the world to track down the mystical sword, Drynwyn, hidden in the Witches' swamp. Though Maleficent's plan to have the witches assassinate Ruber fails, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch do manage to kill two of Ruber's best henchmen and separate his sword from his arm. Maleficent's fortunes improve even more, once Pete joins her faction, having been exiled from Wonderland. Maleficent's greatest fortune, however, arrives in John Silver. The pirate gives Maleficent the lamp of Jafar, turned into a genie at the end of the previous war. Maleficent frees Jafar, forcing him into her servitude. Maleficent laughs with delight but neglects to pay Silver for his service.

Making a Stand

Maleficent decides to take a proactive stance in the war, tasking Pete with recovering the supercomputer of her old enemy, Mok. Pete, ever the lazy one, delegates this responsibility to the Beagle Boys. However, these minions fail. Growing yet more demanding, she uses her first wish, asking Jafar to revive Diablo. Though the Witches of Morva doubt Jafar's effectiveness, they are silenced when Diablo is brought back to life. Maleficent also encounters Queen Grimhilde, gone into hiding after the last war. Though Grimhilde asks for the restoration of her beauty, Maleficent tasks her with eliminating "that which is most precious" to her old enemy, Rameses. Grimhilde obliges, callously murdering Rameses's young son.

Though Maleficent hesitates to restore Grimhilde's beauty, she does accept the hag into her alliance. Also added to the alliance is Ursula, exiled from Atlantica after the city's conquest by Skeletor. John Silver takes his revenge for not being paid by introducing Discord to Maleficent's court; he manages to cause a great amount of damage to the hall, as well as injuring Ursula and Pete.

Victory at Last

Maleficent, now assured of Jafar's powers, demands that she "be rid of Ruber for all time." Jafar attacks Ruber's high court after the seventh month of the Ruberian Age. In the ensuing battle, the genie seemingly kills Ruber. Though Maleficent gloats in her victory, Jafar keeps the truth to himself: Ruber was merely sent to Limbo. As Maleficent rejoices, Hades arrives in her hall. The Lord of the Dead tries to spark a romantic connection, but Maleficent points to his lustful relationship with Eris during the first war; she spurns his advances. Maleficent also restores Ursula's eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, to life.


Maleficent's plans take a heavy toll when Princess Azula steals Jafar's lamp and Fire Lord Ozai becomes the new king of the world. Enraged, Maleficent works to increase her power yet again. She takes in Abis Mal and Mechanicles, two refugees from the Battle of Agrabah, also conquered by Skeletor. She assigns to Mal the task of stealing back the lamp, but she is unsurprised when he returns empty-handed.

An Encounter with Skeletor

Evil Lyn infiltrates Maleficent's lair. Maleficent, infuriated, threatens Lyn's master, Skeletor, at his Snake Mountain lair. Yet Skeletor reveals that Lyn's excursion in the lair was no mere espionage act; Skeletor already acquired all the necessary information from Lady Tremaine, now freed and with no loyalties to her former employer.

The Battle of the Forbidden Mountains

Skeletor's forces attack in full, exploiting the weakness Lyn discovered while in Maleficent's lair. Though the forces battle with mixed victories, Skeletor himself tries to enter Maleficent's lair. But the Mistress of All Evil is not one to back down from a challenge. She stops Skeletor right as he sets foot on the drawbridge. The two engage in some brief banter, each declaring his or her title with pride. This time, Maleficent spares no expense; she transforms into her dragon form. Her fire breath even manages to disarm Skeletor, separating him from his staff. But Skeletor reveals his best weapon, an enchanted sword. With two strikes, he impales Maleficent, delivering a near-fatal wound.

A Fateful Return

Right as Skeletor is about to deal the mortal blow, Hades interrupts his attack. Within a few strikes, Hades repulses Skeletor's forces. Grimhilde then traps them for capture. In gratitude, Hades and Maleficent resume their romantic relationship.

LA Maleficent (1)

Against Hordak

Yet Queen Narissa, who has survived the fight on Bald Mountain before the first war frees Hordak from the realm of Despondos and the evil horde sets out to destroy Maleficent. Hordak's forces arrive to destroy Maleficent, with Skeletor at their side. Though initially nervous, Maleficent realizes Skeletor is actually on her side; he is tired of playing second-fiddle to Hordak. Maleficent effortlessly kills Hordak's minions, and Skeletor defeats Queen Narissa. But Hordak summons a portal to Despondos. Fully aware of the threat this poses, Maleficent summons the most massive spell in her arsenal. The resulting blast wipes out Hordak's forces and levels the Forbidden Mountain. As a result, Hordak falls into a bottomless pit.

LA Dragon Maleficent

Final Fight with Skeletor

The spell's side effects open a rift into the live-action universe, transporting both Skeletor and Maleficent there. Skeletor soon ends the temporary alliance, firing lightning at Maleficent. She deflects the blast and fires a few of her own, only for Skeletor to adopt a similar tactic. Skeletor encircles Maleficent with metal rings, but she once again transforms into a dragon. A short burst of flame severely wounds Skeletor, forcing him to try his hand at swordplay. But Maleficent has plenty of energy to spare, knocking Skeletor into a (seemingly) bottomless pit.

Yet Another Universe

Maleficent finds Cruella de Vil and Doctor Claw in the live-action world. She forces them to return her to the animated world, but they end up sending her somewhere else entirely: the CGI universe.

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Disney Villains War

DVW Backstory

Speaking to Maleficent about her past is a mistake many have learned not to make. Her past is one she never wants to talk about or even slightly mention. For the Mistress of All Evil is indeed the daughter ofthe Great Evil himself, but she has turned from his side and hates him with all her heart. For her creation was an unholy union of something pure and sweet with corruption and evil.

During the Great War, Oberon gathered all of the mystical creatures to his side to protect Avalon from an invasion of the darkness. The gathering saw many creatures fleeing to Avalon, among which was the Sprite, goddess of spring. As she made her way to refuge, evil approached her. She was captured, tortured, violated, and beaten in every way possible. During her torture, the Great Evil even saw to corrupt the Sprite and had his way with her. How she managed to escape is unknown. Perhaps it was just because the Evil had become bored with her and decided to release her to begin a new game.

Nevertheless, she reached Avalon at last, only to be met with resistance. Her mingling with the Evil was something they didn't want to allow on their sacred grounds. Betrayed and alone she eventually gave birth to a daughter, leaving her in the care of the rebel elf Puck. Though she promised to return for her child, she died in the final battle of the gods, and thus Puck remained to care for the child.

Though Puck was a caring father and tried his best to raise the girl into a mighty and glorious fairy, she was tortured by horrible nightmares sent by her father. Each night, the nightmares grew worse and worse until she saw him. Wings outstretched, teeth shining and cracking, his yellow eyes beheld her as his way out of his prison. But his daughter defied him and he forced more nightmares upon her.

One night those nightmares cost her sanity. The girl Puck raised was gone entirely now, and in her place, the Mistress of all Evil was born. Choosing a name more to her liking, she took the name Maleficent. Her first act of defiance against her father was to use his old mountain stronghold and rebuild it into her fortress. Thus the Bald Mountain became the Forbidden Mountain, where now the daughter of darkness ruled. Many evil creatures were drawn to her darkness and swore allegiance to her.

Showing she was not to be trifled with, she laid many a curse upon the surrounding lands. It was she who gave life to the first gargoyles, who were afterward relentlessly hunted. She enchanted the Horned King into becoming an undead monster. She imprisoned the light of the wishing star, all for her own pleasure. Everything she does is trying to show her father that she will do what he had failed to do and that he will have to live with the shame his daughter succeeded where he failed.

But the Evil knows her plans. He knows what his daughter wants and that deep within her heart she fears him. She wants him to remain entrapped into the foul depths of the world. For when he escapes once more, she might be the first to face his full anger and hate for defying the Black God.

Vs a witch

Shortly after Diablo's petrification and Maleficent's resultant mourning, Ursula believed she would be able to lay claim to Maleficent's power. Allying with a forest-dwelling Witch, Ursula convinced her to take on Maleficent. Foolishly attempting to attack Forbidden Mountain head-on, the Witch was overcome by Maleficent's goons. Maleficent herself then stepped in, knocking the Witch from her broomstick and into a cauldron of boiling oil. Burning to death, the Witch was then petrified by Maleficent's magic.

Vs The Horned King

After witnessing both Lady Tremaine's murder of Queen Grimhilde and Doctor Facilier's rise to godhood after defeating Hades, Maleficent's pet, Diablo, tries to warn Maleficent of the budding war, only to be turned to stone by Tremaine. Discovering the petrified raven, Maleficent calls her goons before her and demands that they hunt down whoever is responsible. Before they can do so, however, Maleficent's Forbidden Mountain fortress was invaded by the Horned King, a powerful necromancer who sought to dispose of Maleficent as a rival. The Horned King summons an army of Cauldron Born. Though the warriors are immune from death, they are not immune to enchantment; thus, Maleficent is able to dispose of them. The fairy then burns the face of her adversary, forcing him to retreat.

Alliance with Hades

Hoping for some peace and quiet, Maleficent stays in her castle. But Hades arrives and proposes an alliance to take back the Underworld from Facilier. The Mistress of Evil then agrees to join. The evil pair then call upon Demona to be part of their alliance. Maleficent sends Demona on missions to find and collect spells for their forces. Maleficent then has Jafar join their alliance, much to Hades's disapproval.

Vs. Willie the Giant

Dr. Facilier, hoping to take out a big threat, sends Willie the Giant to attack the Forbidden Mountain. Maleficent sees the giant coming and prepares to fight. She climbs her tower and bombards the giant with deadly bolts, but he simply shrugs it off. Maleficent then turns into a dragon and fights Willie herself. Despite being hit with a giant club, she is able to knock the giant off a cliff.

Killing old rivals

On Forbidden Mountain, Jafar informed Maleficent that his loyal servant, Merlock, had been slain by Madam Mim in an unprovoked attack. Using her magic, Maleficent infected Mim from afar with a deadly virus. Witnessing this and disgusted with Jafar winning Maleficent's favour, Hades decided to take measures against his rival.

Deflecting one of Tremaine's magic bolts, Jafar turned Tremaine into a frog, which he then turned over to Maleficent.

Vs Mozenrath's forces

With their defenses broken and most of their forces destroyed, Maleficent, Hades, and Shan Yu decided to abandon Forbidden Mountain and seek a new lair. Meanwhile, in Paris, Facilier decided to bring his dealings with Frollo to a close, leaving him a boon: the location of the gypsy hideout, the Court of Miracles. Thanking the god for his aid, Frollo swore to purge the Court the next day.

Helping Demona

Seeking new soldiers, Maleficent at last found Demona, who had hidden herself after being cursed by Mirage. Breaking the curse and restoring Demona to gargoyle form, Maleficent welcomed her back into the fold. In their new lair, Hades and Shan Yu learned of Jafar's rise to ultimate power, and vowed to strike their old enemy down once and for all.

Vs Queen Narissa

With Chernabog released, Doctor Facilier began making preparations to use the souls of the Underworld as a power source for his master, which would make the demon unstoppable. However, Hades arrived, making one final demand to surrender the realm. Facilier refused and brought in Narissa, as Hades summoned Maleficent. The two sorceresses prepared for battle, with Narissa transforming into a Hydra and Maleficent taking the form of a dragon. With her multiple regenerating heads, Narissa got the better of Maleficent, mortally wounding her. However, in her death throes, Maleficent triggered a rock-slide that buried her opponent, killing Narissa as well. The enraged Hades prepared to battle Facilier for the throne, unaware that the treacherous Fates were plotting to cut his life-thread, ending his immortal life. Arriving in the nick of time, the Witches of Morva rendered Hades' thread unbreakable, foiling the assassination attempt. Now unkillable, Hades took his revenge, destroying the last of Facilier's shadow demons and draining the doctor's soul.

CG Maleficent

Disney Villains War 2

Coming Back

Released from his stony prison thanks to the backlash of dark magic after Chernabog's defeat, Diablo was transported to the CGI universe, taking Maleficent's robes with him. Feeding off the recent conflicts in this new world, Maleficent was restored to life. Meanwhile, the same dark magic had transported the spirit of Narissa to the live action universe, where she too was able to regain her physical form and power. Knowing she needed allies if she was to rebuild her power base, Maleficent used her magic to bring Shan Yu, Captain Hook, and Pete into her new realm, giving them back their lives in exchange for their servitude.

Teaming with Marluxia

Although Gothel's tower was a good start, Maleficent needed a more powerful stronghold for her war against the Organization. The sorceress found the Organization's forward base at Castle Oblivion and decided to take it for her own. Entering the castle, Maleficent confronted Marluxia, the Castle's highest ranking Organization member. Summoning his scythe, Marluxia prepared to do battle with the Mistress of all Evil. Maleficent and Marluxia managed to counter each other's attacks at first, and Marluxia took on a more powerful Nobody form to rid his castle of the intruder, but a powerful magic blast from Maleficent managed to penetrate his defenses and destroy him. As Marluxia disintegrated, Maleficent laid claim to Castle Oblivion.

Another Souls Free

With her forces finally assembled and the first wave of the Organization's assault halted, Maleficent called three more fallen veterans of the first war into her service: Ursula, Clayton, and Scar. With these reinforcements, Maleficent finally felt ready to meet the Organization's threat with an army of her own.

CG Dragon Maleficent

Starting the war

Deciding to take the offensive against the Organization, Maleficent found their headquarters in the dark World that Never Was. She mobilized a team consisting of Riku, Captain Hook, Shan Yu, Clayton, and Pete to attack the World, leaving nothing to chance. Xemnas and the surviving members of the Organization approached her and called on her to surrender, but Maleficent was not open to negotiations. As Shan Yu charged into the fray, attacking the Organization's Heartless minions, Xigbar opened with a volley of lasers, destroying many of Maleficent's own Heartless. Axel stepped in and beat down Shan Yu, only for Malficent to blast him with a wave of dark magic that he only barely managed to block. As Maleficent left to see to matters elsewhere, Pete punched out Axel before following his mistress, leaving a Storm Rider Heartless behind to fight for him. Axel teleported away before the Storm Rider could attack him. Luxord rode in on a ship he had commandeered, planning on shooting Captain Hook with its cannons. Fortunately for the captain, the Storm Rider took the broadside. Shot out of the air, its body faded into darkness as it hit the ground. Seeking vengeance for his near-death, Hook lept onto the ship and attacked Luxord, slaying the gambler with a slash from his rapier. Saix came to Luxord's aid, summoning a Grim Reaper Heartless to avenge his fallen comrade. With a single swipe of its axe, the Grim Reaper knocked Hook into the drink. Soon after, Riku destroyed the Heartless with a dark fireball before leaving to find Maleficent. Pete, finding himself in Xigbar's sights, summoned Clayton to his aid. The two gunmen fired at the same time, each wounding the other. However, it was Clayton who had struck the fatal blow, and Xigbar faded into darkness, joining Luxord as the next Organization member to fall. Suddenly, the battle was interrupted by Jafar, who had come to strike against Maleficent while she was distracted. Clayton called in a Stealth Sneak Heartless to aid him against the sorcerer, but was also confronted by Saix and Xaldin. As Clayton prepared to fire on them, Jafar struck down the Stealth Sneak with his magic. The immense Heartless' body fell on Clayton, crushing him to death underneath. With his ally dead, Pete backed away as the Mad Doctor came in to back up Jafar. The Doctor activated a mechanical guardian which attacked Pete with a chainsaw, taking him out of the fight. Having had enough of this distraction, Saix demolished the guardian with a single strike of his claymore. Seeing the tides had turned, the Doctor escaped through a trapdoor. Shan Yu finally recovered and struck Saix from behind, finally killing the Organization's second-in-command.

Having penetrated the Organization's stronghold, Maleficent and Riku confronted Xemnas atop his citadel. Xemnas tried to sway Riku away from Maleficent's side, telling him that only darkness awaited him down the road he was heading. To prove this, Xemnas transported the pair to an illusionary world where Riku's old friend Sora appeared. At first surprised to see his friend, Riku was startled when Sora attacked him, saying that he was only a creature of darkness now, one that deserved to be destroyed. As Maleficent tried to come to Riku's aid, she was attacked by Larxene, who seriously wounded the sorceress. As Riku collapsed under Sora's assault, he blasted him with a wave of darkness, knocking him back. As he prepared to strike again however, he was shot with a blast of light energy, knocking him out. Larxene tossed Riku's unconscious body away and prepared to duel Maleficent, again stabbing her and forcing her to retreat. As Riku regained his senses, he fled as well.

As Riku ran down the citadel's halls, he was confronted by the same robed figure who had given Maleficent the ability to control the Heartless. The figure told Riku that his doubts had weakened him sufficiently to allow Sora and Larxene to beat him, but that he could defeat them if he opened himself fully to the darkness, embracing it and becoming darkness incarnate.

As Xemnas prepared to use Kingdom Hearts to wipe out Maleficent and her forces, he saw the sorceress, still badly wounded and on the brink of death. As things looked hopeless, Riku teleported in wielding, to Xemnas' surprise, a keyblade. Riku used this powerful weapon to "unlock" Maleficent's heart, unleashing her full dark potential. So empowered, Maleficent transformed into her dragon form, assaulting Xemnas and forcing him to retreat. Sora came to Xemnas' defense, unleashing a massive burst of light that struck Maleficent down. However, Riku used his keyblade to reveal "Sora" for his true self, Zexion. As Maleficent recovered, Riku picked Zexion up and absorbed his power, killing him. Xemnas returned, unleashing the full power of Kingdom Hearts and transforming into a more powerful white-robed form. As Riku prepared to strike him, Xemnas struck first with a blast of energy, apparently slaying the youth. Maleficent moved in to avenge her pawn, but Xemnas easily disposed of her as well. Just as it appeared Xemnas had finally won, a figure stepped from the shadows: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, the true master of the Heartless. Ansem revealed that he had used both Maleficent and Riku to get close to Xemnas and remove his defenses in order to slay the Head of the Organization himself for his own reasons. Nobody and Heartless clashed in an epic battle, evenly matched, but Ansem eventually managed to strike a mortal blow against his adversary. As Xemnas disintegrated into darkness, Shan Yu, Captain Hook, and Pete arrived looking for Maleficent. Ansem thanked them for their unwitting service, restoring their dark mistress to life. Before any of them could react, Ansem accessed Kingdom Hearts' power and a blinding light washed over all those present.

Back in her world

When the light subsided, Maleficent and her generals found themselves back in Forbidden Mountain in the Animated Universe.

The love continue

As Queen La's soul arrived in the Underworld, she approached Hades and Mirage, begging them to allow her to return to the mortal world. The two gods refused, not seeing any benefit for them. La let slip that Maleficent had returned, hoping to use this information as a bargaining chip, much to Hades' shock and horror.

Meanwhile, Hades arrived on Forbidden Mountain, where he found Maleficent alive and well, just as Queen La had said. Hades tried to propose an alliance with Maleficent, reminding her of the love they had once shared. However, having her own plans in store for Hades, Mirage arrived and suggested to Maleficent that the two gods were now an item and had no more use for her. In a rage, Maleficent banished Hades back to the Underworld, vowing to bring her full wrath to bear on him if she ever saw him or Mirage again.

Teaming with the sorcerer society

With the Sorcerers' Society assembled, Maleficent gave the group their first mission: an assault on the Underworld and the destruction of Mirage's forces. When Mirage asked how the Society managed to get into the realm of the dead, Yzma and Kronk confessed they had no idea, but that didn't deter them from their task. Hecate, Queen La, and Chang, taking the form of a dragon, moved in to defend Mirage, who summoned a gigantic crystal monster to aid them. The monster scored the first hit, knocking Yzma into the mud. Queen La managed to knock out Mozenrath with a blast from her staff, as Ayam Aghoul managed to keep Chang at bay with his bombs. As the crystal monster made to attack again, Madame Mim transformed herself into a rhino and shattered it with a charge, spraying flames all over the throne room. La made to finish off Mozenrath, but he seized some sand from the River Styx and blew it in her face, causing her to fall into dust once again. Mirage and Chang fled, but Hecate remained behind, unwilling to lose another battle. However, Aghoul brought out a massive skull bomb and blew the goddess to pieces, echoing his first victory over her.

Dragon Maleficent (DVW2)

Vs Ursula

Hearing that Ursula had returned to life, Maleficent travelled to Atlantica to renew their alliance. To the sorceress' shock, Ursula rejected her, saying that she had found a new master and he had given her power far greater than any Maleficent could offer her. Infuriated, Maleficent transformed into her dragon form to make Ursula pay for her insolence. Summoning a cloud of mist, Ursula managed to evade Maleficent's flames, which Ursula gathered together and turned back on the dragon. With several more magical blasts, Ursula transformed Maleficent into a withered sea creature. Although beaten, Maleficent managed to return to her true form, swearing that Ursula would live to regret crossing her.

Teaming with Queen Grimhilde

Locating Narissa, Facilier and Hoagy renewed their alliance, and the three began making plans to destroy Hades once and for all. Back in England, Maleficent arrived as Grimhilde continued to languish in her madness. Brushing off Ratcliffe's attempt to seize her, Maleficent restored Grimhilde's sanity in exchange for her servitude. Reluctantly, Grimhilde accepted.

King Triton Sea Polyp.jpg

Betrayed by the Sorcerer Society

He revealed to the Society that he was now allied with Maleficent, and they had betrayed her by attacking him. The shocked Yzma and Mozenrath told Aghoul and Mim to fall back, but Tremaine took advantage of the distraction to cast Aghoul from the tower, apparently killing him. The other Society members were forced to surrender to the King and Tremaine.

Prepared for the final battle

At Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent welcomed Grimhilde and Ratcliffe into her alliance, revealing her own minions. Ratcliffe was far from happy to see Pete and Hook still alive, but Grimhilde promised Maleficent there would be no trouble.

The Last War

In England, Frollo arrived at the head of a French army ready to take back his territories from Grimhilde. Hun archers fired down on the Huntsclan and Foreign Legion soldiers, who returned fire, managing to drive the Huns back. Ratcliffe led an army of ogres into the fray, only to be pushed back by the French militia and Foreign Legion. Maleficent arrived on the scene, blasting a cliffside and causing a rockfall which killed several Huntsclan warriors. Mechanicles arrived, piloting a giant centipede robot, but taking a lesson from Maleficent, Ratcliffe trained his guns on the cliffs and buried the robot before it could attack. One of the segments suddenly sprang to life and attacked Captain Hook's pirates, but they fired a cannonball into its exhaust port, destroying it. As Frollo started breaking in the gates of Grimhilde's castle, Ratcliffe tried to take him down with a rifle, but McLeach came to Frollo's defense, just as Ratcliffe turned his weapon on Hook. Ratcliffe's attempted treachery was short lived, however, as Hook's pirates vengefully attacked him. Sarousch tried to lend his aid to Ratcliffe, but Shan Yu seized him and slit his throat. More of Mechanicles' centipede segments attacked, but Igthorn's ogres managed to destroy them. The centipede's head, with Mechanicles himself inside, rose from the rubble, sprouted wings, and attacked the ogres before shooting down Igthorn himself. Maleficent decided to end the battle, summoning a rain of fire that decimated the French and English troops, causing Shan Yu and Mechanicles to flee, though Mechanicles' craft had been damaged and crash-landed in the wilderness. At that moment, the Horned King's Cauldron Born arrived, driving Pete and the rest of the armies from the battlefield. Frollo managed to hack his way through the gates, going to confront his enemies alone. He failed to see Captain Hook, who had survived Ratcliffe's attack, coming after him.

As the battle for England reached its fever pitch, Frollo searched the castle for Queen Grimhilde and Prince John, determined to end the war single-handedly. The Sheriff of Nottingham, seeking to defend his master, chased after Frollo with a torch, knocking him to the ground. Frollo brought out his sword as Captain Hook caught up to the two. Meanwhile, higher up in the castle, John and Grimhilde turned on Maleficent, angered at how she had killed their own forces just as readily as Frollo's. As the castle was engulfed in flames, Frollo and the Sheriff duelled, with Frollo gaining the upper hand and knocking the wolf off his feet before continuing upwards. As Maleficent faced the betrayal of her allies, she used her magic to transform Grimhilde back into her hag form for real, just as Frollo burst into the room, quickly followed by Hook. John sent his guardsmen to seize Maleficent, but she transformed herself into her dragon form. As Frollo and Hook's duel took them out onto the balcony, Maleficent attacked and slew John, devouring him whole. As Maleficent breathed fire throughout the chamber, accelerating the inferno already burning below, Grimhilde searched through one of her spellbooks for a spell that could defeat Maleficent. As Frollo prepared to strike Hook a final blow, Grimhilde found the spell and began casting it, knocking Frollo off his perch atop a gargoyle. In his madness, Frollo believed the gargoyle had come to life, and the castle exploded in a torrent of fire and magic, apparently killing everyone inside.

Disney Villains War 3

LA Maleficent (2)

In Another Dimension

Hook introduced Horvath to his mistress, Maleficent having also been transported to the live action realm by the Evil Queen's curse and was in need of help to seize control of this realm and Horvath was willing to help.

Helping in killing Blackbeard

Captain Hook and Maleficent had located the fountain of youth but found it guarded by Blackbeard, who had previously used it to restore his life, and his daughter Angelica. Hook and Blackbeard started clashing swords until Blackbeard knocked Hook down. At the same time, Angelica held Maleficent at blade point. But Maleficent knocked her away with a little blast of magic. Maleficent then used her magic to make the water around the fountain tear the flesh from Blackbeard's bones, killing him as Angelica looked on in horror.

LA Maleficent Rejuvenated

LA Maleficent (3)


Maleficent drank from the Fountain of Youth restoring her into a new complete form.

Hades found that Maleficent was acting rather oddly but he shrugged it off. However, his allies were not so willing to.

Meanwhile Maleficent was visited by a strange spectre who showed her that if she did nothing to stop the Seekers horrible things would happen. Maleficent was horrified upon seeing this vision.

Maleficent returned to her team after her vision and explained their new goal was to stop what might happen.

Disney Villains War Reboot


Maleficent appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original, though altered with few changes. She rests on the Forbidden Mountain when a group of barbarians suddenly attack the castle. After a series chain of events, Maleficent resurfaces only to discover her pet, Diablo, turned to stone, and most of her army in disarray. In response, Maleficent strikes down the barbarians, before she confronts the Horned King, who revealed to be the person responsible for the siege and her pet's tragic fate). In her fury, she blasted a lightning bolt at her foe, blinding him, forcing the King and his warriors to retreat.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War

Opening Battles and Schemes

Maleficent first appears as the shadowy mistress controlling Jafar in the series. In her shadowy form, Maleficent commissions Jafar to put together a team of villains for her and eliminate various magical threats. This leads Jafar to fight Mandarin, Nicholas Scratch, and Mesmero as well as recruit Ursula, Captain Hook, and Pete for Maleficent's alliance. At the same time, Maleficent forges a tightly knit partnership with Hades.

Because of this alliance, Hades's archenemy, Loki sends his second in command, the Enchantress, to eliminate Maleficent. Maleficent tasks her minions with destroying the new enemy, but the Enchantress manages to trounce them. Enraged, Maleficent tries to strike the Enchantress down, only for the Enchantress to absorb her magic. Unfazed, Maleficent tries again, leading the Enchantress to teleport away from the blast sites. In the fracas, the Enchantress turns Diablo, Maleficent's adored pet raven, to stone. Now livid with fury, Maleficent strikes down the Enchantress with a powerful shot of lightning. Maleficent then unleashes a full maelstrom of dark magic, unleashing it upon the Enchantress and knocking her unconscious. Just before Maleficent deals the killing blow, the Executioner arrives and hurries the Enchantress through an escape portal.

Tension in the Ranks

Maleficent calls her forces together, with Jafar initially at their head. However, in a surprise turn of events, Maleficent presents Hades as her second-in-command. Jafar, having done most of Maleficent's dirty work, is less than appreciative. Noticing this, Maleficent arranges for Jafar to fight an opponent he cannot defeat so easily. She sends Jafar after the mutant, Magneto, who has control over anything metal. Jafar does well at first, but Magneto starts to gain the advantage. To help Jafar out, Hades turns Jafar into a genie. However, this provides Magneto the opportunity to terminate Jafar for good. The mutant succeeds in eliminating Maleficent's most powerful warrior, to her outrage.

Knowing that she needs to cover her losses, Maleficent turns to a new protegé of Hades, Avalanche. Seeing potential in the mutant, Maleficent promises Avalanche the heart of his beloved, Kitty Pryde, in return for some small tasks. She pairs the mutant with her subordinate, Captain Hook. In the meantime, another of Maleficent's goons, Ursula, discovers the rise of the supervillain, Venom. Maleficent has the sea-witch deal with the threat.

The Hellfire Club unleashes the Phoenix, hoping to defeat Maleficent with its power. Maleficent recognizes that she cannot defeat her foe in her fairy form and transforms into a dragon in order to meet the threat. Maleficent launches fireball after fireball, but the Phoenix dodges and blasts her in the face with some energy. Maleficent manages to endure the blow and hit the Phoenix force with a direct burst of fire breath, killing the Hellfire Club members within.

Living in a Digital World

Maleficent soon discovers that Pete, one of her council members, has been defeated in battle. However, Pete, very much alive, calls out to Maleficent from within AIM's computer system. Maleficent sees this new dimension as a place from which she can conquer various parts of the world and teleports into it, aiding Pete in his exploration. Unfortunately, this lack of leadership leads Maleficent's alliance above to crumble.

Maleficent and Pete soon encounter Silver Sable, who seeks to terminate them. The two prepare themselves for battle, but Silver Sable manages to incapacitate Pete very quickly. Maleficent readies a spell, but Silver Sable stabs her with a sai. Maleficent tries yet again, but Sable shoots her, severely wounding her. Fortunately for Maleficent, Pete defeats and kills Silver Sable for her.

Severely injured, Maleficent is helpless when Mysterio attacks and defeats Pete. Suddenly, she receives a powerful revival when David Xanatos computes a cure for her injuries. Revitalized, Maleficent strikes down Mysterio with a pulse of magical energy. Now on top of her game, she blasts Mysterio again, nearly killing the villain with magic. Mysterio escapes, while Maleficent contents herself to her victory. Maleficent and Pete come across the blueprints for the supervillain, Ultron, but before they can inspect them, Xanatos teleports them out of the computer. The two appear on Captain Hook's ship, returned to their own dimension.

The Sorcerer Society

Maleficent returns to find her alliance in shambles with the desertion of Ursula. Knowing that she will need a trump card for the battles to come, Maleficent hires the forces of the Sorcerer Society - Mozenrath, Yzma, Ayam Aghoul, and Mad Madam Mim. The group becomes useful, as Loki has assembled a force of supervillains called the Masters of Evil to take the Forbidden Mountains. The Sorcerer's Society manages to take the enemy out, but at a heavy cost; only Ayam Aghoul survives the battle. Seeing no further use for Aghoul, Maleficent kills him.

The Casket of Ancient Winters

Maleficent hears of a powerful artifact called the Casket of Ancient Winters. She learns that it is in the possession of Malekith; thus, she sends Avalanches and Captain Hook to retrieve it. The two both fail, but Captain Hook retreats from the battle rather than fight to the end, like Avalanche. Disgusted with his failure, Maleficent kills Captain Hook when he tries to snivel his way out of punishment.

Round Ten-Twelve

However, things soon began to Maleficent's way once more. Because of the Evil Queen's poor leadership of the Horned King's empire, Maleficent was able to once again cement her power. Also, after the event of the gang war, Maleficent gained an ally in the newly freed Queen Narissa. Things began to improve even more when Hades revived the lost Avalanche for Maleficent, putting her master plan back on track.

However, Loki's forces still loomed over her. To Maleficent's delight, however, the Evil Queen launched a full-scale attack on Asgard, wiping out the Queen's empire and severely damaging Loki's. Maleficent herself also did away with the Evil Queen's ally (as well as the man who killed Jafar), Magneto. Hades also became the King of Olympus and this added power boost told Maleficent that now was the time to complete her master plan.

Round Thirteen

Because the seal on the gates of Hell could only be opened by one who has a pure heart, Maleficent worked her magic through Snow White to get around that pesky limitation. She succeeded in partially opening the door and began the rise of her master, only to suddenly be confronted with Loki and his minions: Enchantress, Executioner, Dr. Doom, Mordo, and Ultron for control of Midgard. Maleficent immediately ordered her goons to attack. But they were no match for Ultron and were quickly dispatched. Loki and Doom sat back and observed the final battle while their allies moved forward in the attack.

Pete and Narissa battled with Ultron and Mordo but, ultimately, Pete ended up being hung, non-fatally, by Ultron while Narissa was taken out by Mordo's magic. Maleficent and Hades both avenged their fallen comrades by taking out both Mordo and Ultron. Satisfied with her victory, Maleficent returned to her throne room to complete her spell. In the meantime, Loki and Hades both fell to one another's attacks

In Maleficent's throne room, Avalanche, possessed by Chernabog, spoke with Maleficent about releasing the rest of his being and all of his dark armies into the worlds. Maleficent then left to personally take care of Doom, materializing on the bridge in front of him, then used her magic to create demons to attack Doom. She then used her powers to prevent him from moving out of the way, then proceeding to separate Zurg's life-force from Doom, reverting the Doctor to his usual armored state.

Chernabog, sensing that his servant was doing well, quickly arrived at the gate to help her finish the job, just before Doom vaporized Avalanche's body with his suit's technology, causing Chernabog to finally be released from his host's body. The demon lord thanked Doom for helping him get free by throwing him into the cosmos. Just as Chernabog was about to gain total control over the entire universe, Galactus arrived to consume Earth, ordering the two villains to leave. Chernabog, seeing this as a chance to really cut loose, engaged in a battle with Galactus, with Maleficent having transformed into a fiery dragon to help her master. Galactus was able to throw a fire blast back at Maleficent, destroying her completely, but soon afterward fell to Chernabog's power, only for the demon king to end up merging with Mickey, and become the stupid feral creature, Julius.

Disney vs. Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Part 2 Round 1

In part 2 of the war, when Chernabog ended up getting fused with Mickey and becoming Julius (as Feral Mickey), their resulting fusion removed Avalance from Chernabog's control, but also sending the boy into Queen Grimhilde's dungeon. The mutant soon woke up and tried to escape the dungeon, but his memory of Maleficent managed to resurrect her somewhat like a memory replica, who then tried to turn the boy back into the darkness to try and bring her back to full life, using his memories of Shadowcat to convince him. However, Avalanche refused her offer, and Maleficent quickly dissipated back into the shadows...for the time being, at least.

Maleficent's Return

After Pete escaped from the anchor and lost his battle to regain the Criminal Underworld from Medusa, he retreated to an old base of Maleficent, muttering on what was going to happen to the plan now that she was slain. However, Pete ended up encountering Diablo, who brought Maleficent with him. As it turns out, Maleficent's memory form DID become real after all, having gained enough memory power to merge with her spirit in the Underworld to become real once more. Once back in the land of the living, Maleficent ordered Pete to re-establish her empire by recruiting new Disney Villains that escaped from the Underworld with her and sent them to capture more of the 7 Princesses of Heart in an attempt to try and reopen the Final Keyhole again.

LA Dragon Maleficent (2)

Disney vs. Marvel Villains War - Part 3

Disney vs. Anime Villains War

Teaming with Facilier

Meanwhile in the Forbidden Mountains, Dr. Facilier shows to Maleficent the defeat of Hades, Maleficent angered by his defeat, tries to forge and alliance with the doctor so they together avenge Him, but Facilier has other way's to avenge Hades.

Vs LadyDevimon

Babidi sends LadyDevimon to destroy the witch Maleficent, knowing that she's a threat to his plans. LadyDevimon is more than ready to attack Maleficent and outwits his powers. But what Lady Devimon has to think is that if she is ready to face the Mistress of All Evil?

Vs Velina

Velina starts to invade the Forbidden Mountains, to absorb Maleficent's power to become stronger with an amulet of Darkness, Mal is not impressed at first but when Velina starts defeating his minions the Mistress of All Evil decides to take matter on his own hands.

New requests

In the Forbidden Mountains, Tremaine wants to be Mal's Second in Command, but Yzma arrives and wants the same. maleficent decide to send the both to eliminate someone and the one who kill's him is the winner. Maleficent show's to both Tremaine and Yzma a powerful sorcerer that is looking for the Grimorumm, to become more powerful and that their mission is to take the book and beat him.

Revealing something

In Paris Maleficent arrives and decides to forge and alliance with Frollo. As Ratcliffe is in charge, Grimhilde, and his allies turn down the offer. As Maleficent get's insulted by mere mortal's the Mistress of All Evil decides to reveal Grimhilde's secret: That she is a witch using the black arts for her own ambitions, Ratcliffe orders to trap the evil fairy, giving a chance to the evil Queen and Hook to escape.

Teaming with a God

Maleficent and his allies are trying to find a way to beat Him now that he's Devimon's ally, but for their surprise a certain God wants to form an alliance to get rid of Him and Devimon for good.

Vs Babidi and Majin Buu

Maleficent and hades discuss about the events of the War, as Him's forces are increasing in number and strength. As they were goin to think how to beat Him, Babidi interferes with the conversation and brought his creature to eliminate Maleficent by orders of the Queen Grimhilde. As Maleficent take's care of the wizard Hades decides to finish what the Cardinal Demons started many Years ago.

Her victory

Maleficent and his forces celebrate Grimhilde's death with one enemy out of the way. but much to Maleficent's chagrin Hades survived and decides to tell the story about the Cardinal Demon's.

Demanding answers

Maleficent and his allies want to know how does Hades knows so much about Majin Buu, having no other choice Hades explains what happened many years back before he was Lord of the Death and how he knows about Buu.

Vs Bowser's Forces

Now Devimon and Bowser attack Maleficent's forces. Mal and his allies do there best to defeat Devimon's allies, Bowser releases his children to help him. Meanwhile Ice Devimon and Puppetmon join the fray to eliminate this powerful enemies. As things are heating up the doctor friend's arrive too. Will Mal's forces rule supreme?

Vs Devimon

Now Maleficent prepares his forces for the incoming attack of Devimon, as soon as the digital monster appears the Goon's are easily defeated, Maleficent furious takes matter into his own hands and transforms in a dragon. Who will proof to be superior the Mistress of All Evil or the Digital Monster who invented the nightmares?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Talking with Hades

In the Underworld Garlic speaks with Hades about the reunion of the Cardinal demons, but now knowing about Mirage intentions Hades wants time to think and talk about it with Maleficent.

Getting Dragon Balls

Meanwhile Pain and Panic have found all of the Dragon Balls and they make a quick stop to leave them to someone...In the Forbidden Mountains Pain and Panic give the Dragon Balls to Maleficent from Hades orders.

Animated vs. Video Game Villains War

Meeting Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Doofenshmirtz, hoping to gain some respect from other villains, visited The Forbidden Mountains where Hades, Jafar, Pete, and Maleficent were currently residing to show off his new invention: A dimensional portal. Impressed by the prospect of dimensional travel, but not by Doofenshmirtz himself, Maleficent sweet talked the doctor to give her the invention, he complied and the four villains all left and activated the machine, sending them into the video game realm.

Vs Mz Ruby

After leaving Jafar and Gruntilda, Maleficent appeared outside a castle, but she failed to notice the swamp outside where Mz. Ruby lived, and attacked her for trespassing. As the voodoo alligator fired off voodoo spells, Maleficent warped around the battlefield to dodge them. Maleficent then conjured up a powerful spell which struck Mz. Ruby down.

Making her faction

Entering the castle, Maleficent found a magical orb, which she used to summon two villains into the dimension to aid her: Oogie Boogie and Tai Lung.

Pete caught up with Jafar and Maleficent (who had left the castle with her new allies) and showed off the Heartless to them. While they were both impressed, Maleficent ordered Pete to find out what happened to Hades.

Realizing that there won't be an easy way for her to return, Maleficent used a spell to send an image of herself to an old ally; Black Wolf. She told him to guard her castle and the Forbidden Mountains, which he accepted in haste.

Finding an important information

Shortly after his battle with the clone, Xehanort told Maleficent about 7 Princesses of Heart and the power they would get if they gathered them all.

Maleficent returned to her base and told her faction (that was there at the time) about Xehanort's story about the princesses, while a lost and confused Alice stumbled upon their base.

Her New Quest

After being ordered by Maleficent to start searching for Princesses of Heart in the animated dimension, Jafar went out and learned of a princess who may be who he was looking for.

Wanting to get more info about the Princesses of Heart, Maleficent sought out Master Xehanort only to find him "kidnapped" by Braig, who said he wanted to take down a big faction leader. He also informed her that he could take down Xehanort at any given moment. Braig shot Maleficent once but she retaliated with a small orb of magic which hit Braig in the eye and freed Xehanort while he was stunned. Braig then retreated.

Reviving Oogie Boogie

Lock, Shock, and Barrel finally met up with Maleficent. They asked her about Oogie Boogie, and Maleficent decided to revive him.With Oogie revived, he quickly teamed back up with Maleficent, although he might need to recover.

New Members in her Faction

Wanting to attack Master Hand for having Bowser steal the last Princess, Maleficent hired Vector and Muntz to help out in the coming battle. Vector was happy to agree, but Muntz had second thoughts, until Maleficent showed him his reward if he was to help: the bird of Paradise Falls.

Dark Ace entered Maleficent's base and told her that Cyclonis ordered them to make a temporary alliance with her to help take down Master Hand.

Against Master Hand's Forces

Now that their defenses had been destroyed, Maleficent, Jafar, Tai Lung, Pete, a Shadow Clone of Oogie Boogie (Made by the bag of bugs himself so he could still recover at the base) and Master Xehanort entered the scene. They were immediately attacked by Wario, Gruntilda and her sisters, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kefka, and Kuja. Right off the bat, Tai Lung was able to crush both of Grunty's sisters causing the bag of bones to temporary flee. Bowser fired his cannon at the clone which easily disposed of it. Though Tai Lung and Jafar easily destroyed the cannon, Grunty returned in a huge tank to protect herself and started firing one huge spell. But when Maleficent made Gruntilda drop the spell things got explosive. After watching the tank explode, Wario decided that if he stayed around, he'd end up like Gruntilda and left the battlefield, Bowser joined him shortly after a failed battle with Pete. While all this commotion was going on, Kefka convinced Kuja to join the fray. He did so but was easily disposed of by Jafar. Out of nowhere, Braig entered the battlefield. While he was easily defeated he claimed he was "buying time" and left. Meanwhile Master Xehanort found Princess Peach and absorbed her power. Using her power and the power from the other 6 princesses he was able to summon Kingdom Hearts over the battlefield and tried to absorb its power. Seeing that the ruse was up, Xehanort had Vanitas go and kill Tai Lung. After seeing his murder (and after being decked by Ganondorf) Pete decided it was time for him to get out of this fight. Ganondorf summoned Master Hand to the fight, seeing this Master Xehanort revealed that the giant hand was actually being controlled by Tabuu. But before Ganondorf could react, Jafar summoned a portal that banished Ganondorf to an unknown realm. Seeing this as a good time, Kefka joined the fight. Jafar fired a huge magic blast at him. While Kefka was unaffected, the chains on Master Hand broke off. Jafar, enraged that he couldn't take out a clown used his last wish to turn into a genie. Though he wasn't expecting Kefka to cast a spell on the lamp that came with it which trapped Jafar in the lamp. Having enough fun for the day, Kefka left the battlefield. Master Hand tried to finish this fight by taking out Maleficent, but she easily disposed of him. Tabuu shot off a pair on deadly rings. Which not only injured Maleficent, but closed off Kingdom Hearts. Seeing his plan failed, Xehanort had no other choice then to leave Subspace. To see the winner of the fight, Maleficent and Tabuu both charged up one last attack. But, Maleficent was able to attack first, finishing Tabuu, and causing portals to spread all around the world. One of which consumed Maleficent, and another Jafar's lamp.

Back In The Natal World

The portal took Maleficent back to the Animated Dimension in her castle where she met up with Black Wolf and Shan-Yu. Though Jafar's lamp was nowhere to be seen.

Angered at Blackwolf and Shan Yu

Furious about the fact that neither Shan-Yu or Black Wolf had done anything in the war, Maleficent made them act.

Finding a Replacement of Jafar

Word quickly spread that Jafar was missing, and Maleficent needed someone to replace him. So Morrigan the DarkStalker arrived at the Castle, hoping to replace Jafar. But Mozenrath also appeared, and was eager to take the position. So Maleficent decided they needed to prove to her who was more worthy in a battle, the winner would replace Jafar as a general. The two dodged around each other's magical attacks until Mozenrath's blast landed and sealed Morrigan in a crystal.

Having an Important information

Now in her faction, Mozenrath told Maleficent about a powerful artifact called the Skull Heart, which had the ability to grant any woman a wish.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Charizard

Maleficent arrives in Viridian City and demands to become queen. Eliza does not like this idea, and so Charizard comes in to fight. Though Maleficent's dragon form is powerful, Charizard might have a little ace up its wings...


Finally, Queen Narissa resurrects the Mistress of All Evil.

Disney Heroes vs Villains War

Her fate

A long time ago, in a land far away, the wicked fairy Maleficent cursed the princess Aurora to an eternal slumber. Aided by the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Aurora's lover Prince Phillip battled Maleficent, who took on the form of a terrible dragon. The battle was fierce, but Phillip, wielding a sword blessed by the good fairies' magic, eventually struck down Maleficent. All believed that her evil had ended forever, but that was not the case.In recent years, Maleficent, her soul damned to the Underworld after her death, managed to recover enough of her power to access the palace of Hades, the god of the dead. Having gotten Hades' attention, Maleficent told him that she had been planning a scheme to gather the forces of darkness throughout the world to usher in a new age of evil. She only needed Hades to restore her to the land of the living to begin her plot. In return, Maleficent promised to give Hades the opportunity and power to depose Zeus, king of the gods, who is Hades' brother and long-standing rival. Intrigued, Hades agreed. On Maleficent's suggestion, Hades flew out to begin by striking at the Middle Eastern city of Agrabah.

Vs Mickey Mouse

Maleficent, ready to show the world she had returned for vengeance, attempted to take out the powerful sorcerer Yen Sid, knowing he was one of the greatest threats to her plan. Seeking Yen Sid at his tower, Maleficent instead found the sorcerer's apprentice, Mickey Mouse. Mickey donned Yen Sid's hat, the source of his great powers, to defend himself. Maleficent fired a bolt of lightning at Mickey but Mickey caught it, turned it into a ball of energy, and threw it back at Maleficent. Maleficent quickly put up a shield to protect herself, then summoned a flood to drown Mickey. Maleficent then took command of the water, thrashing Mickey around and sucking him down a whirlpool, sending him to parts unknown. At that moment, Yen Sid arrived and began to use his own magic to counter Maleficent's. As he was charging up an attack, however, Maleficent blasted Yen Sid with a powerful bolt of magic. When the smoke from the blast cleared, Maleficent and Yen Sid were gone. When Goofy and Minnie Mouse, Mickey's friends, arrived, all they could find was Yen Sid's hat.

A meeting on Forbidden Mountain

In her citadel atop Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent met with her allies, including a new face, the pirate Captain Hook. She sent her raven familiar Diablo out to search the world for groups of heroes.Deciding the time was right, Maleficent announced her return to the world, demanding the heroes surrender themselves. Instead, the champions of good massed to defend their world.

Talking with Frollo

As the League departed from Paris, Frollo arrived at the Palace of Justice, where he was met by Jafar, Hades, and Maleficent. Not happy to see the sorcerers and dark god, Frollo's mood sunk lower when they informed him that they had succeeded where he had failed, capturing many more heroes. Maleficent told Frollo to see that the prisoners faced "justice", warning him not to fail again.

Vs Merlin's Forces

As the group was tending to Ariel, Diablo suddenly flew in, heralding the arrival of Maleficent and her allies, the Horned King, the Inca sorceress Yzma, Bill Sykes, and Lady Tremaine. Confident the others could stand against Maleficent without his help, Merlin disappeared to save Arthur. The Fairy Godmother tried to make the first move, but Maleficent struck first, instantly turning her to stone. Lady Tremaine then took up the Fairy Godmother's wand for herself. Maleficent's goons then lept in, attacking Prince Phillip and tying him up. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather tried to help him but Yzma threw a potion at them which made them vanish into thin air. Rejoicing at capturing her mortal enemy, Maleficent and her group departed, not noticing Ariel watching in horror from her hiding place.

Plan to free Chernabog and destroy the heroes

Meanwhile, on Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent gathered all of her allies to explain her master plan: using the pure spirits of the captured princesses, she would summon the Black God Chernabog, who would remake the world in his dark image, giving all the assembled villains a place at his side as the world's new masters.Returning to Forbidden Mountain, Jafar and Hades presented her with the lamp containing the captive Merlin. With the greatest leader of the heroes captured, Maleficent and her army prepared to step up the offensives against the remaining resistance.

Listening Chernabog's plan

Meanwhile, on Forbidden Mountain, Chernabog's spirit contacted Maleficent and Hades, asking them to hasten their efforts to sacrifice the princesses to him and bring him into the mortal world. Both villains assured him that his time was coming very soon.

Watching the prisoners

With the time of the sacrifice growing near, Maleficent looked over the princesses (Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella) held in the dungeons of Forbidden Mountain to make sure that they were still safely imprisoned. Besides these three, the other princesses were held in her allies' strongholds so that none of the heroes could free them all at once.

Tasking Hades and Jafar

Despite Pain and Panic's efforts, Hades quickly found out about Mickey's escape, promising to maim his lackeys for their failure after his coming meeting with Maleficent. Worried that the heroes would free the other princesses after the fall of the Horned King's citadel and the escape from the Underworld, Maleficent tasked Hades and Jafar with finding the Spring Sprite so they could use her to awaken the Firebird.As Hades and the Firebird returned, Maleficent and Chernabog were pleased, being that much closer to Chernabog's return to the mortal world.

Keeping an eye on Horned King

The Horned King, Lady Tremaine, and Bill Sykes returned to Forbidden Mountain after the destruction of the King's citadel, but they were in for a rude welcome. Maleficent was enraged with their failure, insulting them and telling them to stay at Forbidden Mountain so she could keep a closer eye on them.After finding out that Frollo had turned against her, Maleficent decided to nip another threat in the bud. Feeling the feud between Grimhilde and the Horned King could boil over into open conflict, she ordered the King and his followers to reinforce Grimhilde's forces at her castle. Reluctantly, the King agreed. Madame Medusa was forced to break the news to Bill Sykes, who was also none too happy about this arrangement.

Hatred with Frollo

Paying a visit to McLeach and his band of hunters, Maleficent told him of Frollo's planned treachery. To keep an eye on the mad judge, Maleficent ordered McLeach to send some of his men to keep Frollo concentrating on the heroes instead of her.Another fierce rivalry was about to heat up as Frollo assembled his army to bring Maleficent to justice, with Chernabog watching this new development with curiosity and delight.While preparing to strike against Maleficent, Frollo was informed by his spies that several of his men, including Shan Yu and Captain Hook, were still loyal to the sorceress and had been working behind his back with her since the beginning of the war. With Shan Yu still at Castle Grimhilde, Frollo took out his anger on Hook, but before he could punish him for his treason, Maleficent appeared and teleported out with her ally.

Vs Hercules and Merlin

Recovering from the initial shock, the heroes charged into battle once more, with many of them attacking the dragon Maleficent. However, her fiery breath kept them at bay as she bore down on Hercules, determined to kill the demigod who had caused her so much trouble. The others tried to keep her distracted, but Maleficent easily knocked them aside.Maleficent backed Hercules up against a cliff and, despite Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins' attempts to keep her occupied, she knocked the sword from his hands, pinning him to the ground and preparing to tear him apart. As she went in for the kill, Merlin leaped off a ledge above her and transformed himself into a walrus, crushing her beneath his weight. While Maleficent throttled Merlin, Hercules seized the opportunity to retrieve his sword. Before Maleficent could attack him again, Hercules hurled the blade into her chest. As another tremor shook the earth, Hercules, Merlin, and the other heroes got to safety as the cliff collapsed beneath Maleficent's weight. Chernabog looked down and saw Maleficent's cloak with Hercules' sword through it, all that remained of the sorceress.

Young Maleficent.jpeg

Disney Heroes vs. Villains - Part Two

Back again

Arriving in the CG universe, Pete met up with Diablo, who was bearing his mistress Maleficent's robes. Pete finished his role in Maleficent's master plan by using the magic of this new universe to return Maleficent to life, ready to conquer a new world. However, Maleficent wasn't the only one seeking out fresh worlds to terrorize.

Heroes vs. Villains

A New Score

Inside her citadel on the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent contacts her fellow allies, including the Greek god of the dead Hades, the Agrabah sorcerer Jafar, the voodoo witch doctor Dr. Facilier, and the fanatical judge of Paris Judge Claude Frollo, planning new ideas to dominate the world. The meeting, however, is intercepted by the arrival of the mad genius Mok Swagger who happens to know a way to rid of the heroes in this world. Showing the assembled villains his powerful super-computer, he offers to aid the villains in their plans by gathering his own allies. Intrigued by his offering, Maleficent accepts him into her inner circle. During the early skirmishes, Maleficent sent her allies on missions to rid of the heroes, though some of them resulted in failure.

Particularly, in one of her missions, the Russian mad monk Rasputin, also one of Maleficent's new additions, proposes to remain in her faction as long as his greatest enemy, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, the last living relative of the Russian Imperial Family, is eliminated; the witch complies by creating a storm in the seas of Europe, where Anastasia and her companions are currently situated. Using dark powers, she casts a sleeping spell on Anastasia while on a boarding ship, tempting her to jump out of the ship. Sadly for her, Anastasia's companion Dimitri rescues her from the near-suicidal attempt, leaving Maleficent, Rasputin, and her allies in dismay. Despite their loss, Maleficent silences her allies, planning a new avenue for their upcoming conflict. On her part, Maleficent meets with the French noblewoman Lady Tremaine, proposing her a seat in her alliance. Sooner than she made her offering, Tremaine joins forces with her on the Forbidden Mountain.

Soon enough, Maleficent tasked Rasputin in capturing Princess Jasmine for Mok's plans. In order to fulfill his mission, the witch offers him a reliquary of dark powers to aid him in his battles, although in exchange for costing his soul. During those moments, the gathering is intercepted by the arrival of the wicked virus Thrax, who arrives with intentions to gather new additions for his employer. Though Maleficent states that she is fine as it is, she is intrigued by Thrax's capabilities. As such, she suggests to aid Rasputin in his mission, a task Thrax accepts and thrives, bringing Jasmine before Maleficent and Mok.

Disney Vs Comics War

Villains Battles

Pre-War: Plan to stop Chernabog

At the same time Maleficent starts recruiting her friends to help her stop Chernabog do this invasion. For this she plans recruit two old rivals of Chernabog to help them.

Informed by Eris

Eris informes Maleficent of what happened. As they go where Hades is, the Mistress of all Evil witnesses as the god falls under depression because of his wife's demise. As the goddess of discord leaves them alone, Maleficent swears she will do anything to make Chernabog pay for her Hades.

Vs Chernabog

The demon Chernabog summoned the witch Maleficent to join forces with her for a reason: take over the world. But she refused and the demon engaged a death fight with Maleficent as she turned into a dragon, however Chernabog easily kills her off after Maleficent tried to wound him severely.

Meeting with Hades again

In the Underworld, the god of the death Hades was angry because he didn't get his revenge on Zeus. However, Maleficent's soul appeared to join forces with the god of death for some reasons: first to take down Chernabog, then to take down Zeus and conquer Mount. Olympus. However, the god quickly accepts now happy that someone understands him.

Vs Ursula

Following the events of the war, Hades and Maleficent plan their uprising against Chernabog, but they don't need to do it because the sea witch Ursula decided to attack them under Chernabog's orders...

New allies

With Ursula dead, Hades escapes from the River Styx and Maleficent informs him that she killed the Sea Witch after she thrown the god of death in the river. Quickly, they meet Radamanthys, who wants to help them in taking out Chernabog. The duo accept him in exchange of his respect upon Hades and Maleficent.In the Underworld, Maleficent, Hades and their allies decide to send some of their group to take out some of Chernabog's alliance. Right in that moment, Dr. Eggman arrives to help the alliance in taking out the demon of the Bald Mountain along with his robots. As they welcome him in their alliance in exchange of his undying loyalty.

Teaming with Rasputin

After Samhain's death, Maleficent, Hades and their allies plot to free the Titans in order to kill Chernabog and his allies once and for all. Soon they receive the visit of a former ally of Frollo, who is willing to help Maleficent and Hades take out Chernabog. As they accept the former ally of Frollo's help.

Freeing Titans

Meanwhile, Hades, Maleficent and their alliance arrive where the Titans are imprisoned, as they free them. However, someone of Maleficent and Hades' alliance decides to betray them by joining forces with a certain king of space...

Battle of the Bald Mountain

The fight between Chernabog and some of his allies and Maleficent, Hades and some of their allies has begun to declare who is gonna rule the Underworld. Will Maleficent get her revenge or Chernabog will prove to be more prepared than the mistress of all evil and the god of death?

More allies

After Chernabog's death, Hades, Maleficent, Radamanthys and Dr. Eggman envoke 2 new allies in order to take out the Horned King and Omega Shenron, the remaining allies of Chernabog. After winning the war against Chernabog, Hades and Maleficent revive 3 sisters formerly allied with Pete and Yosemite Sam in order to take out the last remaining ally of Chernabog that has survived against the mistress, Dr. Eggman and Eris.

Taking Olympus

With Corset dead, Hades and his forces begin to seize power over Mount Olympus by overthrowing Zeus. As the god and Maleficent rule it now...

Villains Battles 2

Another dimension

With some days passed, Maleficent and her allies alongside Hades plot their next move. Both leaders are undecided, but Eris helps them by asking the mistress of all evil to summon a certain chaotic being. Maleficent summons this being as he reveals to be Discord, who has been released from the Spirit Realm (where he was trapped before the war). Hades asks him to send Maleficent in another dimension as he accepts.

Vs Hades's minions

Having arrived in the CGI world Maleficent plans her first moves to conquer this world. However, some minions sent by a counterpart of Hades try to kill her. However, they will soon find themselves as... Heartlesses?

Teaming with Pete

Happy about at least Hook and the Trix found 2 bases for their operations (guarded by Rothbart), Pete begins his plan to domain the world. However, Maleficent pays them a visit as she forges an alliance. Pete accepts the offer.Maleficent decides to use a massive resurrection spell in order to take over the CGI world alongside Pete. However, an old face from last war shocks Pete and Hook.

Vs Ursula

Doing the same thing of Hook and Shan-Yu, Maleficent encounters Ursula, who wants revenge against her for what she did last war. The mistress of all evil won't be defeated by a villain she already defeated...

New allies

After killing Ursula once again, Maleficent is approached by a new player Alice Angel, who wants to help the mistress of all evil in conquering the CGI world alongside her and Pete. Maleficent accepts. While searching for some allies in order to take out the Organization XIII and Chernabog, Maleficent sees a frog smiling at her. Not understanding what it said, the mistress of all evil decides to free It from its curse, only to find out that the frog was... Laverna!

Vs Vexen

Axel and Saix send Vexen to get rid of Maleficent, Pete and their allies. When she found a boy named Riku, Maleficent decides to enlist his services in order to get rid of the Organization XIII and takes him under her wing. As this member arrives, as Maleficent powers him up. But can Riku defeat Vexen?

Villains Battles 3

In a new dimension

In the Underworld, Hades and Maleficent visit the Duke of Vaults as they discuss what to do as Maleficent plans to find new worlds to conquer and as well to gain allies. As Discord, from orders of the Duke, teleports them...On the other hand, Maleficent ends in the Live Action world, where she prepares for her first move there. Unaware to her, a new face is watching her.

Reuniting with Skeletor

In the Live Action world, Skeletor reunites with Maleficent as he informs her of a threat lurking nearby. Maleficent, then, plans her next move.

New allies

In the Live Action world, Skeletor introduces his new recruit, Nizam, to Maleficent, who is a bit deluded by the overlord of evil since he didn't find more allies. To solve this matter, Maleficent decides to revive a fallen veteran from last war as her new ally. With new allies, Maleficent prepares for war against those who try to stop her in her plans...

Vs Blackbeard and Angelica

Two old faces have found the Fount of Youth, however they are interrupted by the Mistress of all Evil and Skeletor and a battle erupts. Which side will get the Fount of Youth?

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Saving Hades Plan

Maleficent and Jafar learn about how the Devil defeated Hades and plan to save the God.Maleficent and Jafar start their plan to save Hades from the Devil. Jafar decides to dealwith Hopus Pocus a minion of King Dice. Jafar finds Hopus, who burns him. They fight until Jafar deflects his shots, killing the demonic rabbit.

Vs Devil

Meanwhile Maleficent deals with King Dice's remaining minions Mangosteen and Phear Lap. She sends her goons out, but the duo shocks the goons and defeats them. Mal retaliates and destroys them as Jafar arrives. Then, the Devil appears and reflects Mal's attack with his magic, before defeating Jafar. Mal turns into her Dragon form and manages to put up a good fight against the Devil's snake form but she quickly defeated as well, and retreats.Returning to their castle Maleficent and Jafar argue over their next move while Hades gets imprisoned in the Devil's realm.

Plan continues

Meanwhile back at their castle Maleficent and Jafar begin a new plan to save Hades from The Devil.Maleficent and Jafar start their plan to free Hades. Maleficent turns Iago into a Phoenix and they go into the Devil's realm. The Devil and King Dice notice the duo. Devil shocks Maleficent's Goons, but Iago gets rid of one of their henchmen. Sadly, he gets hit by the Devil. Jafar turns into a Cobra but gets smacked by Dice. Maleficent upgrades Iago's phoenix form giving him the powers of A Firebird. After a brief fight, The Devil crushes him in a rockslide and turns Jafar back to his human form. Iago reverts back to his original form and Maleficent frees Hades as the trio retreat back to their castle.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Making her faction

After his battle against Ice King, Hades team up with Maleficent, much as Jafar's shock. Also, Hades gives her the King's castle.

Vs Magneto

Magneto heard stories about Maleficent and believe those stories are fake. Unfortunately, Maleficent's bird heard that and reveals that to Maleficent. Angrily, The Mistress of all Evil attack his lair and making a spell into killing Magneto.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Watching a fight

Hades arrive at Ice King's castle with a proposal. Ice King froze Hades into the face. Angry, The God of Underworld starts a war with Ice King. They didn't know that Maleficent was there to watch the fight.

Her faction

At Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent bring Hades and Jafar to propose an alliance. Gadly, they accept the offer.While plotting a new scheme to stop The Fire Nation, Maleficent receives a visit from The Horned King who is eager to join her. Maleficent gladly accept his offer.

Helping other villains

Maleficent receives a visit from Yzma, who begs The Mistress of All Evil to join. Maleficent gladly accepts her in the faction.After lying Maleficent that he killed Skeletor, Nadakhan is helped by Maleficent and his crew to restore the ship Destiny Bounty.

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Vs Starscream

In the Forbidden Mountain the Dark Sorceress Maleficent tells her Goons about wanting to make the world hers but Megatron's second in command Starscream and plans to send her out as he shocks her goons The Mistress of All Evil uses her Staff to electrocute the Decepticon forcing him to retreat.

Preparing her plan

Maleficent prepares her plan with her ally the Arabian Sorcerer Jafar sending him out to take on Starscream.

Teaming with Hades and Ursula

Back at the Forbidden Mountain Ursula and Hades team up with Maleficent and Jafar.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

New friends

Maleficent, her husband Hades and her allies (Dr. Facilier, Shan-yu and Pete) plot to summon a powerful god to aid them, however their meeting is interrupted by infamous rockstar Mok Swagger, who decides to help them out. At the same time he reveals his allies, much to her surprise. Mok's supercomputer also reveals who can help them with their plans much to Maleficent and Mok's joy.

Vs Omar

Maleficent has arrived where Omar and his friends are. However instead of fighting them, she decides to lie to telling them that she can predict the future. Will somebody escape Maleficent's clutches or will all of them be controlled?


Maleficent was bored out of her mind and thought of battling a hero until two space crooks and their respective minions arrive to help her in her cause. Maleficent, disgusted by Lord Slug's aspect, decides to revert him to his younger form so he could deal with her enemies better than before.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs The Witch

The Sea Witch Ursula hires a witch to take out the fairy Maleficent out of her way. The Witch accepts, but she doesn't know that the Mistress of all Evil has got a trick under her sleeves.

Manuel's Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War


At the Forbidden Mountains Maleficent is preparing the army for the coming war, when Hades arrives and convinces her to ally with him. At the Forbidden Mountain Maleficent is preparing all her henchmen for war, when Yzma arrives who returns human with the effect of the potion gone and allies with the lord of all evil who is very happy with it. Yzma introduces Maleficent to two new allies: sorceress Madam Mim and Ayam Aghoul.

Vs Livewire

Maleficent is arguing with her army when suddenly Livewire arrives and starts using her power creating a lot of disorder, will the lady of all evil be able to stop the electric woman?

Teaming with Dr. Facilier

At the Forbidden Mountain Maleficent and Hades gather their allies to discuss their next moves within the war, suddenly Doctor Facilier arrives with the intention of joining them and is welcomed with open arms, especially by Hades, generating much happiness in the doctor.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Summoning Rasputin

At the Forbidden Mountains, King Koopa (Bowser) informs Maleficent of his victory over Rothbart. The mistress of all evil suspects that Rothbart's attack is no coincidence and she proposes to Koopa to summon a new ally: Rasputin.

New allies

King Koopa is enraged by Rasputin's failure but Maleficent reassures his 2 allies by saying that they should expect Vetrix to be a formidable opponent. Meanwhile Rasputin has come up with a cruel new plan to get rid of Vetrix.

Vs Trey and Quattro

Grimhilde recruits into her alliance Trey, Quattro and Quinton, or the sons of Tron. Their first mission is to dispose of Maleficent's allies, namely Rasputin and King Koopa (Bowser). Trey and Quattro will have the privilege of doing it first. But in the meantime Rasputin foreseeing the arrival of the sons of Vetrix comes to mind the idea of removing one of them as proof of their strength and of luring Vetrix and his alliance to the Forbidden Mountains. During the battle Trey and Quattro use their Number monsters. Will they be able to escape from Rasputin and Maleficent's trap?

New plan

King Koopa (Bowser) apologizes to Maleficent for making a rash and failed attack on Grimhilde's castle. Maleficent told the royal reptile that from now on he will have to wait patiently for the right moment. But the problem remains that Vetrix's group does not intend to attack Forbidden Mountains. Then Maleficent proposes to provoke them even more by eliminating Vetrix's eldest son, Quinton by requesting special help.

Vs Vetrix's Forces

Vetrix is determined to eliminate Maleficent and her alliance once and for all to prevent the loss of all her powers and rule the world of evil together with her allies Grimhilde, Rothbart and Quattro (who meanwhile plan the betrayal). Maleficent, Rasputin and King Koopa (Bowser) will be able to resist the attack of the invaders and dominate the whole world of evil.


At Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent and King Koopa (Bowser) celebrate their victory over Vetrix and also the fact that they have achieved the title as the masters of the darkness of this world. Maleficent informs King Koopa that after they rest they will have other plans to do.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Freeing Aku

2 months have passed since the end of the war and Maleficent informs King Koopa (Bowser) that the time has come to go to conquer the 3d world so that their power increases more and more. Having said that Maleficent and Bowser awaken the demon Aku from his long sleep by entrusting him with 3 important tasks: 1. To protect the Forbidden Mountains from forces hostile to them; 2. Create a new alliance at the Forbidden Mountains; 3. Create a portal to reach the 3d world. Aku gladly agrees to help as they awakened him from his long sleep. From this moment the fate of the Forbidden Mountain and the darkness of this world is in Aku's hands.

Vs Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming

Thanks to Aku, Maleficent and Bowser manage to reach the 3d world. Just at that moment the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming arrive and curious about the arrival of the two new arrivals, they ask why they are here. Maleficent and Bowser plan to subjugate the entire 3d world so that their domain of evil will extend further and further. Will the Fairy Godmother and Charming be able to prevent Maleficent and Bowser's dream of domination over their world?

New allies

Bowser informs Maleficent that Barkis was killed by Obscurio, Armageddon and Devilfenix who are the only ones able to resist the force. Just then Oogie Boogie and the Other Mother arrive and want to know why their partner Barkis was killed. Bowser and Maleficent explain that Barkis was tasked with recruiting inhabitants of the 3d world to join their conquest. The Other Mother and Oogie decide to help them in their business. Maleficent's alliance fears that at this rate their dream of dominating the 3d world will go up in smoke. Just at that moment Mandragora appears, who wants to help the mistress of all evil and her followers to defeat Grimhilde's alliance and to give the whole 3d world. Maleficent then decides to give Mandragora new powers so that he can face their enemies.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)


At the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent and her allies begin their plans to take over the world and travel to different world. One of her allies, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, has invented a interesting machine that can allow people to travel in other worlds. As Maleficent and her allies arrive, they begin their plans...

Vs Tabuu

Maleficent, having seen her allies' success in taking out their enemies, decides to go and take out Tabuu, who can be a treat for her domination project. Will the being outsmart the mistress of all evil.

Her faction

Maleficent and her allies decide to move on plan B after the "warm welcome" from the habitants of the CGI world. They are joined by two new allies: the warrior Tai Lung and the nightmare Oogie Boogie, who tell her about a kingdom that maybe she would like to conquer: Kingdom Hearts. And since she presumably cannot go back home, she uses an image of herself to recruit new allies in the Animated world.

Found a portal

Hades, Maleficent and Dr. Eggman find out about a River Styx connected to the other one in the Animated world. Hades and Maleficent think how to use it...

New allies

Maleficent, thinking that the River Styx of the CGI dimension would be quite useful for their plans, orders Hades to use it in order to gather new allies from the dead as he summons 3 fallen veterans to help them in their battles against Pitch Black and Master Hand.

Vs Zeus

Searching new allies in hopes to never find other resistance, Hades and Maleficent try to enlist Zeus and the Olympian gods in their faction. However they fail as Zeus tries to kill them. Who will win this battle?

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Prepared for war

The Dark Sorceress Maleficent prepares to Join the War.

Seducing Frollo

Maleficent using her magic to seduce Claude Frollo to her forces knowing that he'll never trust the Mistress of All Evil.

Disney, Non Disney, DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Her faction

Maleficent is informed by her allies that Hades had been overthrown by a Devil. Knowing that he plans something big, the Mistress of all Evil gathers her allies for her rescue mission.

Teaming with Hades

Hades escapes the River Styx and joins with Maleficent in hopes of getting his revenge on the Devil.

Disney Vs DC Villains War


And Dr. Facilier informs his mysterious benefactor about Hades' defeat at the hands of the other Hades. And the latter is not happy about it.

Freeing Bill

Meanwhile, Dr. Facilier and Gideon succeeded in summoning a powerful demon to aid them. As Facilier proposes an alliance with Bill Cipher, he accepts. Much to the joy of Gideon and the mysterious benefactor.

Teaming with Prince Phobos

Meanwhile, the mysterious benefactor compliments Bill for his success in taking out Eris, only to be interrupted by Prince Phobos, who wants to forge an alliance with them to get Meridan back from Morgaine. They accept and welcome him with open arms.

New allies

Meanwhile, with all its allies gathered, the mysterious benefactor reveals to be none other than Maleficent and has Hades as her second in command, but this leaves an ally of the faction envious as the mistress revives a deceased villain to serve her cause.

Vs Mordred

The mastermind behind the attacks against DC Hades' faction finally makes her move! Maleficent arrives in England, where the new ruler, Mordred, attempts to duel her, however the turned young man is going to fall in a devilish trap of the mistress of all Evil herself...Having hypnotized Mordred, Maleficent orders him to act as a spy to find out information about her enemies.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Disney Vs TV Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two