Malcolm Kyrandia
Malcolm is a psychopathic jester, an alleged murderer of Kyrandia Royal Couple and the main antagonist of the first Legend of Kyrandia video game. Malcolm appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

 Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


Malcolm's mother was a magi who was saved by Malmoth from a group of men who were trying to burn her as a witch. For return mother had to raise her child to become the servant of Malmoth. Malcolm was born in estranged island kingdom Kyrandia, to a magi mother and a human father, making him a hybrid. From early age, Malmoth guided Malcolm, pretending to be his conscience before revealing his real identity later in life. Malmoth wanted Malcolm to become the court jester for the Royal Family of Kyrandia, so that he could assassinate them, and frame Britannia for it.

When Malcolm had earned the Royal Family's trust, Malmoth gave him a cursed knife from Britannia, which Malcolm used to make King William and Queen Katherine stab themselves to death. Believing that a spy from Britannia had assassinated them, Kyrandia went in war against them. A huge war resulted, which caused Kyrandia to be bombed into the Ocean. Several years later, the truth about who really killed the Kyrandian Rulers came to public, and Malcolm ended up being frozen to a statue by his own magic.

Malcolm wouldn't be released from his stone prison until 2014, when lightning struck his statue, releasing him. Malmoth's motivation to start the War was related to Malcolm's predicted release, as it could allow him to gather Malcolm and his other avatars in one place to kickstart the Ragnarok.

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