Malcho is a recurring antagonist in the Disney's television series, Aladdin. A massive winged serpent creature, focused on controlling the weather alone, Malcho does not appear directly appear at the villains tournaments. Instead, his archive footage is used as the monster transformation of several sorceresses.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two


In this war, Queen Narissa assumes the form of Malcho, in order to deal with Hordak's former disciple, Skeletor. She manages to evade most of Skeletor's blasts and destroy his steed's functions. Despite her small success, Narissa does not the upcoming, as Skeletor blasts the ground beneath Narissa, leaving her unable to move. The fatal blow is delivered by Maleficent, who casts a spell, that levels up her home, the Forbidden Mountains. In the resulting destruction, Narissa is buried alive.


It is revealed in the Epilogue, that Queen Grimhilde and Lady Tremaine, two survivors of the mountain's destruction, unearth Narissa from the rubble. Now freed, Narissa reassumes her normal form.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Ash was being beaten by Malcho

Queen Narissa and Captain Hook crashed the party and they attempted to kill Ash Ketchum. Narissa transformed into Malcho. She used her medallion to zap Ash Ketchum, incinerating him alive. She was reverted to her normal self, after the job was finished.

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