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Mala Mala Jong is a giant gollem creature and an ancient demon warrior in the television series, "Samurai Showdown". Jong appears in the final events of Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two, from the villains wars, although not having a fully potential role in the tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Jong serves as the monster form of Eris in the final events of the war. When she sees that all of her allies got defeated, Eris assumes the form of Mala Mala Jong to deal with her former lover, Hades. At first Hades shoots at Eris, with few blasts from a trident, only to discover that the blasts didn't affect Eris at all. A berserked Goddess charge at Hades, only to be haulted by Chaos. In her rage, Eris destroys Chaos with a blast of her magic. Hades then ties Eris with many ropes. Even though Hades manage to hold Eris for a while, the Goddess manages to free herself, cutting the ropes with a magic sword. An enraged Eris speaks her final profany at her former lover. However, an ignited Hades blasts Eris into a coffin, ablazing and killing her in the process.

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