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Magneto is a highly powerful mutant and the chief rival of the X-Men. Often considered the greatest Marvel supervillain and one of the best villains in comic books in general, Magneto is a survivor of the Holocaust determined to prevent a similar genocide from happening to mutants. However, his methods for doing so often cross the line. Magneto is a major player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains Wars.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Defeating a Sorcerer/Genie

Magneto is discussing plans with his minions when Jafar enters his lair. The sorcerer blasts Magneto through a stained glass window, catching the mutant off guard. Jafar then breathes fire upon his foe, but Magneto is able to part the flames. Jafar turns into a giant snake in order to kill Magneto, but Magneto impales his foe with various bits of loose debris. Suddenly, Jafar turns into a massive genie. Magneto, however, notices the newly made genie's lamp. Using his magnetic powers, Magneto hurls the lamp into a vat of lava. Jafar explodes into dust.

The Rise of the Horned King

Soon, another powerful sorcerer begins making his presence known throughout the world: the Horned King. Magneto gathers his acolytes, knowing that he must put a stop to the sorcerer's bid for power. Behind the scenes, Magneto makes a deal with Queen Grimhilde, the Horned King's partner, knowing that he can levy more power over the Disney villains if she is in charge of the Horned King's alliance. Magneto and his acolytes mount their assault upon the Horned King's fortress, easily cutting down the Horned King's henchmen. The Horned King summons some unkillable warriors, the Cauldron-Born. Magneto soon deduces that these fighters are powered by the Horned King's metal Black Cauldron. Magneto thus reverses the flow of the magic, causing the cauldron to pull the Horned King into it and tear him to pieces.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Magneto Horseman of War
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Magneto in The Live-Action Universe


Magneto in Live Action Universe 2

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

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